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  1. Definitely Rainmaker. Looks so cool! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dankyroo
  2. Definitely had to be originally spending hours on hours and countless of attempts until finally beating the crystalline dimension and killing the old one, allowing me to play as a parent! Great memories and am very excited for DDA https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dankyroo
  3. We talkin Pizza Hut's stuffed crust or is that too p2w?
  4. It is a bit unfortunate however I see it as 100% worth the purchase as it opens up so much accessibility and freedom to the players, allowing them to play whenever they want on whatever platform they want.
  5. This would be awesome, especially with the gilded tavern that some supporters will have. Not only would they have a sick looking tavern by default, but being able to show off equipment/pets like in the first game was always cool! Not only for trading but for just looks as well. Adding onto that by showing off costumes that are obtained from difficult end-game content rewards. Definitely keep the upstairs portion of the map, and maybe even make it like a reward. Say you start off with a tiny tavern similar to how it looked when dd1 first released. Then you can purchase upgrades to the tavern to add the second story or maybe a small outside pub. Also make it an option to purchase other ways the tavern can look. For example when embermount volcano released, the tavern had that giant lava theme going on, and once it was updated and taken away it is now lost in history. Why not make it an upgrade to purchase, where you can edit in the options what theme you want your tavern to look like, similar to how you would with the gilded tavern. And these purchases could either be with money but I would prefer mana, as it gives players another use for mana other than just upgrading gear which is already pretty valuable.
  6. Why not let us go back in time to the founding of Etheria, where story-wise we can play alongside the hero's parents (skins maybe) to help find the kingdom, and make it a bit more story driven similar to The Quest for Shards. Maybe make it like the legend of zelda type jam where you go in the past and try to stop the big bad dude from taking over but fail creating a parallel universe of evil and chaos and goblins ruling over the kingdom. Then you have to go into the future and take back the lands after going around and gather the help from other heroes like EV, Barb, maybe even baby gunwitch. This parallel universe thing can work out since it will allow it to happen alongside DD2's story because time travel. idk man the possibilities are endless with this kinda stuff. What do you guys think?
  7. I been with DD since the beginning man. Randomly one day as a child, I cant remember how old I was, my little sister who couldn't have been older than 5 at the time was randomly purchasing and downloading games back on the old ipods touches. One of these happened to be Dungeon Defenders First Wave and of course she didn't know a thing about video games, she just liked things that looked pretty. Me on the other hand instantly fell in love with DD First Wave. I have fond memories of running around with my apprentice and huntress just trying to be good at the game. I even remember getting a modded huntress weapon that made my traps huge. At least what I thought was huge. A lot of time passes and I unfortunately end up missing a lot of the hype over DD1 on pc since I was poor. Fast forward into highschool and I finally decide to get an xbox 360 after being a huge nintendo fanboy (still am) and instantly saw that DD1 was on it, though significantly less supported. I didnt care and still instantly downloaded and had a huge blast with what little content I had. I still absolutely enjoyed it and decided after I graduated to use this nerd brain to build a pc. I was going to go straight and buy dd1 but then realized a new game was in the work, DDE. I bought the game the day it came out and grinded hardcore on it with my friend. I exhausted everything the game had to offer from having a monk that had auras that could cover the entire map to apprentice DSTs firing at 0.04 shots/sec when fully upped with beam. That game died in less than a year though :(. Enters the original DD1 where I have spent hundreds of hours on, completing almost everything the game has to offer, but ive kinda become exhausted of the gear grind to continue. I played a bit of DD2 along the way as well and ill probably come back to it now that Chromatic plans on making it more enjoyable. However seeing they will be making DDA, I instantly supported the game, dropping enough money to make sure I got all exclusive skins possible.
  8. Agreed. I think as a tower defense game it should be a focus on strategy and placement of towers, not trying to speedrun each build phase running around the map 4 times with if you dont place the towers right or if you bump the wrong wall and lose momentum you wont have enough time to make it back to the forge and switch. I get the timer is there for a challenge on nm but i think circling the map multiple times is a bit ridiculous.
  9. Ive seen this spoken about a little bit and now its time for me to voice my opinion on the matter! I think Account Transferring between platforms would be absolutely amazing! I alongside many others have multiple consoles that we use to play our video games on. In my perfect world I would love to play DDA on pc all day because the controls are amazing. Then after a long day maybe ill still want to play but not want to sit on my desk and still play. A simple logout/shutdown and turn on my switch and log right back in to sit back relax and do some simple tower defense. Not only this but im always on the move, this being a huge reason why I bought my switch in the first place, so all I would need to do is have a stable internet connection and now I could bring my account with me wherever I go! This could be great for you guys as well as we would have to purchase the game again on the separate platforms, however it lets the players who want to start over on console do so by creating a new account while those who want to continue on one account can do so as well! I really want to see DDA succeed and ive already made my pretty penny pledge to support this game. It already has my interest and I think cross platform and account transferring would be an amazing addition that would put this game already above so many games in terms of player accessibility.
  10. Thats exactly why I want it! :) Yea it might not be endgame 20000m dps ev with booster and blah blah blah. But every endgame player has one of those. has a dps monk, a booster monk, an upper jester. But tell me who has a legendary squire running around raged w/ a ranged melee weapon. To me that sounds awesome and extremely fun!
  11. List your price! I would love to have a ranged squire dps weapon!
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