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  1. +1000 for customizing the crystal it was so much fun and gave a little personalization to the tavern. I agree on the pets too, they should get a little bigger in size but they still are useless aside from the abilities
  2. So why does it like not go further than it’s supposed to go? Have 7420 Range which is currently more than my PDT but my pdt is 2 times as far as the ramster reaches.... I remember reading somewhere that it’s like capped at 5000 or something? Is that true?
  3. Thank you! 😊 and does it require chaos 7 in order to drop these weapons? or does any chaos drop the weapons and the mods?
  4. Can they be found in Drakenfrost Resort or only the Keep? I’ve seen a lot of resorts being played and idk if they drop the weapons/mods
  5. I’m from US and play on ps4 and the lag spikes are here too, it’ll lag and lag, but then it’ll end up freezing and i’ll have to reboot the game
  6. For mods, is it best to reset and then do all my mod rearranging? I thought I saw a juicebags video of it only being 20 defender tokens. On another note, I only need 1 amp per item upgrade to upgrade chaos levels right? So all I need are gold and amps to reset and then upgrade everything back up? or am i missing some things i should farm for first?
  7. I get them whenever i click goto tavern or goto town after i’ve been farming c7 for a while, always freezes on the loading screen
  8. I personally miss how we could fight bosses like Throne Room, the dragon at the castle, the djinn boss in the desert map, the shark map in dd1 and get cool weapons with unique effects, it gave me something to grind for that would be useful and kinda unique. Adding survival would be nice and NM too, along with a revamp to the pets to make them not so.... meh
  9. I saw a couple months ago someone stating I need at least 2 mill per relic and an ampuole for each chaos level. Does anyone know the full amount of materials I need to upgrade from an adventure level to c7? I can’t seem to find it in game
  10. Shaidan


    I don’t know which choice Trendy wants to do but I got to thinking What if they do events like in dd1. I know it was kinda weird how it happened previously, we’d sign up online in the forums, a Trendy person would invite us to a game and we could get a cool weapon or pet from it if we won. I think that would bring a little more into the game. Although the game is pretty far from complete, I feel like this would put a little pzazz back into it. But instead of having to invite us, just make a temporary map/seasonal map (halloween, xmas, new years, or whatever) and have it available every year. the weapons wouldn’t be the greatest thing in the game, but it would be neat to have a weapon that’s limited to seasons/events. I know the game is still in its developing stages I think, but even eventually down the line I think it’ll be fun to implement.
  11. Just wondering - you do know you can sort alphabetically by name, when looking through shards, right? Reading this, it sounds like you actually take the time to look through each and every bag scrambled up and manually point out every shard you are counting. If you didn´t know, then at least now, you do:) lol I didn’t know that, I click auto sort in the bag but didn’t know i could do it alphabetically, but regardless the issue of not having a clear number displayed still is annoying. But thank you! ♥️ I had no idea tbh
  12. I think it should be done either way because going through 100+ shards seeing if you have 10 to gild a shard and halfway through i’d be like “wait how many deadly strikes did i have?” and have to start all over. Not to mention when you’re in the gild shard screen it doesn’t show equipped shards so I have to go back and check, it would be a huge qol improvement. I’m sure even people with max bags still have issues with this also lol
  13. Is there any way to see if I got the stuff from my Mythical Defender pack? I opened it and I think I got 2 skins or flairs but the “cards” showing the skins/flair didn’t pop out and were overlapping. I wasn’t able to press R3 quick enough to collect them because I was trying to turn the camera to see what the other costume was. It dropped a pet and I have that in my inventory but idk if it did the same with the flair/skin/whatever it was. Or do they disappear if you don’t click R3 to collect in time?
  14. Shaidan

    Pet Changes?

    In regards to making pets a bit more interesting and useful how about bringing back like spreadshots (for lack of a better word right now) and faster atk speed? I remember those little mini champion pets from dd1 who had like a 3 shot spread and would atk 1.5-2 times a second, I don’t think they were overpowered but they would at least be able to pick off an assassin or two if you’re lucky. Most pets we have don’t really seem like general attack pets with decent dps. What do you guys think might improve them? The AP reset immunity was a nice addition so I feel like they’re on the right track
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