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  1. I see. Gotta say, starting to lose interest in those Eternians with every bit of info I read :D Only wish all of this info was actually written somewhere like a wiki, cause that's usually the first place I look something up about a game, next being guides, and the last is a forum, tbh. Not saying a forum is bad or anything, but for old games it's easier when you can read up on stuff, instead of bothering veterans who are still around =)
  2. That's a lot of interesting details there, thanks for that! Taking that into consideration, would you say sparus is better of being a ranged or melee monk weapon? I read a few guides about weapons in general and specifically for monk, seems like the sparus is a good ranged weapon, and in melee is outclassed by wrench and eternian spear (which I plan to farm after I get a decent monk weapon and get familiar with the Old One fight), though they said wrench is a bit of a pain to farm. Also atm I'm farming Quietuses, how are they in terms of melee/ranged weapons? Should I try to get a wrench for my melee monk and upgrade one more or less okay sparus for ranged?
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the quick and detailed replies! I actually was hesitating also because obsids, as far as I've read, have a hidden dmg multiplier (like 40%?), so I wasn't too sure if the total dmg output would be greater even with so many ups. A nice person named Thales also sent me a friend request on steam and we had a good conversation in-game, regarding the listed questions, as well as some others. Thanks a lot for the explanations again =)
  4. Hey all. Not sure if it should ask this here or in the "Players helping players" part of the forum, but I hope it's not too much of a mistake. Anyway, the question I have is about gearing a barb. I am currently following a guide for beating the game solo, made by a nice guy named Omnisciurus and was farming obsids for builders and dps monk/barb. At some point point got 2 nice (in my opinion) obsids and when I was fed up with Akatiti (still w/o a proper aura monk obsid) decided to take a break and farm Buccaneer for a better replacement for my tower huntress. First run and I get a Ult++ Roger's Revenge. Since it was clearly better than one of those obsids I replaced the latter with it. Now today I get another Ult++ Roger's (is it just me or they have a higher chance at being that high, higher than obsids/Moby's? Getting pretty bad Moby's most of the time) with some crazy amount of ups, but I'm kinda unsure this time with replacing, since I'll lose A LOT of health. Just how important is health on a barb? Here's a screen of the two weps in question - the new Roger's and the last obsid in my hand atm - https://imgur.com/a/UB0ncGf . I actually think I'll be using my jester or monk more often (still deciding whether to go melee or range with him), but you know, one can never have too much diversity for different situations, that's why I'm preparing barb as well, in preparation for the final stages of the guide and since Omni had one during his progression. The second ability stat is also a bit better on the Roger's, as you can see, but I don't think I'll be building a full hawkstance barb, unless I get capped herodmg on armor then prolly can pour some points into that ability, which will prolly not be enough for it to be substantial. Also Roger's get the same amount of ups per point being any quality, so maybe I shouldn't be hyped at it being Ult++ anyway? Noticed they do get a good amount of ups even on normal Ults. My apologies, again, if this is not the place to ask such things, I will prolly post this on the steam DD forum as well, not sure how many people are still left here and there and if they're different ones =) And in any case thanks for any advice you can give me guys, if I need to provide additional info, please feel free to ask.
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