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  1. Thanks for making the contest. This is my entry for now. Back to grinding this map for a better time Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009027744/
  2. I have a question regarding the competitive part of the contest. So there will be 10 participants (with the fastest times) being guaranteed an item. Is the item chosen by rng or is it like "the faster the time - the better/rarer the item"?
  3. As the title suggest I'm trading my rainmaker for a greater magicite of wind Item must be traced. PM on steam if interested: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009027744/
  4. Question, tho. When does the auction end?
  5. 2cv on blaster with 470 ups
  6. Thx for doing a giveaway, Thales! (specially considering all the work that comes with it) Very nice one aswell Events I'd really like to get my hands on: 1. Greater Magicite of Wind 2. Celebration 3. Cinnamon (and obviously the "extra" reward, cause I have an idea of what it could be :P) SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009027744/
  7. Oh wow. 3x as many in only 5 months. Can't wait til DDA^
  8. I'll start this is off with: 5 cubes and 3 non caps So 20CV
  9. Thx for the giveaway :) Was pretty challenging actually, but the ranger ab1 is pretty neat tbh
  10. 1+ to all of these. Specially the ult cats
  11. Its the new event genie and it is listed. It's from "The forbidden Oasis" event (September7-9, 2018). Maelstrom and Ocean was also handed out at that event
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