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  1. Idk about slimes, but nether spiders AI is worse than before, the little spiders runs away from enemies to attack other lanes… Even with a straight single lane they just stand there giggling and shaking. They working like explosive traps but with RNG. lol Nether archer nerf was unnecesary, this defense requires 1 gilded shard + 2 specific mods to be useful already :( Water aura is a nice CC defense, alot of combo options but dmg is terrible, if u pair with the own shard feels like we hitting nothing. Besides that, is a very welcomed patch. ❤️❤️ Still hope lost temple be re
  2. the game is free to play, if you support the game and like the cosmetics buy your own chest. I enjoy the devs gifts to play more but do not expect a cheese on your breakfast tray.
  3. exactly, the mechanics in the onslaught can be severe sometimes because of the mutations which causes us to fail several times, nothing against the map or lords because the work done in them is incredible.
  4. when drakenfrost keep was introduced and they forced us to play that map on the onslaught me and my friend were stopped from barging the floors and plays only occasionally for a few weeks until we lost interest. Today, three months later I decided to reinstall dd2 and guess what? the drakenfrost keep map remains mandatory on onslaught and I was amazed that even the Christmas tree and Christmas decoration were still in the game! What happened? No updates to remove this content? I liked the new boss and the ice map, but the mechanics fit better in the incursions not in the onslaught where we alr
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