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  1. What is the important is the security rather than damage but since you can't track what all defenses are doing in the map a unit that can hit everything is good.With maps like the demon's lair that appears a lot of enemies in cicles maybe even the volcano worth the du since the unit always gonna hit something and finish with a insane damage output.You can hit a unit with 100k left a boss or sneaky lady orc that could destroy the gem.Which turns to luck everything. Out of those shards the one that i'm looking are the deadly , Vamp and PT.I'm doing currently the c5 when i have the time and pacience.I have 5PT and Vamp and 6 deadly strikes.I imagine that 10 of those three would be a good number which would give me a good selection and if happens to pick one of those i would still have use altough 8 would be ok.The system of pack shards in this game is unreward and i could very well spend 8 hours optimistically trying to reach this number.(10 gold for a discard in a shard is a joke). First round - it all depends on your setup. Given the focus its sounds like you put on single attacking towers, that may be your issue. Consider putting other towers down for the first round that crowd control better, and then swap them out for your upgraded single towers in a latter wave. Just a thought. I really like all of the Monk auras. Apart from Cyborcs, they decimate almost everything in the game. Flame auras attack up to 8 units at once, and the lightning ones have insanely high rate of damage, so they are great boss killers. I just spam auras down the lane, and most things are dead long before they ever even see my barricade. Dryad - people use her because her towers are denoted as traps, which enable them to avoid attacks form most units, and thereby no need to worry about health. The other factor is the AP reset system. Once you reset, all shard progress is reset, and the amount of gold it takes to get it all back is extremely high. To counter that, many people use as few units as possible for builds, so that much less $$$ needed. Dryad represents a one-stop shop when it comes to tower needs, that almost no other hero can as easily provide, or at least as cheaply when stuck in the AP reset loop. I don't rework any build especially in large maps but maybe is a good option.I don't really emphasize single target tower as i try to use what i think that works.I use the fissure which is a aura sometimes even with cyborks but seems that appears cyborks in more than half of the lanes.Is a hard call to place a lot of auras with enemies that have high hp if you have a tower that can track them all the way to the blockade but with weak ones is always better aura. The main reason is not praticity with low cost to upgrade from ancient power system or no health issues but those defenses are traps that have range and interact with the corruption form.The slime pit over perform everything if is placed in a lane with a good amount of enemies.There is no other heroes that can do the same alone like the dryad.Some lack aura types other flying killers and other single target damage or blockade. well balance is a subjective notion, as some feel certain towers or heroes are way too under or over their capabilities. There is a lot of talk on the forums about trying to find that balance, and what that balance would then be. There will always be those who will disagree with you though. Having said that though, there are a lot of towers that are currently under performing in the game. Dummy and Harpy are on that list BTW. To get the full value out of any defense, you need to specialize a hero, meaning you drive all Ascension points into a single category to max the stats. So if you wanted to use Mystic well, you would need like 5 of her, one for each of her towers (i do not recommend that though). Also, added to that - each hero seems to have at least 1 defense that is considered good and something that most end-game players use, while the rest is basically junk. Again, there is some gray area to this, but some are universally agreed upon. If you have a bunch of heroes, you can specialize each one on a specific tower, and bwteen your full deck you will have enough super powered towers to build your defense. For instance, i build Mystic Viper Fangs as my barricades, use 3 Monks to put down my flame auras, lightning auras, and then the Sky Guard. Then i may pull out the Abyss Lord and throw down a Ramster, or a Squire Cannonball. Each hero is specialized to that one tower, and does not build anything apart from the one. Ballance is hard to reach or get accepted by many.The thing that shouldn't happen is defenses without a real reason to be used.Geyser trap is a example of that.Unless you spawn right in front of the lane you won't get much out of this trap.The lady orc is a nuisance but is not enough to justify use the geyser for it.If in this game had a unit that is so strong that use a geyser trap is a good option to really hold would be reasonable.I don't like the idea of everything getting uniform but something cannot do everything better than a defense with the same cost and tier.If geyser trap was 20du would be another talk. I understand this but the problem is that have slot for each defense cost use of cards.I think that you get most out by using a hero for 2 defenses but still comes to the problem of constantly changing heroes to use a certain defenses.This take a lot of time and if you don't have everything set in your mind is even worse.The developers should do something that allow to change heroes more easilly in the build phase to avoid unecessary brakes. The fissure seems to have a better stats in attack and critical but has lower dps..Since i don't know how it works dps with defenses or the real effect i can't say if it's better or worse.In the end to use two of the same you gonna need two everything(shards,relics). A poison dart and ramster together seems good with cyborks since they gonna take damage over time.The problem is always placement.The bees is sudden death and with one cybork coming is ok with 3 bees but 6-7 you gonna need help if they are able to disrupt. I made a build in the tavern and tested the light aura and i get 1,840m with 11,3m crit with 0ap 3range points and 20,6 medallion at tier 5.I used in game for the ch7 a much lower with 1m and 4mcrit stats because i can't afford to use the shards that i used in tavern and seems good.Ch7 you can place freely traps and since he attacks flyers was more noticeable the difference.I felt a impact with the du that i had to invest in other things.Just seeing in onslaught with limitations of lanes and cyborks to really test.I don't use it but the explosive trap has the same or better potential since you can effectivelly hit more units and with luck on fire effect wreck thing if it's in a good spot.I probably could use the Aura if i don't mind with change of heroes.
  2. How long last the poison of the pdt right after the enemy get hit? There is a problem with the return of yeti map in onslaught that seems to be very rare to appear? I only got him one time at the moment.I don't play a lot onslaught but this and the map from the incursion that you need to cleanse the spirits are kinda rare.
  3. Wow, that is a lot of info, so i will try to answer what i can. Obelisk - is a tricky tower. I try not use mine as an actual barricade, so i put all my stats on it into Power myself. I use it as my "clean up the stragglers" tower, and to help block exposed anti-air defenses. The hard part of that tower is that you cannot force it to aim at anything specific (i.e. enemy right in front of it), so it can be somewhat unreliable in that sense. For me, it's only for support. I place it behind a barricade or next to one if there is a wide lane. I upgrade it once to get the shields, but do not rely on them. I prefer to shoot the enemy with a huntress from a distance, so i don't have as much need for the shields - or fro them to be boosted. Destruction + Power Transfer or Vamp Emp. will make it a deadly tower of power. Mystic is not the most powerful Hero in the game, unless i missed something. Barbarian is the current melee and DPS champ, and Dryad is the best builder - from what most people use and think at least. The frostbite tower + frost power shard - i believe that the power increase happens around the enemy getting the beam, not proximity to the tower itself. I asked about this in another thread and it was never fully answered, so i am not sure, but from what i remember reading - when the beam hits an enemy, a frost cloud appears around them, and the towers withing that clouded area get the bonus. So it really only boosts your froward paced defenses then. I may be horribly wrong on this though. As to HP levels - well you can just play the map...not sure there is a way to see the actual HP levels beforehand. Maybe someone has a list somewhere. I'm just not sure how knowing this is much of an advantage. I make my towers as strong as they can be - and they are either tough enough to win or not. Knowing the numbers does not change anything in what i choose or use. Typically you have certain towers built up with better shards over other ones (and are leveled up fully) - and those are the best to use. Sand Viper - TBH this is not a top tier tower and i would move to something else. But hey, if it works for you and you like it - more power to you. If you make Separate Mystics and specialize one for the Sand Viper and one for the Coil, and then use the shard that increases damage when a target is getting hit by both - you can really crank up the damage. These two rowers are meant for mass damage to a sole target though, not really crowd control. IDK if they are supposed to target more than one tower on a single unit or not. I really only ever use one a time if i do use them - which is not often. Monk auras work so very well for crowd control - the flame ones handle mobs, and the lightning one is a boss killer with massively high crit damage. Plus if i remember right, the split shard reduces the max damage they can do, which really hampers their ability to crank damage out. I only use my Mystic for her barricade. It is my favorite in the game. apart from putting a Obelisk down for clean-up support, i move to other heroes for better crowd control and boss damage. What you do is probably the right thing to do with the obelisk..I think that is a must if you are doing a map with a lot of mobs and a lot of lanes to have one.If you are doing a build that you are camping spam maybe doesn't worth.I would change the god protection and maybe even the blaphesmy but i'm short in shards and i'm far from have all the shards in units that will take a better use so PT and destruction is not a option for me right now with the obelisk. The mystic may not be the best but at least for me is the most usefull of all, together with the gunwitch..The call to madness is simply the best to hold lines and this give you time to check other things in the mean time.I don't know how good the barbarian is because i don't have but if you are using him you probably need a source of heal and he only attacks at close range.The first wave is usually the most annoying for me to use the mystic but after i can keep the full appeasement she become unstopable.For me is not everything about damage but what you could do to help you defenses to hold the line.(That's why a lot of people force himself to use the dryad full time to improve her defenses) If i'm understanding correctly the cloud will appear around the unit and the defense that hit the unit will have a bonus.If i'm right any defense that are in range of the enemy hitted by the frostbite utilize the bonus but if not it's only aura and trap that is around the cloud in that moment.I saw a few posts saying than frosty shard was good but is hard for me to drop the shard that freeze with 45%, the shard that allows to hit 2 enemies and deadly strike for a doubt.Maybe someday i test this shard. In my opinion is a valuable info because with this and knowing the rate of your defenese and the speed of the enemy you can estimate the damage and if what you have is enough.Is probably a complicated math which i don't think that i would do but for me is more to do with curiosity.Probably the cap is around of 5m for the stronger ones because i can't see the critical of my bone archer that is 5,66m in the map.They probably are 1ko in that moment because i saw him hitting a skeleteon boss that had 8m and he sudenly got down to 2,m when he revive in the middle of the lane. This game is somewhat unballanced in terms of usage of units.I don't see anyone using dummy, buff beam or harpy.The dummy and the beam should be replaced.Is mental that a robot doesn't have a type of defense that attacks with eletricity or something similar(Photon beam).The dummy should be replaced with something that have a bonus to kill those geodes(maybe a throwing hammer).Harpy just increase the damage in the burst if you cant fix the animation. You probably are right because i do use constantly the mystic and i'm using the mass destruction with PT.The final stats at tier 5 are 690k with 1,94m and i have 54 asc expend with not full range.If i didn't use the mystic and the mass destruction would be lower and maybe ineffective.What makes good is the type of range, the price, the full effect even if there is geodes, flying and the fire rate.With split viper you could do a great damage if you have luck with rng very easilly. I end matchs with more than 300m of damage with those towers always and this for me is a good cost efficiency if you have 100m per 10du.I understand the niche of mass damage without split viper but this would just appeal to me if i use in game ogre lanes and yes i use the serpent coil.Maybe if they had made the tower with 0,40 rate cap for ex but the split viper decrease the rate would be a good idea.The split reduces the damage. I use fissures instead of flame auras and altough i don't know if is better the range and the fact of enable you to stack 4-5 in area easilly is good.Those auras are good but right now seems that appears a lot of cyborks and with fissure i can't use with them in the map.My fissure that goals in the front usually do 350m so if i use the sand viper and do similar amount considering the chance of criticals favor the fissure with numbers of enemies is a good thing. The barricade is good and i use a lot but maybe the orc in boss lane could be better in terms of mana because of the eletric fingers.I can't use him because of asc points but is possible that in overall he perform just or better than viper fangs. I will make a few question in another message because this post is way to extensive.If you have a reply about this place in the other one.
  4. Very true. It all depends on what you are using the tower for. Right i know i just use it to boost air lanes and clean up stragglers, so i don't mind using a slot for the shields. It really helps if your primary DPS hero is a melee fighter. But agreed - shard slots are precious and using anything other than power/rate/range/HP is kind of silly. Hard to test the bubble - as it does not list the HP value of it, so not sure how you would test it with any accuracy. Obelisk does more too - raise hero stats, bubble enemies, smite damage, and i believe it also transforms enemies as well. One shard also adds flying snakes to it. You can also use it as a barricade on levels that don't allow barricades. Depending on which part interests you - you could spec it out to specialize in that area. And if you want more than 1 of them, build more Mystics. My obelisk have barelly if not zero ascension spend on him and he has equipped a totem with 22925/ with vamp empowerment ,blasphemy and the god protection and in the tier 5 he reach 2,43m of smite dmg with the mystic active. I use generally in a deadzone just because of the smite damage but if happens to one of those objectives get destroyed i usually place him to cover new entries since he has 7m of hp with totem at tier 5..When i use he is the first option to upgrade and if there is no critical zone i up to the tier 5. Yes but the time of this bubble makes a lot of difference and should be tested too since this could plop before the shield got destroyed..Most of people that gone use him will use the mystic and for my understanding the shadowflame is the choosen one in terms of weapon for her especially now that you don't spend shard space with the passive.. I'm aware of those boost and because of them he is the most powerfull unit in this game (at least now) once you have the vampiric empowerment equiped in my opinion.The flying snakes are banned as others shards of the mystic like the snake bomb i believe. I would like to make three other question which i don't know about it too.. The frostie power shard of frostbite tower is working( the one that pass his defense power)?I tested with fissure and placed towers and the snaking sands in front of the frostbite and seems that is not giving any boost.. How can i know the amount of hp of mobs in certain stage/chaos lv..Any boss appears the hp so i should deduze that is what percentage of the boss in certain tier for normal mobs.. The last is about the sand viper. I use a lot this unit and although is heavilly underused by others, with split viper he works if you don't place him as stab defense but as a support..The reason that doesn't work to hold by himself in my opinion is because there is a bug or maybe was something that was intended to be that make the sand viper not hit the same target of others sand viper.Doesn't matter if you have split viper or not, One sand viper wont hit the target of the other and doesn't matter if you place with two different heroes but i don't know about players.. Is kinda bizarre that one boss is passing throw the lane and a x amount of sand vipers are just watching while one attack him..This make drastically ineffective to use more than two or three in one area..The serpent coil also has this ''trait" but since this is a unit that usually everyone use one is almost irrelevant. Is disapointing because without splitviper you can actually reach 1m base dmg with almost 3m crit in the tier 5 by using mass destruction vamp empowerment and power transfer with 50-60 asc point (22700 pow) with max range but the fact than have 0,60 rate make him so hard to actually reach the full cicle of 2x with a lot of defenses attacking simultaneously that is a waste in almost any situtation..If had the bee attack rate maybe would give the double of damage that does now but doesn't have. With split viper is better but you use a shard space with a lost of power included.This defense could actually compete against the bees if doesn't happens this lock thing. This is a bug or was intended to happens with this defense?..I don't see anything in the description that says that should only attack one enemy each sand viper per time. If it's why no one says anything to get fixed?
  5. Good question. I have been asking for a long time for a breakdown of all of the Obelisk details to be explained, and i have yet to see it all fully done yet. My interpretation of that shard is that once you build the Obelisk and upgrade it at least once - it begins to randomly put a pink/purple shield around the heroes on the map; the shard in question then increases the health of that applied shield by 10-70%. I do not believe that it changes any stats on the tower itself. Sounds like we need to test it though to be sure. If anyone knows differently - please correct me. Thank you for the answer..I don't know anything about the purple bubble giving a protection against attacks and if this happens we could test this in game. Taking this in consideration i don't think that worth using in your obelisk since the time which this bubble last are small and when you have vamp empowerment, the blasphemy shard and you could use a shard to boost his power or automation seems that you are wasting a shard space.
  6. What the obelisk shield shard actually do as a bonus?They increase the smite damage or his resistance against attacks?
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