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  1. My speeds are fine until i get into the game, GPU CPU Temps are fine as well. Nothing seems to be taxing my resources, Video Driver is up to date, I have had no issues with any other game. Only with DD2. Only other thing using Bandwidth on my network is my room mate who is playing the game as well. I run nothing else in the background when playing. As soon as i get out of the game while the crazy frame rate drop my speeds go back up to normal and everything seems fine. I restart the game and no problems until 30 mins go by
  2. UPDATE FOR THIS ISSUE. While my game was freaking out i ran a Speed Test for internet connectivity, my normal speeds are 200MB down 10MB up. When the game was running with FPS Problems after about 30 minutes of game play my Internet Speeds had plummeted to a 0.30 MB Down and 0.10MB up.. Any ideas on what is happening?
  3. I have been playing the game now for about 2 days, and after about 30 minutes of game time I am FORCED to restart the game due to the amount of frame drop. I have tried lowering GFX Settings, and running in windowed, fullscreen. Nothing makes a difference. When i first launch the game i tend to get around 120 FPS in a mission. Halfway through the mission i notice my frames steadily dropping down to the low teens.. This is making the game completely Unplayable. PLEASE HELP ME! I have done everything i can think of. I have also tried Verifying File Integrity through Steam as well. Computer Spe
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