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  1. Sorry that took so long guys...invites are out, now! :D Welcome to the club. Be sure to stop by chat and introduce yourselves. ~Marixus
  2. Invites sent! Be sure to stop in steam chat and say hello! ~Marixus
  3. Invites out! Welcome to the fun ^_^ ~Marixus
  4. Invites out! Welcome to . Make sure to stop by the steam chat channel and introduce yourselves :D ~Marixus
  5. Swimboy, Esefex, Angel, and OSFA, I got your invites in! Welcome to the party! Be sure to log onto steam chat and introduce yourselves. Finally, hurry back, brother! Tell the woman she should hop online, too :D If I can convince my wife to play, you can convince yours, too! :ogre: ~Marixus
  6. Broseph and Renz, I have your invites out. Welcome to the club :D
  7. Add me on Steam and shoot me an offer, or leave an offer here and I'll check back. Will update as things sell. Thanks! ~Marixus edit: Will also accept bids on items, and give to the highest bidder in about 24 hrs. ~6pm CST 11/21 C3 sold: 10mil
  8. Invites sent! Welcome everyone :) !Marixus
  9. Invites out :D Feel free to hit up steam chat. We need some life in there! Welcome to Lazral! ~Marixus
  10. Bobo and Trees, I got your invites out. Welcome to Lazral! Soransis and ******ik, add me on steam and I'll get your invites out. Search could not find your profiles. Thanks! ~Marixus
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