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  1. The monk you have to buy, technically. HOWEVER it costs 10 defender medals and you are given those 10 defender medals to unlock him as part of the tutorial. If you do not have a hero slot open, you will need an extra hero slot, that costs either def medals or gems, not sure on cost tho
  2. So power pylon does work, just tested in map and in tavern. Yes mine is gilded as well. Your defenses have to be close enough to your wall of choice to get the buff. You will know it works when you see purple wisps circling around any and all affected defenses. the defenses dps and atk dmg will go up in the pop up stats screen in game, but it takes around 10ish seconds to update that. you do need to be fairly close for it to work tho
  3. Ive had this issue as well, it was resolved after an uninstall/reinstall. Now i would say Check your graphics drivers, see if they are up to date, that one was an issue for me with a different game. And there are prolly 10000 other different variables here but id say try a fresh reinstall of the game, hope that helps!
  4. Him and the assassin boss doesn't drop anything, a bit frustrating right after a reset.
  5. So i know how it works from a practical sense (Longshot move stuff back, prox move things close) But is there anybody who knows the specifics? how much % more or less dmg? that kinda thing.
  6. I am not sure about the mechanics, but i think it is either a glitch or by purposeful design. I had Automation in my Training Dummies and they never froze either. I believe any DEF you put that HS in, will not freeze. I have not fully tested that though, just my running theory. What i meant is that trees dont have any way to attack, so how does automation proc?
  7. fun vid, altho i have to ask how does automation work without an attack from the tree? is it explosive shielding guard, when it explodes it heals the tree? Also ive personally found that upgrading walls in general is counter intuitive, if you instead upgrade dps towers, less enemies will get to your walls. This is from an endgame perspective however, and your first time thro c1-7 you should upgrade walls. And trees cost 50 DU less to upgrade to max, (500 to 450) so saving a free upgrade is always nice, all in all im alright with it.
  8. nope, Ancient strikes only gives you 5% more range. 1000 range becomes 1050, and its bugged and doesnt stack with ascension range right now. Max range cannot be changed as of right now (sad little 5k pdt's)
  9. Like i said in your other post (that were these exact words, just copy/pasted) c7 gear will max out at an upgraded value of 8200 ish. All gear dropped in game is on a spectrum of value, im getting c7 gear anywhere at STARTING values of 6500 and 7300. Hope that helps and please stop asking the same thing over and over, you will only get the same answer. Also c7 gear starts at 5500, you have to get drops in c7 for the gear score of dropped items to go up. It can take a while to get to max c7 gear, as many as 15 maps in my own experience
  10. So there have been a lot of questions about shard drop rates, so id figure id compile all the drop rates for a given chaos tier right in one post for easy viewing. The 2 sources i used are: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Shards (all the shards in game) https://dropchance.guru/ (a drop rate calculator i use all the time for warframe) Campaign has 16 shards in it, so a 6.2% chance to drop any specific shard. So to get a 90% chance to get a specific shard you need to get 36 shards. For a 99% chance, you need 72. C1 has 24 shards in it, so a 4.1% chance to drop any specific shard. S
  11. 24, there are 10 shards that were removed
  12. Destruction has a 4.1% chance to drop every c1 shard. So on avg you need to complete 55 c1's to have a 90% chance to get a destruction. Remember these are avg numbers tho, not guarantees. Hope that helps
  13. c7 gear maxes out at 8200 ish(with 10 mods it can hit 8300ish, but dont worry too much about that) and you can only get there by upgrading c7 gear. You are very close to the cap, your prolly already getting max gear right now. Goto the upgrade screen and see if upgrading a piece of gear to max will yield close to that number
  14. " At a point the gunwitch and the barbarian starts to fall off." you said this. The gunwitch isnt as tanky as either the monk or the barb. But the barb can more than handle anything that onslaught has to offer, better than the monk in most cases. The barb has no cutoff point where you need another hero. On either the offense or defense point. Also drago works for any ability, AP or HD, but we do need more ability power scaling pet abilities (or a full rework in general) And HD builds are so good right now because they can put out very solid damage, have very little to no mana costs (monk h
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