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  1. Greeting defenders! I noticed strange thing - earth-shatter tower doesn't attack some special enemies. I can understand, why it doesn't attack Malthius cause he is levitating. But i don't get why Cannon Ogres and special goblin gorbstock(don't remember it's name) also ignored by this tower. Is it supposed to work that way?
  2. Unequip an item like your chest and re-equip it, it should unlock next tier it helped, thanks a lot!
  3. Greetings defenders! I got Ancient Power recently. but i have troubles creating a games, it says, i have restrictions. I need 575 champion score, and i have 600. https://imgur.com/a/RDlEqZ4  any idea why i have it?
  4. I'm from Russia. When i'm trying to play on EU i can't even go to tavern/town(it say smth about closed ports, but i checked, that DD2 has access to all ports. When I switch region to default, i can play. even though i have such problems. Sorry to hear you're running into this issue! Where are you located in the world and what set of servers(US East, US West, EU) are you playing on?
  5. I haven't found any logs. And i dont use any VPN.
  6. Greetings, Defenders! Most of the time i'm trying to go to tavern from finished map (pushing "to tavern" button) it's says "too many matchmaking requests" and then "matchmaking failure"(and error says to push "A", like on controller but i don't use one). After that i can just wait about 60 seconds, until i go to next map, even though i pushed "to tavern" button. Is this thing common or i'm that lucky? Any ideas how can i solve this problem?
  7. Greetings, Defenders! i have some problems with connection to game sessions(PC), such as: 1. when i'm playing with my friend and we push "go to tavern" button at the end of map, we usually got separated. we should wait for timer to go down (70secs or so) and then we go to the next map. that's little annoying 2. Sometimes i can't invite my friend to my tavern via steam. Technically, i can but he can't join at. "failed to join" error 3. Sometimes i can't go to my friend's tavern via steam. same as above. 4. That issue with "too many matchmaking request" appearing way to often. 5. Matchmaking error (request timed out). It's the new thing. Can't go to my tavern or start the match Do you know any way to solve these problems?
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