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  1. Can you be more specific than " error " , also i can't link you to what you need to download , seeming MVS is a very expensive program :P But what it gets you to download ( I think ) are files that the game needs from it. Also have you tried ' Verify game data " ? Right click Dungeon defenders in steam , Properties , local files , verify. Hope this may help.
  2. Forum Rule : [Quote] No Flagging Other Users: Do NOT name another user for breaking any forum rule OR for misconduct within Dungeon Defenders itself. If you ever have an issue with another user, please utilize our Report a Post button and our Report a Player section. The section is only veiwable by forum Admin and Mods. [/quote] Wrong section of the forum , proceed to : http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?45-Report-a-Player and repost.
  3. Perhaps it's something to do with the cloud , not entirely sure sorry! :( I use UK - London , even though as you can see im from cardiff, so not sure which region you are on etc.
  4. There are no situations where you will want to use squire towers instead of apprentice towers, auras, and traps unless you need high hit point roadblocks, which is where the spiked barricade comes in handy. All the rest are inferior to alternatives for the number of defense units they require. Harpoon turrets can be fairly useful due to the piercing effect , so if placed on long narrow corridors etc, they can do more dps than most turrets.
  5. Sounds like complex routing issues to me >_< You say you are room-mates , any chance you can hook up the pc's phsyicall rather than using the external IP's and such , that may create more stability, even if you temporary share the same 'external' ip /connection and such ? That would be my possible solution at least to see if that works, that's even if that is possible :P
  6. Hmm , as im from UK lemme see if i can jump on a sec. Edit : I can log into ranked with no problems is a bit slow on the login though, many rings before it connects, but it does connect , and server browser etc works fine. Have you tried restarting your steam ? As that reconnects the cloud and such it maybe worth trying that if you haven't already
  7. Ahh, i guess you wouldn't like the tesla strat then lol >_< But in terms of maps etc i think alch labs is good and the waves are too intense, but ... i'll leave this one for a fellow ps3 member to answer, alternativly you can go to ps3trophies.org ( Apologies to the staff if linking isn't allowed) this site could point you in the right direction of how to aquire the trophy easily.
  8. When it asked trendynet or open server I click trendynet ranked, and it fails to connect, thats as far as I can get. Edit: I just tried to join his game it boots the game up and then says I failed to join because im not in the same ranked/open server he is on, ie: i ned to log on to ranked first as per usual before i can join a game or be joined. If you try and join an invite from desktop it will bug out as you have to connect to trendynet first ( which should be working again now) once you are there, i personally usually go sit in my tavern at this point, then get your friend to invite yo
  9. Welcome back! And TNet/ Steam issues are .. resolved i think ?
  10. Not 100% sure how much differant the PS3 version is to the PC but on the PC a common survival map is alchemy lab and the build can vary depending , but i guess that depends if you have that map or not.
  11. I imagine if you are from the UK you should be able to at least connect to the swede friend without any issues , see if you can join any games on the server list. btw, how are you trying to connect to each, are they hosting a game then sending you an invite through steam or are you searching for their games on the server list ?
  12. I purchased from steam, I cannot find the configure menu to tell it to use gamespy. Anyone have any idea how I can make this work? I would love to lan since all 4 of us purchased the game, but we got it from steam so uh... yah help? Well steam and TrendyNet are back up working etc so you should be all able to connect back through steam and things using the ingame friend system invite thing on steam ? As regards to the gamespy thing, if gamespy itself doesn't automatically configure DD (Which i have no clue if it does ) Then if you launch DD through steam , you should get the prelauncher s
  13. Not to be the *** that says "Mine works fine." .. but ..yeah.. As for local play it shouldnt have anything to do with online stuff as it doesn't as far as i know require form of internet to run , could probably yank out your modem line to test, it should be offline compatible, so i'm not entirely sure why you are having problems, unless you have a funky routing table or something (local includes LAN , so .. hamachi and such included i think.. ) *scratches head* thats about all i can come up with Reread your post, are you saying that you played open mixed mode and it kicked you out saying
  14. Finally, are the forums always this active, or are we all here because TN is down? Its 4am , i'm passing time.
  15. So to clarify, it's a "Challenge" which I'm reading as some sort of game mode, that comes with DLC? And according to user endure, as long as the host has the DLC and hosts it on a map that others have, you don't need the DLC to join the host? New heroes DLC ( the opposite sex pack) i think unlocks the UMF , and yes as long as the host has it ( which ... s/he would else they wouldnt be able to host it :O ) then you are free to join without the need of having the DLC yourself.
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