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  1. After it happened 3 times I was really trying to watch for kobolds and the next two times I did not see any. And of note it only ever happened where I was standing, not to other collections of towers, which I would expect if it was a Kobold. I will try some other rounds and watch very careful for them see if it happens again.
  2. I have been trying a setup where I mostly use towers, but in the last round I was doing. the one where you are protecting the cart of eggs, on chaos 2 I would be be standing near some towers shooting guys and somehow I die and most of my towers near me do too like I am exploding. No idea what was causing this but it was really annoying. I play an EV2 by the way. Can anyone tell me what is causing this, am I missing something?
  3. OK cool. So last question for now. Why is the weapon manufacturer so good? Is it just the stun? A lot of people assume that is going to get nerfed since it is so good, but either way the damage on a WM seems rather low compared to a lot of other area damage towers since you can't upgrade it. Yes it has a big area, but it is a lot of DU for not great damage from what I can tell. Other stuff can do 2-3 times as much damage per DU once it is upgraded by my calculations.
  4. What does the shocking revelation shard do? And where do you get it? I guess the better question, is there a proper updated list of shards somewhere?
  5. I have just come back to the new update after being away for 6 months or so, I was doing onslaught before but seems I need to do onslaught now to get stuff to upgrade my gear. I tried chaos 4 and it seems to be easy, With a little upgrading my towers can handle everything but siege tanks on their own. But when I try chaos 5 I can barely manage a wave or two. I have been using EV2 to fight, and my basic set up is proton beams and reflect beams, with trees, harpies and clouds. I have all the characters but that setup has been working well and is fun. But on chaos 5 I just get grabbed by as
  6. Thank you, that was very helpful. They were still rough but using the bombs let me take them down and beat the round. thanks.
  7. So I have a squad of level 50s now, got through the campaign on hard just fine. But now that I try a round on chaos 1 I get stomped every time. I hold out well enough till the goblin siege roller shows up and I just can not kill it. And yes I am shooting it from behind. I play an EV2 as my DPS hero and I am not using the beam just shooting it normal, I can get it down to maybe 60% or something before it has wrecked all my stuff and the crystal is destroyed. Is there some other round I should be doing first to get better stuff or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Thank you for the run down on the new enemies. I am seeing there is no one set of defense that will be able to handle all rounds. I have access to all the heroes so what ever is open. And yes I have never done any chaos stuff before made it through the campaign when I played like a year and a half ago. But have deleted all my characters and will be starting fresh. I guess I can try to set up for different defense options depending on the round though I don't like the idea of that but it seems to be needed. But as long as I can have a team of 4 guys to use and stick with them I will be
  9. So I have just returned to the game and plan to start over. I want to make a group of 4 heroes to level up and be able to do reasonable end game stuff with. So I am looking for recommendations on what would be a good set up to be able to handle all types of levels and enemies with the same set of 4 heroes. I am going to use the Adept as my DPS character as she is just to cute not to play as, but from what I can tell there is no reason I can't use her as a tower character as well. At least at the start there does not seem to be anything that separates a dps hero and a tower hero. Is there
  10. That is not an acceptable response. I would rather just not play and wait for them to fix the game than have to try to work around a problem like that.
  11. The last 4 games in a row I have tried I have been disconnected, and it always happens just as I finish a proton charge. It does not happen every time and I am not sure what the difference is when it causes me to disconnect or not, but it each time it has happened was just as I got to 100 heat. I don't shift back out of siege mode and I get disconnected. Have others had this problem? Is it a known bug?
  12. Do other people loose connection from a game like 2 or 3 times a day like I do? really kind of crappy when you are on the last wave doing just fine and everything starts walking through your defenses and you realize your connection is timing out. :(
  13. I know I am asking a lot of questions, but just came back and trying to get my head around good strategy. How long do people recommend making proton beams? I am sure it depends somewhat on the round but is there a general length to shoot for? I tend to run them from where ever my wall is to near the spawner, just wondering if that is a good idea?
  14. Thank you. I will try this set up, see how I can do. As far as ground defenses go are proton beams worth trying? They seem to cover a reasonable width and they do slow things nicely but I can't really tell if the damage they are doing is worth the kind of high DU cost.
  15. Thank you for the info. I will try to do a few games with others to see what they do, and look at those steams. But as a starting point do you have a recommendation for a standard set of stuff to try using? I very much like the idea of have a set up that I start a round with and adjust if I have to. I want to keep the Ev2 as my fighter but the other 3 slots in my hero deck I can take what ever, I own everything but the gunwitch. I would like to find a set up if I can that does not use more than 4 heroes if I can. Don't really like having to swap out my deck all the time. So if you hav
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