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  1. Repassing a thread question  that wasnt answered..Can someone do it..

    1.The max health regen is affected by upgrades or is a fixed number?

    2.The source of damage to trigger could be any type of shard/mod effect of damage or just the base dmg and if give a 2x regen for ex if you hit two targets in the same time..?

    Yesterday i achieved the destruction pylon shard and i want to know more about that shards that is kinda unknown or unspoken and if worth..

  2. 1.The max health regen is affected by upgrades or is a fixed number?

    2.The source of damage to trigger could be any type of shard/mod effect of damage or just the base dmg and if give a 2x regen for ex if you hit two targets in the same time..?

    Yesterday i achieved the destruction pylon shard and i want to know more about that shards that is kinda unknown or unspoken and if worth..

  3. @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    1.There is any type of unique mod for defenses that you unlock if you reach 80+ floor or reset with ancient power?

    No just hero stuff

    2.What controller servo actually do with your defenses/against enemies?

    Mobs under control effects, like mind control, slow, frozen, probably missing a few

    3.What is the type of category of each enemies...?Most especifically ranged and support.

    Theres no exact list that im aware of. its a lot of guess and test. Ranged are like the harpoon throwers. Support are like the book dudes

    4.Why there is a huge gap with destruction (34%) and def crit damage (gilded 24%) if critical damage is based on attack damage?

    Because dpwr scaling is the base. Crit is a chance off scaliing of dpwr. So dpwr increase will always be better

    5.Whats happens with gilded shards of split viper,frosty duet and other shards that affects not only damage,rate,precision but number of targets?

    Look at what happens from upgrading it 4 times, and add it to the end. its a linear upgrade system

    6.Why there is tax around refund of items in players shop?

    All games like this have it. it surves multiple purposes like stopping people listing items for 999 million just to brag, removes some gold from the system while just trading with yourself etc.

    7.Accumulator servo work with blockades and what is the cooldown of the area damage type attack??10 sec?

    No idea dont use it sorry

    8.What is the rate of attack of drain aura mod?Doesn't appear in the description.

    No idea dont use it sorry

    Thanks for all the answers in this post...About the first one, the reason behind the question are in this thread.


  4. I hope than anyone help me with that..I think that none was respondend in this forum.

    1.There is any type of unique mod for defenses that you unlock if you reach 80+ floor or reset with ancient power?

    2.What controller servo actually do with your defenses/against enemies?

    3.What is the type of category of each enemies...?Most especifically ranged and support.

    4.Why there is a huge gap with destruction (34%) and def crit damage (gilded 24%) if critical damage is based on attack damage?

    5.Whats happens with gilded shards of split viper,frosty duet and other shards that affects not only damage,rate,precision but number of targets?

    6.Why there is tax around refund of items in players shop?

    7.Accumulator servo work with blockades and what is the cooldown of the area damage type attack??10 sec?

    8.What is the rate of attack of drain aura mod?Doesn't appear in the description.

  5. This is a little a bit for the suggestions and discussion side of things..

    Mods could had the same type of feature that appears with relics in general..(The glowing aura that appears that distinguish a legendary from a mystic relic)

    From the 3-5 bar any type of gear would have some type of different glow that allows players to easilly find them..(maybe a spark star type with the corresponding color of the mod.

    Wouldn't change the drop of mods and would potentially make every run of maps faster and smoother..

  6. @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    Everyone should express their opinion and qualify it with what experience they have to put it in perspective. I personally disagree with almost everything you said .... except your opinion on IHOP changing their name to IHOB that was just a bad idea.

    Oh and Lawlta sees everything.

    What you are talking about with IHOP/IHOB?

    I don't know if this is a abbreviation of something or unrelated.

  7. @LAWLTA quote:

    @Nigiri_Toro quote:

    Oh and Lawlta sees everything.

    This part is the most correct thing in this thread (other things are also correct, this is just an undeniable fact). I've seen both this thread and the original thread. Threads of this nature are meant to promote discussion and see how the ideas are received by the community (for instance, the responses to this thread). If it's something that gains traction, then we'll see the direction things have gone, and comment on it to some extent. 

    Private messaging or tagging developers to look at your ideas will usually not invoke a response.

    Make sense your position with posts..There is a lot of threads being released over a small period of time and you need to see the repercussion of everything before considering anything.

    I made this thread expecting some opinion about two things..Defense power/mobs power related with the new stuffs in the game (paloverde respond) and time/difficulty of grind/necessity of this with progression.

    i wasn't expecting finding feedback from the other post since i put more like a quote to do a relation about past/present.

    At least for me with this post i changed my impression about the dd2 forum and how i will use this account from now on.

    About this sorry.I didn't know than this is bad seen and i definitely won't do it again.

  8. @Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

    @Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

    Believe me, I would definitely love those changes to be here 

    Just in case this will be misunderstood, I meant Ancient Power, Onslaught and Incursion. I have not actually fully read the Big "Threat" O' changes (Seriously? Big THREAT!? It actually implies that the changes and suggestion are a THREAT.). But I did skim it and yeah like Exglint there are some stuff that I don't really agree with.

    So the changes I mean could be anything that Trendy or other cooks up.

    I should had used thread.rsrsr

    It's understandable.I would like to now what is a consense of disagreement..probably about defense.

    Probably about the new units/boss is the only thing relevant to read since you read the onslaught and new game modes

  9. @Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

    Protean Shift is a large but foundational update. That's why those changes aren't there. Believe me, I would definitely love those changes to be here (Ancient power and Onslaught). But I'll accept whatever that comes.

    As for the concerns about gear and relics. There's two compensation :

    1. Stat increasement. 11k (relic-wise) for C3? That's something. Before you go tell me that the dev use a C5 or 6 gear in the devstream, I am sure it isn't. Aside from gear score, the gear will now let you know which Chaos tier it's on.

    2.  M.O.D.S. Well, you could always have a Speed, Crit dmg, Crit chance, Health and other basic stat as your mods instead of using other fancy jimjams.

    The protean shift probably will make the vault became much more valuable if all the m.o.d.s take space in your inventory.I think i saw in some post something about onslaught and AP changes for the next update..If this is right maybe we won't wait for long.

    This is good news and makes me believe also than mobs will be reworked..Maybe they will give a bonus for upgrade a weapon from ch1 to ch7 for example because would seems pointless to have a option to upgrade and do a lot of work to push a relic/weapon to become equall to a ch7 stuffs.

    If they bring m.o.d.s for improving every stats and give a base stat for defenses that doesn't make them unplayable for hybrids this will be awesome and the limitations of 2 stats won't be noticeable.

  10. @Exglint quote:

    Ok, I will try my hand at this one. I have read both your threads and I think I have a good grasp of what you are trying to say through what seems to be a language barrier and incorrect naming on some parts. I don't want this to sound bad or rude but I can't seem to shake the feeling that you don't have a ton of time or knowledge in the game to make balance suggestions at this scale. 

    In the original post there were lots of parts I just flat out didn't agree were needed or good for changes. In this post, it seems you are concerned that some of your changes won't work with new systems and that will most likely be because Trendy has a roadmap they follow that spans much further than 6 months and they had considered and planned these out well in advance.

    I can say that with this patch revealed before you made your first post that you jumped the gun on suggestions and you will most likely have to revise everything based on the new system.

    Yes, i don't have a lot of time in this game and about knowledge i didn't witness the development of this game overtime or played high levels..What i tried to do is give my perspective of what i think that would be good for the game..With ballance i may be completelly wrong but about ideas everything could take another shape if the core is good.

    For me the game should be more focus about defenses/mobs relation..It's a delicate matter and for me  explain exactly without seems shallow but with defenses being somewhat ballance and new mobs with different traits appearing would give more use for certain defenses and need to think more instead of recycle builds..

    The inclusion of new units, maps/mutators would create more depth and difficulty..Onslaught being less restrictive and with his own progression.New game modes that have his own way of play and rewards and niche.Not need have grind to evolve but receive a respective advantage if you do.

    Most of the things that is about to be released there is no relation with i write and i don't think than even lawlta saw the post..My concern is about what's gonna change for this game..I believe that trendy know what's is doing..If you had send this message before the barbarian update i would doubt about that.

    Yes, but i don't think about game modes (not the chaos mode) I will change my mind..

    Thanks for take the time to read those posts and respond here..I probably should had done in parts like jaws write down and with this people would be willing to give a feed back.

  11. At some time ago i made a thread about suggestions for changes in this game.


    About what i suggest before anything get revealed and what seems to be coming, only the balance defenses(assuming than they will change the damage ratio of defenses instead of reproduce the % that already has in a new way) and the chaos hard mode that seems now pointless because they changed chaos and the reward that i was imagining will become a new feature (gilding shards) that will empower shards over his initial cap at some price.

    Doesn't look like will happen anything regard to onslaught, new game modes or new units/balance units that i write..The incursion maps ancient power should be at least reviewed because the way that is now is awfull for casual players like me and is not rewarded in terms of difficulty.

    These new features seems good but what really will happen with the balance with the game and progression?

    What exactly concern me is about what will change with damage of defenses and mobs in the game...

    They are investing a lot of effort about critical damage rework and others fundamental mechanics that will change how defense works but if enemies keep in the same pace of +70% die easilly to aura..If is the other way around will be tough to hold lines and maybe just like now people will select a few choosen defenses.

    Two stats for defenses and weapons...I could list a lot of things that could go wrong but the one of them is how to use hybrid defense like colossus if we can only have two stats and he need speed as well to hit enemies or is just best choose another blockade..

    Those new modes is very unknown and i don't want to write but at least about the expedition if you don't have the option of set the difficulty in terms of onslaught lv for example will be just as boring as is chaos trials now

    The thing that really could turn my excitement about this update to frustration is if they bring new options but the breaking point of improve your things is way too costly in terms of time and effort.What state will be advantage over what its now and if we just gonna need to search for items to empower our things for a little bit but become more mandatory?..

    Will have more variety of options but if the difficulty increase we gonna depend more of those and if decrease we may not need to do a lot of effort.

    For me that i'm more like a casual player and i give more praise if the game become more strategical base and i like to do creative builds will be a lot time consuming to get to a good state and i don't mind if brings something fresh and i have fun but if i feel that is a effort to reach the same point i may stop playing untill comes something about gameplay like new competitive game modes or units that turn the game more challenging..

    I'm being crazy about those concerns or is a valid way of thinking?

    Anyone see other potential problems with this new update in relation with the way you play or for a niche..?

  12. @emilian quote:

    i am supportive with the "New Gamemode" part but i think we have different opinions. I like the idea of a Casual game mode, but not exacly the way you describe it :)

    And ... that's a lot of writing :) some dedicated person.

    Sorry, with the walls of text i didn't see your post before.

    New game modes should be out of the three main tropics that i placed, the most important one.Will happen a naturall re-balance because of the critical change and about the enemies is kinda unavoidable that something will change for the game become more heavilly strategically but i don't really know if is the objective of developers.(Not in a way of turn casual players)

    What exactly you would change from what you write about my post with new game mode??

    The casual mode the timer 5m to build may become a problem for a few person and should be removed and two of the build condition (use only towers/add blockades and not use blockades/add 15% bonus for defenses) would change a little to not turn in to a impossible solution in certain lanes.

    It's a lot of write rssr.I also had a problem with paste the text from word pad directly from here so with the text a lot of things i placed with space and now is kinda bumped up which may seems that is larger some subtext  and harder to locate yourself in the read.

  13. @Jaws_420 quote:

    I'd love to see many of those def changes. Most of the huntress traps need a wider activation and AOE diameter, not to mention recharge time. Apart from her PDT, she is kind of useless as a builder IMO. Most traps apart from Dryad's suffer from the same issues. 

    Be careful with dryad nerf talk. That seems to start wars here. People love their meta and want to protect it. Given how onslaught is though, i would hate to nerf anyone as we can use all the power we can get. i would rather see everyone else get pushed up, as opposed to her going down. 

    Volcano is crazy at 100 DU and is never a good option in its current form, unless you are slumming on lower levels.  I think the real key to this tower is to raise the amount of DU on every stage. I don't use a lot of defenses just because DU is so tight. If i had more to work with, my creativity in builds would skyrocket. That would be a fun AP bonus - 10% more DU per stage. I would reset for that!!!!!

    Yes the range is awfull with the recharge combination..The explosive trap is good if you work on him and find the spot that will hit more and i like the blaze balloon in two lane sides and you can use in a lane with cyborks without problem.Aside from dryad defenses, traps are just a tier of defenses that no one uses.

    If trendy doesn't promote a balance around a lot of defenses they really shouldn't nerf those..As i said i don't mind with nerfs but those are way out of the scale of other defenses.

    The problem with volcanos is the du to craft (100) not exactly the upgrades involved..With 80 i don't feel so restricted and i can accept better all the pros and cons that this projectile tower have.

    Hailstorm - on one hand i am so happy at least one tower amongst the gender swaps was actually new, but on the other - it is not worth the DU spent on it IMO. I would really love this tower to get buffed some, and then for TE to completely redo the gender swaps into their own heroes. If all we wanted was a different look, why are these not just skins for flair? For a new hero - i need something other than a Xerox hero. 

    The solution is give the tower the possibility of hit ground unit..Will become a good hybrid tower that could be placed in a lot of positions on the map.

    Whew....that was a post. I might suggest to break that up into multiple posts, or even threads really in the future. You will overwhelm people with info, and some great ideas may get left behind due to the wall of text facing the reader. Focus on one area at a time - say defenses, and make that 1 thread. Then you will get a lot more discussion on it. When many ideas get thrown out in one thread, less conversation seems to take place as a result. 

    I tought about that and you probably are right about that since i would like to create a discussion and also for those that are developers see,but the post is to be about a joint change.Everything need to work together..For example if all but the defense balance happens we gonna only use a limit set of defenses and the heroslayer and spellblade would be so hard to counter without a good set of stall defenses.

    The same that if all defenses become overpowered with a lot of boost from a lot of angles and enemies not and no new enemies arive.

    Everything need to have his own point of value and this counts more in my mind with defenses

    But yeah maybe if i had done separate would be better..Everyone still can read a little by little and finish the post read.

    One last thing to leave you with - don't forget the positive side. While many of us have very long lists of things we want to see changed or think do not work right - it is also important to balance your message with some positive comments as well. I think it makes the reader more likely to keep reading if their is balance in what you say. A huge list of things we do not like just comes off as salty after a while. Be sure to let TE know that you still love them and their game. Just my 2 cents...

    I like this game and i still have fun playing onslaught when i use sand viper and others stuff all mixed but in the third map i back out because the lost temple seems that bring to me a lot of frustration (i play to enjoy myself in the first 2) and i don't want get to distanced from my brother (61floor) if he got back to play.

    For me at this stage the game seems that doesn't have longevity.Is not about unbalance with defenses but because the game at least for me need to be based around new enemies that will make the sinergy between them need to create unique builds and expend du wiselly.

    I believe that good changes will come with those updates but this post is about the present.

    Trust me if didn't like the game or want to this game become bettter i wouldn't take the time to write a post that probably a few persons will read completely and i write out of my native language.

    If there is one tropic that i would like more to be implemented would be the ancient power mode changed..Would be fun to play those incursions maps and the mode/rewards..Would be a challenge by itself.

  14. With the recent info about updates which could bring new air to this game i will try to share my ideas that actually could change (if implemented) for what i imagine be a good state to play or continue to play...I'm won't be writing about vain complains like fix all the crashs or remove this because i don't like..I will be focus around what i think that is unbalanced and missing from what currently have in the game.

                                                                         Defenses and damage ratio (Balance)

    I'm i will start saying that i'm not a player that played a lot of hours and gather a lot of knowledge but i'm at floor 63 and i reached this lv by playing onslaught with my brother and i also pass from the chaos trials without get carried so i have some notion from what's works..Those are the defenses that have issues with cost efficiency in my opinion.

    Geyser trap: Change the recharge time to (2,5s - 2s cap) and also adds (2s) of the geyser effect (lift enemies).

    Snaking sands: This trap needs to change in two of the three options..Change the recharge to (4-5s) Make the recharge activate only if the snaking sands hit some enemy (will make the sand trap continuosly work (slowing mobs) if doesn't hit anything giving sinergy with auras that right now kill all the enemies before and make the charge of this trap pretty useless and with 8s recharge the snaking stay iddle) Make the attack from the snake underground be separate from the slow effect( the snake will hit anything that is in his range when arrive not mattering if it burrowed or not or have mutators like immune to slow in that lane).Right now this trap doesn't work with auras don't hit lady orcs and also have the worst recharge rate of the game..
    Oil geyser:There is nothing particularly bad or wrong with this trap rather than 1,5s cap and the range of trigger..Is just the game that is in a state which defenses attack fast and enemies move slow to the actual standards making those stall traps pretty ineffective in a game that doesn't have fast normal units with the only one being immune to slow.I will give a option that would make this trap worthy in the other part of the threat.

    Weapon manufacturer:This node can reach a very strong initial stats for a aoe defense but simple after the first upgrade that you could do with a fissure or flame aura they end up being weaker and much less du effective.
    There is two ways to make this defense got closer to pay out with the du expend or worth depending of the stats that you reach.They could implement a auto upgrade that happens every time than this defense kills a enemy or a certain amount since already they track from the charge of the weapon.Or make the node need to reach a certain amount of kill to enable the upgrade 50-75kills to tier 2 ,125-150 to tier 3, 175-200 to tier 4 and 250-275 tier 5.This would make the use of the node much more viable and who knows maybe overpowered.120 du for what this provide is totally not worth at the moment.

    Earthshatter:This tower is a tough call but due to the nature that work in this game the tower almost always can't fit in a build and compensate in dmg..I don't think than this tower is weaker at all but the rate of attack the 60 du and not be able to hit flyers make this tower very situational even with natural big range.This tower hit hard but if you split the cost to other things you will receive more in return.For me this tower should change the du cost to 50 because rather than a few circunstances than his long range and dmg have a big impact is better to not use.

    Volcano:Even if you use this tower in the molten citadel which is the map that most suit this tower usage you still won't reach easilly or gonna need to not appear any geodes and controled burn lane to do the 1b or close to this (counting with upgrades involved)..This tower simple cannot pay out with damage in return because is very costly and more than half of the maps have very split lanes..I know than the game is not all about the damage but sink 100 du in one thing even if almost cover everything in a map is a lot.They should drop the du for 80..Is very reasonable to assume than a colossus is equally good as a blockade in comparison with the volcano as a tower.This would make the use of a volcano viable in a lot of maps.

    Sand viper:I can ignore the fact than this tower can't target the same enemy with two sand vipers which is something that i do and i use this tower..This impact the use of more than two in the same spot but when comes to the tower by herself the problem is only one, the critical scale..Is mental than this tower reach at tier 5 with 1,94m flat with the plus of base dmg you reach something like 2,6m crit with medallion.This tower need a buff of 25-35% of critical in the bare minimal..This tower is way down in terms of damage because of this, even critical being something ocasional but in the long run makes a lot of difference and this tower must have the worse scale in that regard together with the ramster.No wonder no one use even being just as effective as a aura in front of the lane for me.

    Serpent's coil:This probably is my favorite tower in the game but still have a small problem..Why this tower is the only ofensive defense in the game that doesn't have range gambit?They need to implement the range gambit because the only thing that hurts this tower is the range and not be able to upgrade..The range is so poor that you really need to place a deadly strike and for me even the deadly strike is not good enough to track enemies(The vicious is way better).The lack of upgrade is fair but the range is something that should be in the game.You expend a space of shard just to turn the tower to something usefull and that is a huge flaw.Is quite simple the fix...
    Give utility space for this tower with range gambit to cap in something close from what you reach with the use of vicious strikes.

    Hailstorm tower:Since this tower is considered is a anti-air you should comparer with the sky guard.This tower probably kill individually the enemies faster than a skyguard but this is probably the only con related to this comparison..The lack of the slow effect and the 180 degree of range from the hailstorm make they much more unreliable than a skyguard to deal with flyers in general.I could accept those two cons because i really don't use the vamp and power transfer on hail which is preferable but one thing that can't be negligible is the efficiency with emp kobolts.If appears more than two you are exposed in a lane.If one explode you can count on other flyers passing by.

    What i suggest is to give this tower the ability to hit ground unit as well and maybe decrease as a way of balance the defense rate to (0,15s-0,18s) and the dps..This is a "special tower" that you can only use by unlocking the adept and this tower not even worth use in a lot of maps because the sub core are too close from the spawn area and a flying lane with more than 8 usually can't be contained with 1 hailstorm(also people use dryad traps to kill flyers in most of the cases).. 

    Harpy's Perch:This tower probably have the coolest design and animation together with the abyss lord defenses but is a pure lie from what suggest the stats and what you get in game.There is a stop and turn with the animation and in a certain way this is probably a better idea for a defense but i'm certainly that wasn't on purpose..
    They should buff this tower to do the amount of damage that suggest with the face stat of now in the animation duration that she has at this moment instead of necessarily make the unit attack constantly.Placing how much is the cooldown in the description (i believe that is something around 1s-2s).This would turn this unit to a massive single target unit without need to touch something that may cause extra bugs..Is just increase the amount of damage in the attack animation duration related to a certain time..(If the unit would do around 18m in 6s with the animation and cooldown counted doesnt really matter if for 1s she will cooldown since the damage was already done).In a way they will compensate the cooldown time with extra damage during the attack duration.

    (Nerf)Bees,slime pit and angry nimbus:Slimes just do a stupid and unrealistical amount of damage..I saw quite a lot of times the slimes of my brother with 1b and there isn't a maw-maw in that side to bug the damage contabilization in any time(more than a volcano can do covering a lot of areas).They do a massive damage at good rate and this damage have a big area of effect and also do the same amount of damage that does for the main target(i believe).They need to change the splash damage radius or the % of damage for the splash damage.Bees and angry nimbus the problem must be around the corruption form,the dps with fast rate and 360 degree plus the physical corpse hitting directly the mob that may avoid any type of delay included..If the dps get a big decrease those traps gonna be less effective and maybe worth a lot the du but not do what is happening right now,Banalizing the game or at least other defenses use in the game..

    I don't really mind with nerfs.If you are bitted with the power of something that is too good don't use or use weaker shards/relics but this should be included since is a balance tropic.
                                                                                   Honorable mention:

    Arcane barrier:This blockade simple doesn't help in any extra way..The 0,01 recharge rate is something that i don't really understand and is a ridiculous lie and the 75% minimum hp to start to do damage is pathetic..If was me i would turn this blockade in to a counter blockade..Any damage that this blockade take he would counter in a certain % of the damage that would be up from the upgrades..Place a reasonable rate and limit to counter one enemy at time and you have a blockade that could work in a lot of situations.

                                                         Enemies balance and defenses changes

    Buff beam < Photon beam/tower
    The buff beam and boost aura usually are type of defenses that doesn't worth use because you need more sources of damage that in the long run criticals gonna happen and you could up your defenses and compensate..With the boost aura you have so much passive shards and there is also the asc points together with the boost power shard that you could throw in certain situations and worth since the boost will pay out if you make a build with a colossus for example.But buff beam are more expensive and there is no shard and have lower range and power.What i suggest is change this defense for something usefull.
    I'm not good with scale or anything math base for this game so i will just place with references
    Photon beam/tower
    Projectile type attack, pierce all the enemies in a line,burst type animation like the lennart (ffta2) Electric type attack 
    Cost:70du Rate: cap (3s-2,s) Base att:Something in between the earthshatter and the cannonball (probably 1,1m t5) Critical damage: around 4-5m t5 Hp:Standard scale, not a mix tank but maybe in the scale of serpent's coil to not explode so easilly Range: something close to the earthshatter with max range gambit but the power lost relation higher than normally is.
    Shards:Charged Shots ,Electric spark
    Charged shots :The tower will charge over time (15-25s) a shot that does the double of damage and also has a extra 10% chance of paralyse and +5% critical chance.
    Electric spark:The tower has 20% to paralyse all the enemies hit by (3s-5s)..I know than already has this type of debuff that sometimes happens with the angry nimbus so is nothing more than give to this shard.
    Relation with geode and vanguard:Geodes will take the damage from this but will not cut throw the enemies behind making a good counter but not hard counter.Vanguard will block the damage but the shot will pass and hit the enemy behind..For boths the paralise attribute will work which will open the guard to normally hits them.

    Dummies<Throwing axe tower
    This tower is simple not useable.Doesn't compensate in damage and doesn't cover a lot of space to justify the use..In the end is better you use the orc if you want damage with coverage and if you want you coverage only, the spiky blockade.
    Throwing axe
    Single target unit,bonus damage against geodes,vanguards and enemies frozen.
    Cost:50du Rate:(1,65-1,25s) cap Base att:something around 1,3m t5 Critical damage:4,5-5,8m Hp:The scale of the flamethrower basically.Range:360 range and with the reach similar to the archer without deadly strikes with max range gambit.
    Shards:Sharp axe, killer axe
    Sharp axe:The axe if kills a enemy will bounce and hit another enemy dealing the same amount of damage.Bounce up to 3-5 extra enemies.If a enemy die with a attack of 600k for example the next will also take 600k.This could make a chain of enemies killed if you up the defense at certain level.
    Killer axe:This shard give you a extra 15% critical (45%cap) and 20% extra defense rate that will overlap with the base rate (1,25<1s) but lost 30-45% critical and base dmg.With the update that i believe affects criticals and maybe other related things, the shard would need to work with others parameters..This is more from the current state.

                                                                              Enemies balance

    Enemies should move (10-20%) faster except lady orcs and flyers..I played in a incursion map with a buff mutator of mov (15%) to do a daily and really the units was walking a little faster but not running like the lady orcs does normally.Right now only the frosties,cyborks and lady orcs have a chance to hit a blockade of the normal enemies.

    Vanguards have a deflection bonus that cover a lot of towers but simple die so easilly to auras..What is the point if you are generally weak??
    They need to increase the hp of this enemy to something close to cybork currently hp but a little lower because this unit are faster and comes in groups.Also the dmg of this unit is pretty poor.the boss(the one with yellow shield) doesn't treat at all blockades if you have coverage.

    Witherbeast:This enemy was such a pain in campaign..Right now he just runs a few steps and die.Most of the difficulty in campaigns was the lack of shards and knowledge but this unit was hard to kill also with heroes..
    The witherbeast should have a massive increase in hp to at least reach the blockade most of the times and maybe have a self heal during the running time or after burrowed.Right now is a pure filler that is a ghost from what it was.Not attack and not do the job that should do.

    Lady orcs:I don't mind with the speed, immunity,hp and siege/base dmg.But this unit should change in two ways in my opinion.Increase the critical damage than this unit take (+10/15%) and decrease the siege damage than this mob has with cores..One hit is more than 10% and if you are away from the core that she is attacking you will lose..If pass two and you doesn't have a good hero to stall you gonna lose and sometimes not even can reach them at time.For a mob with problems of attentions that simple pass by blockades this is something more than reasonable.

    Cyborks:Should be changed the disable thing and also the range of reach(not the camp of vision from the unit).I personally don't like the idea of leave the cybork and geodes without ability or to exist a shard or something passive that make this ability useless because this turn the unit to another filler.I will give a option for a change.
    The cybork ability should make (traps,auras,nodes blind) (20-25% acc) and defenses need more energy to attack and the effect last 5s..Maybe (2x-4x) for charge traps and with dryad defenses that have a different scales with a energy like the bees (9k hp) should be scalled around a base number like 0,5-1,5% each attack to also threat them..

    Geodes:Complete block damage from everything around is not a good thing at all.The idea is simple:make the geodes have a good a base resistance with projectile attacks (30-50%).
    With this you can use those towers altough you gonna have disadvantage.
    The damage than bomb goblins does inside the geode shield is also massive.You can't deal with ranged units and when you enter inside the geode dome if appears a bomb goblin he will most likely kill you with the explosion.Maybe a small decrease just to not die in 1ko with a moderate to glassy builds hp related.

    Hex throwers:They should get a good decrease in damage bonus and parameters from the hex effect.The hex effect decrease a lot of the stats and this make almost needed to have a reflect beam and sometimes appearing the boss if you don't have the reflect is certainly that will go down.They should also increase the hp to balance and not be able to attack from the portal area which make them invencible.

    Emp Kobolts:Kobolts have huge damage against towers that almost kills (sometimes kills) with a big radius and the disable effect seems to last even longer than the one with cyborks.
    They should decrease the time of disable with towers.A kobolt right now prevent you completelly to safe place towers if there is more than two in a lane.The game already is a lot based in aoe and traps and this make you want to use bees and angry nimbus even more because there is no cons against the use to counter emp kobolt.

    For majority of enemies they need a hp buff also but depends to the idea of the developers have from the game..For me Drakins,warboar, orcs(why this unit is much more weaker than the lady orc being from the same "race"?)and golems need hp buff.
                                                                    New enemies and bosses

    Name:Unnamed Debuffer Resistances:-5% magical damage and +5% physical damage -10% dmg from traps,auras,and nodes.
    HP-Speed relation:Warboar hp with lady orc speed or A vanguard speed with cybork hp with a small increase (5-10%).This probably give a good survivability.
    Attack:Magical attacks with a mace/staff (medium range +/-drakins) that doesn't get dispeled by reflect beams.
    Damage relation:The base damage should be equall to the skeleteon normal unit and also the rate.With blockades burned they do a extra 25% damage.
    Debuff/ability:The debuffer use a wave type of attack (similar to heroic ability from the monk) that burns all types of defenses and also decrease the defense rate momentarily for 7-10s.I'm probably way of the mark but the idea is to hurt per second around 2-3,5% of the natural defense hp without hp asc points.The scale would be around the types of defense so colossus won't get destroyed by a debuffer for example since he has a hp way better than normal blockade.The only exception is those dryad traps since they have a different math behind the normal hp and the use of charges..This could turn the hp ascension into something usefull, not just another stat that you could buff.
    The rate decrease would be around faster towers getting bigger downgrade than slower tower to not criple certain defenses too much.A bee would lost 40-50% for example but the geyser maybe 15-20%.The defense rate decrease with constantly damage from burn would give some use for panic fire or press your luck.
    All the lavamancer defenses, flame aura, flamethrower and blaze baloon are imunne..Essencially base flame attackers.Hamster and obelisk not included.

    Name:Unnamed buffer/Heroslayer Unrage:Start weaker and get stronger how lower the hp became.(80,60,40,20% different speed,atk rate and power) take extra 10% damage with more than 50% and less 10% when under 50% hp. Bonus damage against heroes (25%) (max rage 2-3ko)
    Attack:He is a melee attacker so could be any type of attack..Even a criature that attacks with claws.Hero damage higher than a lady orc at 100% hp..Siege damage something between the cybork and lady orc (100%).
    HP-Speed relation:has a similar hp amount than a fire golem (the one that does a identical type attack than molten brimstone from the abyss lord)and the speed of him with 100% hp but will increase the hp with the damage making him at 20% run faster than a lady orc.
    In a sense he will be a mini boss that could appear in any lane except controled burn and phase throw blockades with more appearance (maybe the max of 2 in a wave)
    He also has the passive ability of buff all the mobs that is behind him by 10-15% in movement speed..(won't work with boss or for themself/unnamed heroslayer)

    With this i will do the basic explanation..i don't know how exactly most of the boss and this is more like a summary.

    Eyes of cthulhu:There is a boss that looks like a enemies from the fire emblem sacred stones that is a big eye and it's in the dawn of the dark moon incursion..They could bring this for onslaught with a few tweeks..make this a flying units that could only be killed with a hero, do a decent amount of damage with attacks (if the hero die and you are solo he will attack the closest core and do around 2ko if you don't have the ancient power of respawn and has a attack that leave the hero jynx:(receive more damage (50%)
    The jynx would be ballance around the base damage of this creature to be more like a nuisance if you want to fight in the middle of lanes and would decrease the heal effect of a tree also and you can't self heal with abilities.Dark assasins can't attack you while he is on you in the field to not make this unfair.

    Thunderdragon:A electric dragon that walks with more than 50% (ground unit) and with lower he will count as a flyer and fly increasing his speed like a flying mob and giving him imunity and vulnerability as one.Immune against LSA,Photon beam paralize,drench.
    Attacks:thundebolt medium range attack that chain with eletricity hitting a lot of defenses and heroes in between thunderfangs/tail physical attack much stronger than thunderbolt but doesn't chain (single target,close to him) and the thunder (Massive attack that he could only release with less than 5-10%hp)

    Spellblade:A mix of malthius with a lady orc.Moderate hp, vamp attacks, speed a little slower than a lady orc,3% chance in attacks to receive buff+10%dmg and resistance) and also 1-2% to parry attacks with less than 50%hp.Cast powerfull spells:Haste(15%),regen(4-5%),protect(20%),shell(20%) in a group of enemies (last 5s and the spellblade if pass in this area won't receive the buff and cost 10% of the hp to conjure) need a group of 5 mobs for him decide to do and has a cooldown of 10s.
    Should be introduced if so in high levels because only maw-maws and colossus should tank well.

    I don't have a lot to write about this on but still the little is necessary..
    Include a better system of progression:Give for people a token buff for every 10 maps after the 65 floor.
    One being in a scale of defenses: 1,25% blockades 1%towers and 0,75%traps,auras and nodes.(the onslaught will up 0,25hp,atk,crit from mobs each 10 floor)
    The other for individual defenses:1% in one defense that you choose.(0,10% each 10 floor)
    The scale of defense you need to be in a certain ascension lv to unlock (250<300 for the 65<75 floor) the use and the individual defense you need to be in the ascension and also expend a excessive amount of gold to unlock.
    1m for the first % of a defense 5m for the second 10m for the third for example.
    This would give to people more incentive to play in group and also to work and upgrade the towers that most suit or like.I can have a full powered up blockades and traps and someone that play with me towers and we split builds with the best of each.
    Also when you reach a certain ascension you don't get anything out of and with ancient powers seems that gold will be piling out.With this gold and ascensions will always matter in a sense.
    Change the number of maps per floor to 2 with the 65<75<85..., being a floor with 3 maps 1/10 maps which would be the map that would give those token buffs.

    Give a extra space shard for heroes and defenses when you beat floor 200-250.

    Create more mutators and maps to promote a better/new experience with builds..Right now seems that comes constantly cemetary maps(rng problem) and mutators that give a lot of trouble or a very easy option of set a build to beat in any map (there is maps that you could be afk and others you need to be all over the place) and in those two conditions usually you don't have incentive to use defenses that you don't normally use because stays weaker (unbalance problem related).People in a way use one blockade and 2-3 types of defense in every lane and works.
    I know that in any game people start to pick they favorite but really is more to do with effectiveness of especially auras and traps(dryad) defenses that in general will prevail.
    This is a strategy game in a sense and the idea is to promote creativity with inteligence but with certain defenses always getting underperformed you don't really want use to risk things.This is a tough ask but should be something to think about.

                                                                              Fix of a shards/weapon

    I just posting because is a little concerning by me..

    Ctulhu influence shard from the angry nimbus its doesn't work for me..I never saw the charm happens or any indicator of this..The developers should if is working change a color of enemies when in charm or fix if not working to do the effect.
    Direct command from the archer doesn't stack with deadly strikes or asc range gambit.You use the command and doesn't cover the range that i placed.I would like to maybe place rain of oil but really wthout the range to hit a lot of lanes doesn't worth.
    Shadowflame/knife:The secondary attack of this weapon seems blind to me..the hit box has a big problem and something that was so usefull to kill flyers keep missing attacks..Since the update that changes the passive of wayfarer weapons this is happening..maybe even other weapons have other type of problems.(I play from ps4 so maybe is a console thing)
    This is a shout in the dark but the drench shard from the geyser seems to not work also.If you place the geyser trap with drenched he will attack but his next attack or from other defense won't get buff from the drench shards..(I tested with dummies)
                                                                                New game modes

                                                           Chaos Hard mode (Grind mode)
    They need to place a chaos trials for people that would like to play the mode after reach the chaos 7 gear and this could be a alternative way of also be a mode of people grind for a especific shard.
    Beside the ch7 you can make builds afk in all chaos and win and just for shards that in the end will not give you nothing substantial in return.The ch7 is also limited because of emp kobolts.
    The mode would be based around the ascension level of the higher player in the room..If it's 400 would be scaled around Floor 95 enemies stats.This would make the game always balanced around your own progression not giving a absurd advantage to afk possibilities..The chaos is pretty predictable with enemies and doesn't have mutators so is reasonable.
    You would need to play like the system that was before to unlock the "special shard" but you really don't need to play in other or have limit acess of play even if you beat the required amount.
    Win 1 ch1, 2 ch2, 3 ch3..This would give 28 maps in the end and with this you would have a guaranteed chance of pick a defense type shard(Vamp,Power transfer,defense critical damage ,fortification for example) with a increase in strength from the normal version Vamp 60%<70% fortification 34<45%.
    Could be random the generation of those shards or you really choose..They also should give the chance of pick another one by 10-20% (They would be shards that is situational like a panic fire,power pylon,press your luck with respectivelly buffs)
    Of course that you would win normal pack shards with the wins but with 25 medals instead of 23.

                                                                  Fun/Casual mode

    There is not a mode to be casual and test builds..mastery is heavilly based on shards and it's base on chaos with certain defenses being hard countered and onslaught you could test but this you try to play with you know because you need to play 3 maps in a row and there is a lot of room for error and you may not have time to risk.
    The mode that i think is to be based on onslaught with floor system starting with 65 floor stat mobs and up 5 floor per sequence.
    The differencial is the condition base..One for heroes and one for builds
    From builds would be a lot like the mastery but with the difference around the don't build more than one type of defenses(will be three) the time for build of 30s will be changed for 4 players stage 1min<2<3<4 min and the don't build node and aura will appear together.
    From heroes could be a lot of things:Heroes can't use ability but have buff in attack pow and defense,heroes move slower,heroes need to kill a enemies every 2s or gonna start losing a lot of hp per second,The map is all dark and you have a small camp of vision,heroes have a small chance of backfire attacks but have more power,all the weapons have recoil atributes.It's all depends from a balance involved in this mechanic.
    They would need to implement a chat room so everyone could plan things together.
    The process would be that you enter in a ladder and you wait for players..if you want to start will roll the dice and give those conditions but you don't know the mutators.With this you have 10m to talk or wait/think about you gonna do..All the maps have a 5min for the build phase without the condition of time and the 2,3,4,5 stage will decrease the time also by 1min to make adjustements.
    You need to complete/win with those conditions..If you place a tower with no tower condition you will lose automatically..
    The rewards will be giving in a choose section.You have the option to choose between one of 7 random shards that will appear in each chaos section for the first..In the second sequence will appear a extra shard in the ch1 and if you choose the ch1 and so on..You could choose in a side that you want but you can't pick one of each..(you choose the selection of a chaos tier)
                                                             Ancient power mode (Changed)
    I really didn't have any desire to acquire those powers right from the start that i notice..I never got or will if the system behind this doesn't change.The reset + lost of upgrades in all shards+ way of acquire is awfull to me.
    Is pretty much a way than because you need shards upgrades for defenses and reset your progression straight up turn to unsustainable.This brings a progression problem that you need those boost to keep up with onslaught levels (bad for casuals) or you don't need and you are wasting time to receive a small advantage that will make a few things easier(bad for players that is doing these ancient powers).

    What i suggest:None of The reset + lost of upgrades in all shards+ way of acquire (currently.
    The mode that i think will be base around the maps of incursion with floor 65 lv scale units.Each ancient power that you acquired will increase in one stat as passive in lanes...

    1°2,5% hp 2° 2,5%magical defense and so on..i could place everyone of the buff progression but will be awaste of time for now but essencially will have 5 base buffs:hp,mag def,phy def,damage and speed..In the sixth will be a especial buff like regen 1-2,5% hp each second..Then again a buff in those 5 base stats and another special.Everything will stack up over time and will make the mode become harder and harder.You will come to a point that you will need the onslaught buff that i propose to have a better chance so this could and should be done together with onslaught progression.
    Each ancient power or almost will also give you a special item (shards,relics,armours,weapons,flairs) that you could pick only from this mode.
    Shards for example: du reduction (the one that would make oil geyser usefull), A shard that has a chance of increase def power and critical damage based on hp (like vamp empowerment) to allow offensive builds with totem.
    Relics:23500 base with the main stat and 1000,9750,9500 with secondaries..Would have two variations for each type with secondaries =6 relics of 23500 pow.
    I have really a lot of ideas about shards,weapons and armours with passives but is just a summary those.
    They should remove those extras asc cap power or make uniform with this mode..like giving a fix amount per ancient power..For a person that have 6 ancient power should have something like a extra 120 asc cap points not be scaled around is now with lv of floor with asc lvs in the reset.
    The mode you will need to beat 1 of each map of the incursion chaos tier at the first.You will choose to play in chromes enemies or griblok horde for example.
    After beating 7 maps you will unlock the final stage (wivern den) which can/will appear all chaos enemies together and you need to defeat betsy or other mob boss than could appear..
    For the second ancient power you gonna need to beat also those 7 and a another one of those maps that you choose to unlock betsy map.
    To a point that you gonna need to play all 15 map after acquire 7-8 ancient powers.
    I really like those incursions maps, the ch1-ch2 maps are very generic but ch3-ch7 maps are very distinguish from the way you normally play.Is a waste to leave those maps dead when you could make something out of them.
    They need to tweek a few things to make playable, especially with ch5 maps that appears a lot of dark assasins (althar of athame) and power surge that your builds vanish over time (they need to increase the time of builds last by a lot to be playable solo) and the malthius castle map of ch6 that seems to spawn only dark assasins and 0 normal flyers.
    I really would like to play a mode like this and doesn't seems that need to create a lot of stuff to be doable.This ancient power mode would definitelly fit people way of progression since doesnt hurt the onslaught or your achievement with items.
    For me the game is pretty stagnated at this point.My brother stopped playing because he think that is repetitive and there is only incresed scale with enemies not a difficulty and .Chaos you can't do much with, mastery is cool but is hard to do things solo... (a few seems impossible) I'm in the ch4 maps now and i need to deal with 6-10 lady orcs each lane that if pass one i could lose a condition star and really you want submit yourself to play mastery for what things in the game?.Onslaught is fine as a mode but the unbalance with defenses and the lost temple every floor being a very time consume mode makes me not play since my brother is not playing for the moment.
    I would like to know if what i'm suggesting is what people believe that could make the game better??I'm way of the mark with those ideas or is compatible with what players would want from the game?.

  15. @Jaws_420 quote:

    Bonus points on that snakestache....LOL    Sharkman_insane.png

    This thread brings up a great point about Zerks though. Are they immune to slow effects, or are they immune to and not targeted by any defense that has a slow mechanic? As those are two completely separate things. 

    Take as an example the Frostbite tower. I believe it currently does not target Zerks, because they cannot be slowed. However, i can put a shard in it that causes freeze to occur, which can be inflicted on Zerks. But now i cannot freeze Zerks with it because they are not targeted; however, on the flipside if i do not have that shard in - i do not want my tower targeting enemies that are immune, so i don't want Zerks to be targeted. Either way there is a major drawback. 

    Maybe we can come up with our own list of all defenses that we know completely ignore Zerks (do not apply status effect, do not do damage, and do not target) - with the Sands Trap being our first one. I think the Frostbite tower is also on that list. I'm not sure if LM's Oil Trap does anything to them (e.g. apply oil or do damage). Any others (not including SGT of course)? 

    This was one of the two reason that i made the thread.I was thinking than snaking sands works a little differently than lawlta explained than instead of the slow mechanic was a way to make the ground snake attack would be a manner to make sure than enemies wouldn't pass by and simple avoid the attack because is faster than the process of "call the snake" and the range of snaking without buffs are poor.I knew it than lady orcs are immune to slow but i think he would take the damage from the snaking sand because the snaking sands should hit everything in the range when arrive.For what it looks you need  to burrow enemies to enable the damage which is cool but make the trap broken in a game which damage ratio is everything.

    The other reason is the trap itself.This trap cost 20 mana but really with the state of the game in which certain enemies are really the ones that threat you (frosties,cybork and lady orcs) you have a trap that can really attack in 8s recharge and even not hit anything if enemies get killed first is a waste of du.Essencially those threats units can't really get countered by snaking and mutator like immune to slow or stun block any use.Something needs to change with this trap : the recharge time to (4-5),the snaking sands only need to recharge if he attacks any enemy making her a slow trap which in this case would have good synergy with auras or make the damage from the snake a separate thing with stun effect included.Right now just seems that you could use in game ogre and timmy revenge mutators to have a good use.

  16. @Jaws_420 quote:

    @Lawlta quote:

    That's not an issue with Dryad slimes. That's with oil debuff in general right now (if it can't be slowed, it's not getting oiled). All oil debuffs slow, and we're trying to work towards them being separate (it can't be slowed, but oiled still applies).

    I guess what i mean by issue is - the descriptions says that they are immune to slow effects, but not necessarily immune to the tower as a whole. By logic, i expect the tower to then still hit the enemy with the oil, cover them in it - but the enemy does not slow down. They should still take damage, and be coated in oil, but never slowed. I know there is a bug with this, but this seems to have been bugged one way (slowing Zerks) or another ever since i have played DD2. 

    So by that same analogy i was referencing the sand trap - it should not slow the enemy down, but it should still hit them and do damage. I don't know if it does nor not though, as if it does not do damage - then it would be exactly like the Oil issue. 

    That's the point..The sand should do damage to him and maybe just as important as hit have the stun effect of damage.The problem is than this tower has a process like start<slow<push enemies<and hit making the enemies stunned with damage.

    If stun is also considered slow, the passive shards like stun fire should not work against lady orcs..

    The reason towards this problem is the confusion around slow and stop effect i believe.Oil should be considered slow and stun stop effect but just the poor snaking and maw maw got a issue.Imagine the piss of players if sudenly the slime pit can't hit lady orc at all which is the main reason than lady orcs don't give more problems with mono dryad builds.

    With this those lady orcs could get frozen for example as long the frostbyte hit enough to freeze but won't slow her.Is just a incoherence to have oil effect working since this actually delay her movement.

  17. This trap can't simple hit a lady orc.At the start i was thinking than lady orcs run faster enough to avoid the trigger when do damage but i increased range with vicious strike and deadly strike and was not doing damage even i seeing the flow.One of the time was passing 5 during the full flow in separate times of the trigger and none of them was getting hitted.

    To make sure, I let the initials lady orcs on c4 pass untill reach my blockade (maw-maw) to see if the snaking would do damage placing next to him which remove the uncatch situtation..Was activating but didn't do any damage and also the maw-maw dont petrify either the lady orc lol.

    Why this is not noticeable by anyone??The snaking would be the best trap to deal with them together with the LSA but simple can't do any damage doesn't matter how.

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