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  1. Bees have good range without Deadly Strikes so I personally use Destruction, Defense Rate, and Defense Crit Damage with Power Servo, Anti-Melee, and Anti-Orc. I don't use an elemental servo because Bees are one of the select defenses that are physical damage.
  2. Well after a few more tries I got past Floor 39 Drakenfrost, it only makes me dread the eventual return of it at 49...
  3. Neat, I never actually use Maws so this is very cool to hear.
  4. Thanks for the tips (both you and others) I did have Burning Strikes the last few times I tried Drakenfrost now thanks to the shard shop. But I still had some troubles getting it to light the torches fast enough even with a Quintuple 4/s shot on my monk. I'll give this and the thoughts of others in this thread a try soon enough. Ironically, Lost Temple is perhaps my favorite map to build and strategize around for its additional lanes with each wave! Drakenfrost with its torch mechanic just plain rubs me the wrong way since it forces you to move around the map in ways you may not be prepared for. Like say; if a lane just needs a bit of extra help because a boss like Thorc or Geode Prime shows up in a lane that called for auras or projectiles but the Drakenlord freezes another lane. So you have to choose to either let one of those bosses run over your defenses or let the frozen lane get run over.
  5. To put things bluntly; Drakenfrost is my most disliked map in the game at present. In its initial release it was a neat map but after the Drakenlord arrived it quickly plummeted in fun value for me. I never in my time playing had gotten a Burning Strikes shard out of C5 and was only recently able to acquire one thanks to the new shard shop. So from the time the Drakenlord became fully active and the latest update I avoided Drakenfrost altogether solo because the map's provided mechanic of lighting torches was a joke to accomplish alone and the huntress felt very slow to light as well. This doesn't even factor in the whole invisible Drakenlord bug which I have had the misfortune of coming across the other day and made a map I already found un-fun to be outright obnoxiously difficult to etch out a win on. Then came my decision to start climbing Onslaught again... Previously, I had gotten to a higher Onslaught floor on my first reset with largely less powerful gear in terms of MODs and less ascension but have simply hit a brick wall with Drakenfrost at floor 39 and have found it to be particularly frustrating for me. The difficulty spike in the map with the Drakenlord freezing defenses feels very unfair because it punishes you not for building incorrectly but for simply not lighting the braziers fast enough which if you're using the map's provided method is nigh impossible to accomplish while Burning Strikes not proccing fast enough can cost you the map. Adding to this is the assassin factor; bad assassin timing can just plain loose you the map with no fault on the player. It should be noted I haven't experienced the invisible Drakenlord bug yet in Onslaught but seeing as I can't even handle the Drakenlord normally this would just make me leave map immediately. I greatly question whether or not I'll try to push at all after hitting such a hard stop on my climb after having little trouble getting to 39. With Drakenfrost being the only map for 39 I can't get around it either. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could progress that doesn't involve getting all my defenses to C8 with 10/10 tenacity I'd like to hear them.
  6. I'm not too bummed about the changes to poison MODS, especially since it opens up more options and self applying combos through MODS alone are very strong. I will say though that the overall changes to both the Freeze to Shatter combo as well as the Petrify effect feel a bit much. Anyone pushing high onslaught can attest that any effect that uses the stats of mobs to determine its damage is extremely powerful and this nerf is a hefty one. This does, however, mean that they can be tuned better by bumping up those numbers which I would hope is something that gets done to compensate a bit. Though that makes them a bit more boring so I'd try to spice them up and make each combo feel different. If I could wave a magic wand and make these changes instantly they'd be; Ignite does the most damage overall because the enemies are not stunned by it outright. Shattering a frozen enemy will cause the tower that shattered said enemy to always Crit. Petrified enemies gain 'Wall Aggro' so they'll still be attacked if a lane becomes impassable. Electrocuted enemies deal 5% of the storm damage that triggered Electrocute to nearby enemies over the duration of the Electrocute. This gives each combo an identity that can be built around; Ignite would have the best overall damage, Shatter makes you wanna pump up the tower's crit damage for maximum effect, Petrify gets a little bit of its taunt mechanic back, Electrocute can spread like a plague but won't deal nearly as much damage by itself and needs tower support else the enemies become resistant too soon. I recognize that this would take time to develop but these are just my thoughts. If nothing else I'd like to see Maw of the Earth Drake get its taunt back on successful petrify just to give it a unique niche since it feels like so many are overlooking that when other towers gained petrify and it became the king of CCing a lane.
  7. It can also be javelin/hex throwers throwing through walls... I've had a few times where a sub/main objective takes a shot for seemingly no reason since the patch. Thankfully the objective usually doesn't die but this certainly sounds like much more of a pain for Mastery.
  8. As someone who's gilded plenty of shards I can attest that it has always cost either 2k medals or 2mil gold.
  9. Yes, I am still coming up with new M.O.D.S., this time around with the new diminishing returns on stun effects I came up with two unique stun related MODS to really shake things up! Also I formatted the list some so it’s easier to read all those unique defense mods~ New M.O.D.S. Added! Divert Power Servo - Reduce defense health by X and increase defense power by X. Divert Damage Chip - Reduce hero health by X and increase hero power by X. Divert AP Chip - Reduce hero health by X and increase hero power by X. Entombed - Increase the stun duration of Snaking Sands by 2 seconds and deal X Earth damage per second to enemies that are stunned. Creeping Petrify - Enemies that die while petrified by Maw of the Earth Drake also petrify up to 5 enemies nearby for 2 seconds. This effect can spread one additional time. Harmony In Nature - World Tree increases the radius of the Dryad’s Blessing by X% while standing in its area of effect. Trip Wiring - Proton Beam deals X magic damage when enemies first come in contact. Double this damage if no more then 2 nodes were used. Virus Upload - Projectiles reflected by Reflect Beam become imbued with Poison and deal X earth damage over 3 seconds.
  10. I'm on the fence about this personally... On the one hand the looks of DD1 just burns my eyes these days and I can't really remember the gameplay as it has been a long time since I played it. The aformentioned eye burning doesn't make me wanna refresh my memory either. On the other hand DD2 has some fundamental flaws tied to its engine that cannot ever be fixed. For me, DDA is too early to tell, the art looks much better in Unreal 4 and the talent of the team will be used to much greater potential in that engine then Unreal 3. Only time will tell.
  11. Heeeeeey... It's been a while since I added to this... here are some new ones I came up with! New M.O.D.S. Added!Tectonic Shockwave - After hitting an enemy Earthshatter tower releases an additional shockwave one second later in a ring around its impact area that deals X% of its normal damage and applies shard effects. Thundering Anger - While corrupt, Angry Nimbus’ lightning strikes chain to up to 3 additional nearby enemies, dealing X storm damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. This effect cannot occur more then once every 6 seconds. Slime King Awakens! - Enemies that step over a Slime Pit cause the Slime King to appear, dealing X damage to all nearby enemies and instantly summoning 5 additional slimes from the Slime Pit at no cost. These slimes do not count toward the maximum number of slimes that can be summoned by the Slime Pit. Cannot occur more then once every 15 seconds. Hallucinogenic Toxin - Sand Viper has X% chance to confuse its target when it deals damage, increasing by X% every second it channels. Mantra of Karma (Initiate) - When Talisman of Empowerment expires it deals X% of all damage taken by heroes within its effect to all enemies within range.
  12. I think that later one would present a whole slew of technical hurdles to make it work as intended, particularly for traps.
  13. New M.O.D.S. AddedCharged Power Servo - After not attacking for 10 seconds the defense gains X defense power.Desperate Power Servo - Gain X defense power for every 10% health the defense is missing.Prideful Power Servo - Gain X defense power while the defense has full health. However, enemies are more likely to target the defense. Does not function with traps, auras, or nodes.Final Measure Servo - After taking damage that would destroy it; the defense becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds and gains X defense power. When this effect ends the defense is destroyed. Does not function with traps, auras, or nodes.Desperate Damage Chip - Gain X hero damage for every 10% health missing.Desperate AP chip - Gain X ability power for every 10% health missing.Binding Shot - Skeletal archers deal X additional Earth damage and slow enemies hit by X% for 2 seconds. (Slow goes to 100% max rank with C8)Runic Absorption Matrix - Arcane Barrier absorbs projectiles that hit it, nullifying them and their effects, and restoring X defense health to the Arcane Barrier.
  14. My spies report there is an Omega Shard that adds a video feed to the corner of you screen of Lawlta's current activity.
  15. New M.O.D.S. added!Finisher Servo - Deal X% more damage to enemies below 20% health.First Strike Servo - Deal X% more damage to enemies at full health.Shrapnel Fire - Cannonball Towers fire shrapnel, dealing X damage to up to 5 enemies near its target.Swarm Mentality - Moss Hornet Nests increase the defense power of other Moss Hornet Nests within range by X.Endurance Chip - While effected by a debuff your hero gains X armor.Finisher Chip - Deal X% more damage to enemies below 20% health.First Strike Chip - Deal X% more damage to enemies at full health.(Dryad) Star Shower - Starfall spawns X additional smaller stars nearby that deal X damage to enemies near their impact. These stars cannot be picked up.I also cleaned up a few M.O.D.S. to be a bit more consistent with the wording.
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