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  1. Got it, Dryad meta build. Falls under my original comment. The game is going to give a lot of their veterans burn out. The way the mob types are laid out, it limits you to MOSTLY Dryad meta building.
  2. I'm baffled at how much negativity is in almost every thread complaining about onslaughts absurdity. I can understand a mix of opinions, something unbiased. At this moment this game is running itself into the ground with the potential it had. It only takes listening to the community once to cause a good spike in players, but they haven't for too long. The game runs like this (which it's enjoyable for everyone for a certain amount of time); Campaign Trials Mastery / Onslaught Ascend Rinse repeat on Trials --> Onslaught Trials --> Onslaught Trials --> Onslaught But wait, there's more... You run into repeated maps, same gameplay, same turret builds that are just "Meta." Geodes eliminate a lot of the fun, cyborks eliminate the rest of the fun. Freeze destroys anything else. I played this game religiously, for weeks when I worked from home. I remember climbing from C1-C7 with the gear spreadsheet real quick. Now the game has turned into a snooze fest of build / hold left click, OH NO CRASH. This is where the game is at. To a short select few this game is great, it is unicorns and lollipops. To a stronger majority it's a chore, nobody likes chores. I understand a game having CONTENT. But throwing in "infinite" content with no bar to reach, you're being lazy on your game.
  3. The player base is too small to even ask for them not to make it casual friendly. There's no catch up mechanic if you want to invite your friend to play other than sitting and carrying them all day. I really don't know where you find the "hardcore" scene in this game. Other than grinding day in day out for a game that a select few people play. Mastery was a good touch, but even that takes forever. Onslaught is a great addition, but the 3 map feature with no save progress is too grindy, and begs for burnout. The first couple of ascensions would be fine, but you rinse repeat, having to grind 3 maps post 60 over and over and over again, and you're just asking to look for a new game to play.
  4. Most people don't read lengthy rants. So instead here is just one quick TL;DR Any thread I read it's about everyone complaining about the 3 map onslaught and constant DC's and no save progress. So what's more important to the devs Their community, and hearing them out? Or dropping mad cash on MTX & Shard packs because chaos farming C4 all day for a specific tower shard is just worth my time and effort so I can push higher onslaught. Flame me for this post, but I uninstalled again after this Onslaught - Get to map 3 - Game crashes constantly.
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