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  1. Games a work in progress. Your mad cause they are listening to their player fan base and trying to make it better for us? ... interesting. Wow, do you eat everything they spoon feed you with? This is purely something that should have been foreseen from the beginning. Listening to their fans? Should be more like whoops we forgot that but lets thank the fans so they will feel special and not realized we screwed up.
  2. This should have been implemented from the very start and should have not been noticed by a trendy member from the forum thread. You really need to have another look at your testers and don't try to shove it off like it was a funny thing jeremy.
  3. Huntress was soloing NM AMP map 1 day 1 when speed was fixed to 0, etc. Don't you understand if trendy make it easy for range then melee with high hp will bust through it like nothing so they make it hard for melee and just say oh well the new hard don't scale with ranges hp but who cares. At least its hard for melee and just besides they can't complain because we'll just reply he its nm okay.
  4. Hmmm...didn't log since last night...could someone point me the patch change that says you're OBLIGATED to play a Barbarian? I mean, if you don't like it, just don't play it. No one forced you to buy it in the first and there's no where written that the Barbarian is "Proof to be 25+ Viable". That said, you just complain that you THINK he'll not hold after 20+ when you didn't even finish leveling him. On top of that, you didn't even make some basic testing that you could've done if you REALLY did care to know and not just complain: Get your Barb nakid and go to some slow map with few mo
  5. They are still way too strong, OMG I can solo dragon on nm!!!!!!
  6. Dark Times? I Have Almost Every DLC & Im Level 1! You didnt get it, but ill explain my joke comment. When I say dark times during this patch means if you take a look around the forum you will see threads of dislike about this patch, mix opinions of love it and hate it but mostly hate it. The game developer are unsure of what to do at this moment and the fans are threatning to quit... So welcome to DD today!
  7. If you're talking about insane or under, it seems that the assault pack maps reduce your resistances as if you are playing nightmare. Haven't noticed any other difficulty changes. So if hard was really insane and insane is really nightmare than what would nightmare be? Hell like? lol
  8. Is it me or did assault maps get way harder than it was before last night? I kinda noticed my speed came back just a little but in return it feels like Trendy took away our range and cranked up the monsters hp a little way higher than usual? Anyone ran it up until last night? It feels significantly harder than it already was. Edit: Thanks keldorn for remind me. This is meant for NM assualts.
  9. Can People Add Me On Steam Im New To The PC Version And I Dont Know ALot About The PC.. So Can People Add Me So We Can Play Together Im Just Going to Level A Little Soo Im Not a Burden Then We Can Play Together, BTW My Steam ID is famousxtl If I was you, I'd turn right around and go back to where you came from. These are dark times during this patch.
  10. Ive never seen a patch that downgraded.
  11. IMO: Barbarian can not be thought of as anything other than a solo class, it has absolutely zero skills which interact with other players. It is strictly self-buffing without the use of a guardian. How can he solo if he cant even get from point a to point b hence without mana.
  12. Just my two cents and my support. Can I get a refund on the barbarian and while I'm at it can you refund my app? I won't even ask for money back.
  13. [quote]But you are pointing fingers accusing people of not testing something, to not work for something that you havnt even tried yourself[/quote] Believe me, browse this forum and you'll find plenty of dislike barbarian and new patch threads so I'm not the only one. Also I've played this game to the point where I toss out free mana and free fully up bone bows left to right, so I should have a swell idea of where this character is going. I gaurentee you that if you can show me a video of you venturing out to fight mobs with your turtle stance after wave 20+ I will personally give you any
  14. You obviously haven't used him at 20+. You're making assumptions that he's bad and disregarding my input because I haven't been to 20+ yet you haven't used him at 20+ either. As you can see in my past post I said, that I haven't yes... but he will be once he hits 74 because I have a full 180^ armor set and two fully up 254 swords. Also I stated that you are correct with the turtle stance and I have yet to know if trendy will stand behind this "turtle" stance as in the past a fully up resist and dmg reduce squire while holding block only survived about 3 seconds in a mob of elite. And fr
  15. Barbarian was probably the worst thing I've bought since the warping core DLC, why didn't I learn my lesson. His attacks are just plain annoying and not so much of any innovation as it was trying to pull off. It's bad enough I have to hit the right trigger on my apprentice from round survival wave 10-25 for 6 hours. His ability are okay, as expected from a barbarian character with leap attack and some combo stuff. His stances are by far useless, they do bad just as much as they do good. I'm better off just attacking without any bonus or negative effects on me. He will be a dead weight
  16. you obviously have never made it past wave 20 other wise you would say something smarter. I want to see you stand in front of a mob of elite plus 20 waves with your turtle stance, unless trendy really did design it to reduce at least 70% dmg than I'll say yes but at this point it doesn't look bright.
  17. So what will my barbarian do when I'm in wave 20+? Help carry a guardian each round? I haven't made it up there yet but I intend to once I lvl him up to 74. This issue comes to mind when the mob becomes so strong that even the "tanker" squire can't even venture out a few yards away from the barricade. And don't say the turtle stance because I'm sure it will get rape by 10 DEWS 4 ogres and a bunch of kobolds. His stances don't help anyone but himself and since he can't go out late end game he will be just a dead weight character where the squire will just farm for his swords since they c
  18. (sarcastically) I'm going to put it all on health and hero dmg like all the rest of the other classes. what else? Really? You guys act like theres more than one way to create a character in this game.
  19. great, its bad enough i hit the right click for over 4 hours with the apprentice now I get to click both mouse click too!
  20. I've ran nm umf plentiful and sometimes that map even gives godly or worst, low up myth that can be found in campaign. You would of thought that a map that hard to beat on nm would reward you more nicely but it's a bunch of random crap. I am equipped to run suvival, just not equip to defend CTD. I'm sure it happens often seeing how you do spend 5 hours straight on your computer. I really want to know, did someone on the trendy team was like "hey... i know lets make survival last for 5-6 hours straight!" Ridiculous, I've spent more time grinding on other games and are rewarded with way be
  21. Trendy needs to rename survival that. I just lost frigging 5-6 hours at wave 23 to a CTD, its ridiculous that you have to spend that amount of time in an unstable and unsaveable game. If I am forced to find good items only in survival it pains me to say that I will not try it again... in fact after that I don't even feel like playing DD at all. I have a great comp so no need to bash me on that part. If they could save my items in my tavern i'm sure they can put some effort into saving my map progress... To get good items people are forced to spend 5 hours just to get decent gears in something
  22. I understand that the guardian boost and numbers of towers can be maxed out but range is unlimited. My question is, how much range do I really need and when is a good time to stop upgrading range so I can up the hero and tower stats below.
  23. Thats not ver fair, what if theres somebody who played a lot and not very good and needs the help as wel. I'm sure there are tons of below average people woth lots of playtime.
  24. Maybe its a trick for greedy people who are stupid enough to try it with there 248/248 up weapon....
  25. With a friend whos name is lazor, im sure anything is possible. Btw where turbo and lightning at?
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