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  1. What they should really add in my opinion is the jumping to previous highest floor if you wish. Say you got to 500 e.g. did 10 resets and after want to start climbing again. With current System you would have to do 50 to 500 again before u can be at where you were already and push higher. So there really should be an Option/a way to straight jump back to your previous highest Floor.
  2. Yea it happens RNG is RNG. Like in FF14 u can gather and have 99% to gather something and yet i did get some occasions where i still missed like 3 times in a row 4 times being my record. Those are obviously very minority and rare but it happens. Moments like that engrave in your brain though. Still love the Game though and looking forward what gets changed in 2019. 2018 was a great Year of Changes! Edit: Today did C1 Consecutive Win 20 as well and got 4 Destructions outta it that's RNG for you. Sometimes its good sometimes its awful.
  3. Opened Up 4 C4 Shardpacks yesterday got 3 Defense Rates then farmed C1 for literally 8 hours and had around 120 C1 Shards and used up the Dust from them as well and not a single destruction which i wanted. So that's RNG for you. I do agree there has to be done something like 50/99 Dust= A Shard of your choosing as Bad Luck Protection. It is still a considerable amount of time to get those Dustnumbers but atleast you know you'll get what you want in due time without relying on RNG which is always terrible.
  4. Judging by their ~3 Month Pattern next Update aka the one affecting Ancient Power will be in Early/Mid March. Maybe with luck end of February
  5. MystykZ

    What Mods

    I mostly use Flame Aura to buff my Heros Damage by another 25% with the encroching flames? shard,destruction and deadly strikes. It is not really there for damage, the damage it does is just bonus. Lightning Strike Aura is my Anti Ladyorc (+70% Damage against them) and for Bosses. It has Defense Rate,Destruction,Vampiric Empowerment in it and i max them always as soon as possible.
  6. MystykZ

    What Mods

    Weaponmanufacturer with Shocking Revelation,Melee Boom,Tenacity Flame Aura with Chaos Enemie Damage/Boom,Tenacity Lightning Strike Aura with Anti Melee,Anti Chaos and Tenacity Skyguard Tower with Rangesplosion,Anti Range and Attackspeedmod Obelisk with all the Unique Type Mods On my DPS Char (Barbarian) every gear is: Healthy Damage,Power Chip and more Heropower when buffed. Weapons are Range/Meleesplosion,Critdamage,Critchance,Controllchip,AntiMelee
  7. To be fair the addition of mods DID make a HUGE diffrence. if you have full Tier 1 in each Piece of Weapon and Gear or Towerrelics they do make a big impact, but indeed the scaling is off and your excitement is within low limits when you see a level 2,3 or even 4 due to the poor scaling because a Level 1 does the same Job pretty much.
  8. No problem. Love the game a lot and constructive critism helps everyone out or gives ideas. This is just my Observations and thoughts after having C7 farmed for easy 50ish hours since the Update and having played alot of other lootbased games in the past. Same with WM always used it. but can't deny that thanks to the Mod it is too good so gotta either adjust the time of the Stun, make the Stun scale with Modlevel or reduce Stunchance. Keep up the good work making this game even more awesome <3
  9. Mastery gives you Mass Destruction at 55 Stars and Vicious Strikes at 155. Mastery is easy doable now since the Modchanges. So personally i'd suggest you to do the maps which looks easy to 5 Star for you. As above mentioned Shards are optional but so good to have as they make enormous Diffrence.
  10. WM is fine it is just the mod which makes it strong. Imo "the problem" is because the Stun is 5 Seconds long even at Level 1. Stunduration should scale with Modlevel that way only 5/5 gives 5 Seconds. Could be one Second per Modlevel. This fixes WM without nerfing it to the ground to compensate for the Mod.
  11. There is a WIP Google Doc which shows all Mods. Cryo's Mod List It is getting updated as soon as there is new Info. It's not mine i only saw the Document being posted by Lawlta in a Topic and bookmarked it. Cheers Myst
  12. Hey there! Great Update and the introduction of Mods was awesome. The Diffrence they make is beautiful, but it can't be just me that thinks the SCALING from Modlevel 1 to 5 is way off. Let's go with 2 Examples Tenacity and e.g. Gobu Boom. Numbers are not the exact ones but close enough to reality. Right now scaling of Mods at C7: Tenacity Level 1: 41% Gobu Boom Level 1: 40% Tenacity Level 2: 42,5% Gobu Boom Level 2: 42% Tenacity Level 3: 44% Gobu Boom Level 3: 44% Tenacity Level 4: 45% Gobu Boom Level 4: 46% Tenacity Level 5: 95% Gobue Boom Level 5: 75% The way it is right now it feels like there is such a negligable diffrence between any Level 1 Mod and Level 2/3/4 hence it doesn't feel nice or rewarding at all to even get a 4/5 -which are very rare already- due to the awful scaling. It is because the only JUMP happens at 5/5 which is like winning a Lottery with RNG. Instead it should be something like: Tenacity Level 1: 40% Gobu Boom Level 1: 40% Tenacity Level 2: 49% Gobu Boom Level 2: 46% Tenacity Level 3: 60% Gobu Boom Level 3: 53% Tenacity Level 4: 75% Gobu Boom Level 4: 62% Tenacity Level 5: 95% Gobue Boom Level 5: 75% That way 5/5 is still a HUGE Jump compared to 4/5 but the Level 2/3/4 Mods dont feel as non rewarding to get as they are now due to the fact they provide some jumps as well per level. This way you'd feel way better with Modloot and a Level 2-4/5 would actually mean something and brings a diffrence and feels good to get unlike at the moment where the only jump happens from 4 to 5. Same Logic can be applied to any mod just chose those 2 in particular as examples as they have the biggest numerical diffrence between Level 1 and Level 5. That way you feel the motivation and urge to actually grind for those Level 3s and 4 Mods and if you hit jackpot Level 5. Right now in my opinion you do not feel any urge for that at all unless you are a minmaxer and every 0.1% counts for you. Anyways that is my opinion on how to make the game better and i am curious what others are thinking about this. Feel free to share your opinion. TL:DR: Modscaling should be adjusted as the only jump currently happens from Level 4 to 5 in a ridiclously huge one,instead there should be jumps between level 1-4 with 3 and 4 each being a bigger jump due to rarity and then another decently big jump for 5. Cheers Myst
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