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  1. I played yesterday and i got on 217 floor..Sounds like a joke that appears when i post this making me feel stupid about it..At least this is a confirmation that was just a odd streak of not appear a certain schedule over a time..
  2. Since the last update i'm not seeing any lane with that setup.. Is a bug on onslaught or is really a big coincidence..?I played a lot of onslaught maps since the last updadte arrived.
  3. Repassing a thread question that wasnt answered..Can someone do it.. 1.The max health regen is affected by upgrades or is a fixed number? 2.The source of damage to trigger could be any type of shard/mod effect of damage or just the base dmg and if give a 2x regen for ex if you hit two targets in the same time..? Yesterday i achieved the destruction pylon shard and i want to know more about that shards that is kinda unknown or unspoken and if worth..
  4. 1.The max health regen is affected by upgrades or is a fixed number? 2.The source of damage to trigger could be any type of shard/mod effect of damage or just the base dmg and if give a 2x regen for ex if you hit two targets in the same time..? Yesterday i achieved the destruction pylon shard and i want to know more about that shards that is kinda unknown or unspoken and if worth..
  5. I have some gold to buy or could be a exchange with other mods like anti orc for ex. Message me on private for the price/conditions.
  6. Thanks for all the answers in this post...About the first one, the reason behind the question are in this thread. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/154059/serpent-coil-is-now-immovable
  7. I hope than anyone help me with that..I think that none was respondend in this forum. 1.There is any type of unique mod for defenses that you unlock if you reach 80+ floor or reset with ancient power? 2.What controller servo actually do with your defenses/against enemies? 3.What is the type of category of each enemies...?Most especifically ranged and support. 4.Why there is a huge gap with destruction (34%) and def crit damage (gilded 24%) if critical damage is based on attack damage? 5.Whats happens with gilded shards of split viper,frosty duet and other shards that affects not only damage,ra
  8. This is a little a bit for the suggestions and discussion side of things.. Mods could had the same type of feature that appears with relics in general..(The glowing aura that appears that distinguish a legendary from a mystic relic) From the 3-5 bar any type of gear would have some type of different glow that allows players to easilly find them..(maybe a spark star type with the corresponding color of the mod. Wouldn't change the drop of mods and would potentially make every run of maps faster and smoother..
  9. I placed this mode in a mark with my ramster and this mods doesn't seems to work with dummies or even in-game.. Anyone is having a problem with this mod or maybe is a problem of a console (I play on PS4)..
  10. What you are talking about with IHOP/IHOB? I don't know if this is a abbreviation of something or unrelated.
  11. This part is the most correct thing in this thread (other things are also correct, this is just an undeniable fact). I've seen both this thread and the original thread. Threads of this nature are meant to promote discussion and see how the ideas are received by the community (for instance, the responses to this thread). If it's something that gains traction, then we'll see the direction things have gone, and comment on it to some extent. Private messaging or tagging developers to look at your ideas will usually not invoke a response. Make sense your position with posts..There is a lot of thr
  12. Just in case this will be misunderstood, I meant Ancient Power, Onslaught and Incursion. I have not actually fully read the Big "Threat" O' changes (Seriously? Big THREAT!? It actually implies that the changes and suggestion are a THREAT.). But I did skim it and yeah like Exglint there are some stuff that I don't really agree with. So the changes I mean could be anything that Trendy or other cooks up. I should had used thread.rsrsr It's understandable.I would like to now what is a consense of disagreement..probably about defense. Probably about the new units/boss is the only thing relevant to
  13. The protean shift probably will make the vault became much more valuable if all the m.o.d.s take space in your inventory.I think i saw in some post something about onslaught and AP changes for the next update..If this is right maybe we won't wait for long. This is good news and makes me believe also than mobs will be reworked..Maybe they will give a bonus for upgrade a weapon from ch1 to ch7 for example because would seems pointless to have a option to upgrade and do a lot of work to push a relic/weapon to become equall to a ch7 stuffs. If they bring m.o.d.s for improving every stats and give
  14. Yes, i don't have a lot of time in this game and about knowledge i didn't witness the development of this game overtime or played high levels..What i tried to do is give my perspective of what i think that would be good for the game..With ballance i may be completelly wrong but about ideas everything could take another shape if the core is good. For me the game should be more focus about defenses/mobs relation..It's a delicate matter and for me explain exactly without seems shallow but with defenses being somewhat ballance and new mobs with different traits appearing would give more use for c
  15. At some time ago i made a thread about suggestions for changes in this game. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/153789/big-threat-about-changes-and-new-ideas-for-the-game About what i suggest before anything get revealed and what seems to be coming, only the balance defenses(assuming than they will change the damage ratio of defenses instead of reproduce the % that already has in a new way) and the chaos hard mode that seems now pointless because they changed chaos and the reward that i was imagining will become a new feature (gilding shards) that will empower shards over his initial cap at
  16. Sorry, with the walls of text i didn't see your post before. New game modes should be out of the three main tropics that i placed, the most important one.Will happen a naturall re-balance because of the critical change and about the enemies is kinda unavoidable that something will change for the game become more heavilly strategically but i don't really know if is the objective of developers.(Not in a way of turn casual players) What exactly you would change from what you write about my post with new game mode?? The casual mode the timer 5m to build may become a problem for a few person and sh
  17. @Jaws_420 quote:I'd love to see many of those def changes. Most of the huntress traps need a wider activation and AOE diameter, not to mention recharge time. Apart from her PDT, she is kind of useless as a builder IMO. Most traps apart from Dryad's suffer from the same issues. Be careful with dryad nerf talk. That seems to start wars here. People love their meta and want to protect it. Given how onslaught is though, i would hate to nerf anyone as we can use all the power we can get. i would rather see everyone else get pushed up, as opposed to her going down. Volcano is crazy at 100 DU and i
  18. With the recent info about updates which could bring new air to this game i will try to share my ideas that actually could change (if implemented) for what i imagine be a good state to play or continue to play...I'm won't be writing about vain complains like fix all the crashs or remove this because i don't like..I will be focus around what i think that is unbalanced and missing from what currently have in the game. Defenses and damage ratio (Balance) I'm i will start saying that i'm not a player that played a lot of hours a
  19. This was one of the two reason that i made the thread.I was thinking than snaking sands works a little differently than lawlta explained than instead of the slow mechanic was a way to make the ground snake attack would be a manner to make sure than enemies wouldn't pass by and simple avoid the attack because is faster than the process of "call the snake" and the range of snaking without buffs are poor.I knew it than lady orcs are immune to slow but i think he would take the damage from the snaking sand because the snaking sands should hit everything in the range when arrive.For what it looks y
  20. I guess what i mean by issue is - the descriptions says that they are immune to slow effects, but not necessarily immune to the tower as a whole. By logic, i expect the tower to then still hit the enemy with the oil, cover them in it - but the enemy does not slow down. They should still take damage, and be coated in oil, but never slowed. I know there is a bug with this, but this seems to have been bugged one way (slowing Zerks) or another ever since i have played DD2. So by that same analogy i was referencing the sand trap - it should not slow the enemy down, but it should still hit them and
  21. This trap can't simple hit a lady orc.At the start i was thinking than lady orcs run faster enough to avoid the trigger when do damage but i increased range with vicious strike and deadly strike and was not doing damage even i seeing the flow.One of the time was passing 5 during the full flow in separate times of the trigger and none of them was getting hitted. To make sure, I let the initials lady orcs on c4 pass untill reach my blockade (maw-maw) to see if the snaking would do damage placing next to him which remove the uncatch situtation..Was activating but didn't do any damage and also the
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