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  1. I am only on AP 6, and really only plan on getting to AP 10 for the +50% bonuses, and that's it. Unless there are plans to rework Ancient Power(again), I have no desire past that point and do not feel like there's any point in getting "slightly" stronger for content that has already been trivial for the past several months already, high Onslaught floors aside. So my opinion may not matter much to some of the veterans here. I also don't have any shards gilded yet. I would not reset until you have at least a minimum ASC of 250, or close to it. If you are at least at 250, you don't have to worry about gaining levels once you hit your reset floor. Once you reset, you will be in a loop of sorts, and if you are not prepared then it can feel like a huge setback. If you plan on upgrading your relics each reset, then you should spend the time BEFORE your first reset to farm for the needed materials and gold. It will make life a lot easier, but also time consuming. If you are not/don't care/don't have the mats and funds to upgrade, then that's fine as well. It will just take LONGER to get to the higher floors and to reset again. As far as gear goes, you can get back to your reset floor with random relics, but it will (obviously) be a little harder, and again time consuming. Upgrading at least 1 tower to push through is a good idea, although expensive. Weapon Man is a good idea because of its CC, and luckily, you don't even need to upgrade that since you are not using it for its damage. Honestly though, AP is just a matter of TIME. It is not difficult by any means, just a matter of how much time you are willing to put in it. Upgrading your gear just allows you to blow through it faster than you would if you didn’t. Using random gear with random MODS can be a pain, but definitely still doable.
  2. I liked Mastery. It was fun playing the maps in a different way, at first. Got Vicious Strikes before MODS, then finally got around to getting Automation about a month or so ago haha. As soon as I got Auotmation though, I stopped. I COULD get the rest of the stars, but nah, no point. Don't care for the flair. I do have to agree though, that it felt more restrictive than challenging. Failing because you accidentally repaired or upgraded out of habit was very annoying, especially when it was on wave 4 or 5. The wave replay feature was a much needed feature and helped, though some of tasks still have you fail, like Diversity.
  3. You are not alone. I still cannot understand why anything under a 10 is so worthless. 1-9 may as well be the same. The tiers are very uneven.
  4. I hope it's not bugged. At this rate, it will be the only "10/10 Tenacity" I will ever get haha. With that said, I do like how the Hypershard also has the Tenacity properties, making it another reason to go through Mastery to acquire it. Jaws is right though. When it was first revealed, it seemed pretty lackluster. I think it was a whole different shard at the beginning too (of Mastery), but don't quote me on that.
  5. I would love a Training Dummy rework. I've been using it since it only costs 20 DU now, and it's...okay. I would like Trendy to re-release the shard the teleported enemies back to the spawn point...though it was pretty buggy. But yes, Harpy and Buff Beam, and others really need some more love.
  6. No idea on how to "balance" that hahaha. Honestly the player base is already shattered/gated by Onslaught floors and gear power anyway. This would just be an idea so grinding low level content isn't so mindless.
  7. Hijumper885

    Set Bonuses

    I would like to agree. Early DD2 had that one "set" as you mentioned that just came and went...well, is now a shard or two. Equipment sets would make finding gear more exciting and could open up even more possibilities with builds.
  8. Shocking Revelation has already had a nerf when it first got introduced. While adding the water mod gives it the shock combo, and while it is pretty strong, it's not the "best and only" defense in my opinion. Other defenses should be boosted instead.
  9. Hello! First time poster, long time lurker. I have been playing since DD1 released on PS3, and have been playing DD2 since the alpha/beta stage when level 25 was max level. This game has changed quite a lot. This game, along with the first are some of my favorite games of all time. The perfect blend of tower defense and RPG. I could go on and on, but I do want to thank Trendy for their services and hard work. I have been keeping up with the news and forums, pretty much since DD1 launched, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. But nevertheless, let’s get to it. Though I love this game to death, it does have its faults. A lot have already been voiced here in the forums, like AP changes, so I don’t feel a need to echo them. Instead, I would like to make some suggestions to some of the defenses for our heroes. I feel there is much more of a focus on hero DPS this time around, but this post will focus on the towers (for the most part). I like the tower defense aspect more so I will focus on that here. While some towers from DD1 merged into DD2, I think there are still a few towers from DD1 that I think would complement the Gender Swap/Alternative characters,while still giving them some synergy to the original 4 heroes. To keep them a bit more similar with each counterpart, I would keep the main/base defense from each original hero. For the Alts, keeping Flame Aura, Flamethrower, Cannon, and Explosive Trap will keep the chemistry between the original 4. This blends them together more, like the hero abilities do. There are also some changes and tweaks to the original 4 as well. Further down are also brief suggestions to Ascension, AP, Shards and MODS. This will not cover the Abyss Lord, EV2, Mystic, Dryad, Lavamancer, Barbarian or Gunwitch. Tower Changes Original 4 Apprentice He is a mage. His hero play style reflects that, so his towers should as well. His towers should be more “mage like/glass cannon.” Strong but can’t much damage. (Especially since they need to be in a much closer range than other towers such as cannons.) Flamethrower: Longer range. Higher damage. Lower hp? Arcane Barrier: Higher burst damage. Slightly lower hp. Trigger explosion faster (through Ascension) Frostbite: no changes OR Higher hp. Slightly more slow EarthShatter: no changes Squire He is the tank of the group. He is both strong with a hero damage or ability play style. Besides the Barbarian, he should be the beefiest character by far. Make him have slightly less hero damage, and give him more hp/defense. His towers should be a bit more “tankier.” as well. If walls go down, his towers can take a few hits as a “last stand” type of deal, since they are more than likely sitting behind the walls. Slightly less damage but can take more damage/more hp. Though to be honest, I do think he is in a good spot already so he probably needs the least amount of changes if any, besides the Training Dummy of course. Cannons: no changes OR Slightly lower damage, higher hp Spiked Blockade: no changes OR Higher hp Harpoon: no changes OR Higher hp Training Dummy: Much higher damage. Slightly lower hp. Longer range (through Ascension). Low % to reflect projectile back at enemy while at full speed Huntress I do not play Huntress (Hero wise) enough to make many comments. She seems to be in an alright spot. Her traps, besides Geyser IMO, are very strong. The recent Explosive Trap buff make them worth using now. The others are still crippled by the small trigger size. As far as Blaze Balloon goes, I like it. It does a lot of damage...assuming it gets triggered. I do not see a need to use it if you can use a Flame Aura (or two) instead. It should be stronger with the DU cost or make it more unique, like add a damage over time effect, like burning. Explosive Trap: no change Geyser Trap: Longer range. Faster? Larger trigger radius. Launch multiple enemies in range (if it doesn’t already) Poison Dart: no change Blaze Balloon: Add burn effect. Higher damage. Larger trigger radius Monk He is in a good spot. Very strong. Most likely the best of the original 4, and one of the strongest characters in the game, both hero and tower wise. Having one of the only pure anti air towers in the game, I think it should be pretty strong and useful throughout the entire game. As of now its strong early game, but falls off rather fast. Especially in later floors with swarms of air, the Sky Guard just cannot keep up. Flame Aura: no change Boost Aura: longer range Sky Guard: Higher damage. Higher hp Lightning Aura: no change Gender Swaps/Alternate Heroes Initiate The first of the Alternative characters, and the one hero I think that has the biggest room for change. With her abilities being able to buff and debuff, I see her in more of a support role rather than her Monk counterpart. Though Monk can buff his allies with more power and heal them, the Initiate can boost power and critical damage to towers, while also debuffing enemies with Crippling Wave. With that being said, unless there are some hidden properties in her towers, I don't know why I would pick her over the Monk, tower wise. Take the support Auras from DD1 and give them to her to make her into a pure support character. Flame Aura: no change OR Weak Aura (replaces Flame Aura. From DD1) Debuff. Deals no damage. Lowers enemy damage while in aura. Slow Aura: (replaces Boost Aura. From DD1) Debuff. Deals no damage. Slows enemy Healing Aura (replaces Sky Gaurd. From DD1) Buff. Heals hp to allies. Slight defense boost Weak Aura (if Flame Aura stays) OR Enrage Aura (replaces Lightning Aura. From DD1) Debuff. Deals low damage. Low % to cause enemy to fight each other Adept Just like the above, Adept is a little different, but still has similarities to the Apprentice in hero abilities, which is fine. She is a mage as well, so she should have stronger towers too. Have her use more elements. While the Apprentice has a couple defensive options like a barricade and a debuff (Arcane Barrier and Frostbite), have the Adept be a bit more offensive. Flamethrower: Longer range. Higher damage. Lower hp? OR Flame Burst: (replaces Flamethrower. Original DD2 Apprentice Tower) Projectile. Small splash aoe damage. Can Target air Lightning Tower (replaces Arcane Barrier. From DD1) Chain lightning effect. 360 degree range. Low HP Hailstorm: Better targeting. Faster. Higher damage? Earthquake (replaces EarthShatter) Deals low aoe damage. Low % to launch enemy(s) in the air.(Kind of like EarthShatter in the very early stages) OR Earth Healing: (replaces Earthshatter) Buff. Heals towers for % very slowly. Single target OR Earth Strike: (replaces Earthshatter. From DD1) Single target. Strong damage. Shoot through walls. Very large range/360? Very slow Countess Do not have much data on her. I would like to think of her as more of a offensive/stronger character to her more defensive counterpart, Squire. Cannons: no change OR Bowling Ball: (replaces Cannon. From DD1) Single target. Ricochets off walls and enemy. Can cause knockback. More bounces cause more damage. Bouncer: (replaces Spike Blockade. From DD1) Causes knockback when hit from enemy. Catapult: replaces Harpoon Aoe splash. Massive damage. Very slow Arrow Gun Turret (replaces Training Dummy) Build up rapid fire arrows, like a gatling gun. Low % to pierce. Needs to recharge in between clips (in DD1, with fast speed the Harpoon acted like a machine gun with arrows. Something similar to that). Ranger No data on Ranger. Have him use the old traps. Be a bit more defensive/support while still having some damage options. Explosive Trap: no change Darkness Trap (replaces Geyser Trap. From DD1) causes enemy to miss Ethereal Trap (replaces Blaze Balloon. From DD1) Massive damage. Single target. Can target air. Enrage Trap (replaces Poison Dart Tower) Cause low damage. Low % to cause enemy to fight each other OR Gas Trap (from DD1) Delays enemy, poisons enemy causing them to stop moving every x seconds. Ascension Changes: Ascension level 250 needs to be reached in order to start the AP process. Cool, but how about more level milestones? Giving us a reason to level up. I mean, the real reason would be to put more power into your towers, but you would already need an absurd about of levels to even reach that point. After a certain level(s) has been reached, new talents are unlocked. Towers can now gain new abilities. Obviously everyone would need new abilities to balance, but these are just examples for the O4 (original 4). Some of these talents may give you access to skills that already exist on Shards, thus no longer needing that specific shard and are able to use another instead. They can also be stacked with the existing shard to enhance the effect too. Apprentice Frostbite: now deals low ice damage Now has a low % to freeze target Can target +1 targets Earthshatter: gains aoe Low % to launch enemy Flamethrower: Low % to shoot fireball Arcane Barrier: Faster Explosions When hit by enemy, strip enemy element weakness causing elemental damage increase Squire Training Dummy: range increase Low % to reflect projectile increase at full speed Spiked Blockade: Low % to knock back enemy Low % to stun enemy Cannon: Low % to stun enemy Harpoon: Low % for instant kill. Does not work on minibosses. Monk Boost Aura: range increase Critical damage increase Lightning Aura: Low % to stun enemy Flame Aura: Low % to apply low burning damage Huntress Blaze Balloon: Trigger range increase Causes burning damage Explosive Trap: Low % for element damage Geyser: Drench/slow status duration increased Launch duration increase AP Changes After a certain amount of AP, gain new powers, such as: Gain additional jump Dodge mechanic Wishful thinking, but it would be very useful to give the other characters some way to gain another jump. The Monk (or Gunwitch and Dryad) wouldn’t need to stay in the party permanently :) Anyways, another idea is that after every reset, make the entire account like harder. For example: after the 1st reset, Chaos 1 on the 2nd Run is now on par with the difficulty of Chaos 7 in the last run. Progress through Onslaught and the Chaos levels again until you decide to reset again. Then on the 2nd reset, Chaos 1 on the 3rd Run would be as hard as Chaos 7 on the last run, and so forth, similar to Dark Souls. To a cap of course. Make it a toggle as well so you can switch difficulties. Since we already gain more experience and gold on each reset, maybe more bonus material gains as well. If we need to keep grinding in low Chaos levels for shards, at least this way it would make things not boring and still engaging. This would also mean there is no longer a need to have gear reset, since everything would be getting harder each time. The game is still getting harder while Onslaught and Chaos levels reset. It would then be at this point a matter of pushing as far as you can and getting stronger, and going for the leaderboards. With the current system, AP is not challenging, it is just time consuming. Especially since you cycle through the same content (and difficulty) each and every time. However, for this to work the stats on gear would have to keep increasing, and as of now that is capped. With the current system, AP is not challenging, it is just time consuming. Especially since you cycle through the same content (and difficulty) each and every time. The low difficulty is what is a problem. I don’t see a reason to have exp and gold over 300%, with no cap on that as far as I am concerned, but whatever floats your boat. I am only AP 6 after all :). Shards Get rid of most shards. A lot seem unnecessary and not used. Lower the shard pool a little while still keeping the RNG. Buff or change existing shards. Like the Jackpot shard. Wearing it should feel like you hit the jackpot every once in awhile. Every hero should have at least 1 tower specific shard for each of their towers (a lot do, but not all). Also BUFF the tower specific shards. Make them worth using over stat boosts such as Destruction, Defense Rate, and Range (Deadly Strikes). With those 3 shards and a handful of others, all the other shards are obsolete and are just filler, wasting space and time. M.O.D.S Same as Shards, but to a lesser degree. These aren't so bad since they appear on multiple gear, so finding the MOD you want doesn’t take THAT long. Not including perfect 10/10 MODS of course. The class specific MODS are a bit more rare though. Maybe make them a little more common, or add more tower specific options. For example, a MOD for Flamethrower that turns it into a Flame Burst. Sorry for the long post, thought I would get these ideas off my chest. Hope these suggestions sound good! By the way, I did not include numbers or balancing of that sort, since there will always be a need for that.
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