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  1. I don’t even know if they test this game anymore. Like, did they not play the game before the latest patch and realize petrify was overpowered? Why the f do they release a new combo and immediately nerf it AFTER release? Why not just fix it before releasing it? Makes me lose faith.
  2. I don’t know why, after months of players enjoying this combo, they decide to take it away. It’s already countered by diminishing returns so it just feels like a giant middle finger to all the players. This last update sucks ass.
  3. This hot “fix” has taken a lot of the fun out of the game for me. I have no desire to continue.
  4. Chromatic noticed that we were having a lot of fun with this new update and said “nope, fuck that”.
  5. They had a good thing going with this latest update, making fun combos. They’re determined to fuck up their own game, kill DD2, and move on to DDA. They don’t care about this game anymore.
  6. Yeah I know that in the long run you get more out of ascension, but how many hours do you have to put into the game to get to 999? I’ve been playing the game over a year and nowhere close to reaching 999 points. And it doesn’t matter if the points are put towards tower based defenses or barricades, the difference is still negligible especially in higher onslaught. An extra 10,000 damage or health still doesn’t help me where I am now. I would still prefer something closer to DD1 where levelling up actually feels like a big deal, and I don’t have to reach ascension 999 two years later to see a big difference.
  7. Chaos 7 re-roll tokens, I’ll buy it at a high price
  8. In DD1 I remember every time I levelled up it felt like I got a lot stronger, DD2 is pretty weak in this regard- ascension points feel almost worthless, especially when you just add one at a time. Just now i haven’t used ascension in a while and I had 10 in each tier, I used all 10 on tower health and it gave me an extra 3000 health....pathetic. That is absolutely worthless and makes no difference. I’d like them to make levelling up exciting in DD.
  9. The Lost Temple is a piece of crap, they need to either just get rid of it entirely or do a serious re-work on it so that it functions how it’s supposed to. It’s completely unfair to have to battle lag, rubber banding, and broken mob lanes in addition to the intended difficulty. Half the time I don’t even have enough DU cause I have to ration it between the intended lanes and side lanes that mobs randomly decide to wander down. The screen just outright freezes on splitscreen (PS4) until it cuts to a picture of a broken crystal 5 minutes later. It just isn’t fun, I feel like it’s the year 2000 again and I’m playing some broken piece of crap game from some third party developer. It’s 2019....this kind of stuff is unacceptable by today’s standards. I’m at the point where, whenever I see that I’m at a temple floor, I just don’t wanna play anymore. In fact, I stopped climbing recently cause I’m in a temple floor and can’t be bothered to deal with the bull***. At least the drakenfrost level, while challenging, actually f***ing works, and I can see what I’m doing.
  10. I literally can’t progress in onslaught due to the temple freezing/bluescreening on ps4.
  11. On PS4 (west Canada) splitscreen, the first wave of the temple either blue screens or freezes (floor 94). Every time we lose the first wave and hit retry it can never load. It’s either that or it blue screens on the first wave. Anybody else having problems?
  12. Can we, say, put a water servo on a tower to drench and then put a shock servo on so that the tower, by itself, can electrocute? Or is it only one elemental per tower and you would have to combine different towers to create effects? Also, can we put, say, water servos on flame auras? Or can a mod element not replace the natural element (fire in this case) of a tower?
  13. Me and a buddy play splitscreen and are at temple lvl 84 and the lag is completely unplayable-depending on the lane loadout. It’s at the point where everything is frozen, enemies are walking off into the air, and all we can do is sit there and hope our defences can make it through (which is impossible at this point). I notice it’s at its most extreme when there are multiple lanes coming out of the same gate. If the lanes are more spread out at 1 per gate it’s still laggy but it’s playable - I can physically attack enemies and see them dying. And no it is not our internet, we checked and it’s perfectly fine so it’s clearly the game, and it’s consistently horrid with multiple lanes that overlap. We had one map where there were two gates with THREE lanes and upon starting all the enemies were just frozen at the spawn for a solid minute until it cut to a crystal smashing somewhere. Anybody else been experiencing this? We are Canada west by the way, if that helps at all.
  14. Yep, it seems to be a lot better when there’s less mobs on the map with lanes like high roller and ogre cutting down on the number of enemies. Got consistent lag freezing on waves 4 and 5 of a lost temple map that made us lose each time. We retried several times but the 1000+ enemies just froze the game each time. Enemies were walking off into the air, bosses were walking through walls and after 20+ seconds would spawn in front of a destroyed crystal. Total bs. Once we rerolled and got less mobs that were more spaced out it finally became playable. And our internet was perfectly fine so it was definitely the game.
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