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  1. Not to mention that you know nothing about the frost mobs beforehand unless you've done the yeti-incursion (im assuming sin'ce i've yet to do it and they aren't in any of the trials) so you kinda just get bombarded by them once you reach a certain floor in onslaut and its honestly disheartening to have to deal with those, and every single other mob in the game and have almost nothing to counter them with. Can we please get a reference book or something? So far the only way to know anything about mob spawns (in-game wise from my knowledge atleast) is the trials tier list, which only provides
  2. Enough reasons to keep him around: Sometimes items fall off the map or get glitched when they drop, scavanger prevents those items from being lost Sometimes you just dont have as much bag space as you initially thought or you get surprirsed with just how many items get dropped each round and by the end of the match you have a full bag, you don't notice it and when you decide to move on to the next map, you just lost all those items including everything from the chest you just opened. Also, fun fact, if you delete a chacter and you don't have enough bag space to fit all of the items that ju
  3. I don't know how things work and if this would be too tasking to impliment but the ability to know exactly where these strange people are taking me would be fantastic. As well as vice versa, I've only had this happen to me once since I rarely do mastery challenges because of just how much of a pain they are to do by yourself, but, that being said, the only time I did decide that I would need some assistance with one was where the requirements stated that to complete the challenge with all 5 stars you could not upgrade/repair structures nor could said structures be destroyed, so, I invited a fe
  4. Would be nice to know exactly whose speaking while im in town/dungeons, just a thought. also voice chat sucks lol jk but it does sound quite horrid, though I feel as if this part of the voice chat system is something you guys can't control and is mostly a console issue via sony/microsoft in-game functions, or maybe you can? idk just spit-balling here since i've come across a few voice chat systems in various games on ps4 where the in-game voice chat is low-quality/grainy but the party system voice chat is just phenominal.
  5. I found that some of the active shards will still work depending which shard slot you put them into like if i put haunting or smashing fist in the second or third slot they'll still both work but if i put them in the first slot they won't proc when the requirements are filled. Just something I found that could be useful if not already known. I do however hope that one day, i'll be able to use my lifesteal shard along with my gliave of the storms passive, I know that sounds a little unreasonable but its only 1% guys q.q pls?
  6. Yeah that corruption's blessings shard is evil you just don't understand exactly how many times ive had that shard drop for me so i second your point my good sir, that, speed boost and fountain something(the shard for the abyss lord that increases movement speed while under the effects of the healing fountain) and a couple other are like top tier for me.
  7. Also, how/why is this thread even in suggestions? Just my two cents before the thread gets locked(hopefully)
  8. We put out a Hotfix Friday night that also rolled back players that had taken advantage of exploits, outlined here. If you did not partake in any of these exploits, please contact our Community Support Team, we can look into why you got rolled back, and possibly revert it. :) Yes I saw that post yesterday morning and immediately submitted a ticket, since then i've been playing the waiting game. Thanks for the reply though, here's to hoping for that revert~
  9. Can we please get a status effects bar somewhere on the screen that lets me know what different kinds of buffs/debuffs were under and how long they last? Please? They don't have to be spectacular, little bitmaps would surfice just fine. There are lots of other things I'd like to see changed or implemeneted but this is like my number 1 fustration in this game.
  10. Please provide more details, saying you click play and somehow end up in littlehorn valley is very vague considering all the different routes you can take to get there. Do you start from the login screen go to town and somehow get auto insterted into littlehorn valley? Are you getting there through campaign? Mastery challenges? Trials? Onslaut? C'mon my guy! I need more intell!
  11. Don't you DARE take that away from me! My auras have done no harm! >:c
  12. I can see this becoming a thing im behind it all the way, the dryad comment I am ,however, not behind. Dryad makes things ridicously easier but that doesn't mean you need to have her especially at the lower levels, I pretty much soloed everything up until a certain point (I think chaos 2 when cyborks became a thing) even then It wasn't bad too bad just annoying.
  13. Yeah this really only started happening to me after the patch but im not too convinced its only that because PS4 seems to have crashing problems with a loooooot of games so it might just be a Sony thing not really a DD2 thing but i can only see being able to change the graphics around helping.
  14. I just want them to have less health tbh, for an assassin, they sure aren't very squishy. They seem to have more health than both zerks and orcs if not just as much. There's been plenty of times where i've stood in a pit of towers+auras and somehow they still survived to full term, hit me once more ,die, i somehow survive long enough just to have another dark assassin latch onto me 2 seconds later, and then i either die to them or i healed just enough just to die to mobs anyways because remember in a pit of towers and auras. Their damage makes sense but that health is just WOW is this real
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