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  1. Thank you so much! The original install for her did happen on a mac. We have now moved her over to a Windows 10 machine that we just built together. We followed the instructions that you shared, and now we both have fresh new installs! Thanks so much for the assistance!
  2. Yeah, but I don't think the answer should be that she should have to create an entirely new Steam account to play a game that we purchased.
  3. Hello all. I just downloaded a couple of copies of Dungeon Defenders 1 to play with my girlfriend. I had fond memories of playing on console, and we are looking forward to playing on PC. However, her game after we purchased a copy for her and installed on her computer already had TONS of characters in high levels and all of the crystals and missions unlocked. We both want to start from scratch and don't understand why a brand new account would have all these unlocks already. We have looked for ways to try to reset her account, but can't seem to find a way to remove everything other than just deleting all her items and characters. Is there some way to contact support to have a new account reset? I just purchased two copies of the game today and sent one to her. I have no issues with my copy. We are baffled how this could happen. She has never owned or played any Dungeon Defenders games in the past.
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