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  1. I would like to compare 2 different games and hope my point is made. I also hope this fits the off topic, topic well and i hope this doesn't come off poorly. I love DD1 and i was super excited when i heard DD2 would be on consoles. When i started playing, i enjoyed it until i realized something. Everything i loved about the first game has been taken out of it. It's the same reason Destiny 2 is getting so much outrage but on a bigger scale. It appears most people are ok with DD2 whereas most people are upset with Destiny 2 despite my feeling of both games doing the same thing. Keep in mind this is my opinion. DD2 made most towers useless. The pets are terrible. Every hero feels like a DPS character with different abilities. Hard difficulty in the campaign is pointless to do. That is a few of the things i feel were ruined. As for Destiny 2 they took out strike specific loot. They overly simplified the skill trees. The weapons have few abilities. PVP was too big a focus and it hurt the PVE experiance. I love DD1 and i want to love DD2 but most of the changes made in the second game ruined the experiance for me.
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