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  1. Hey, so I used to play DDA actively, then, the update came and it gave me an option to start over or just to play legacy. Well, since I did not want to do that I took a break. Later I saw a post that people who have legacy acc would be able to "transfer" to the one where everyone else will be, so I was like "ok great", when I come back I wont have to start from 0. Today I came back to find out that I actually have to start over. So - I paid 40$, now the game is 30$, and I basically paid to TEST the game, and now, I have to start over, because there was obviously a deadline for transfers?
  2. Well, new players can create legacy character, not? Btw no offense but I find it hilarious when ppl say "not recommending this game to my friends and family". It's like - heyy mooom could I recommend you one interesting tower defense game? It is very fun and it has 80% rating on steam, lets hop on mooom.
  3. That is cute that they say there won't be any microtransaction. But how long can game survive and provide new content if there won't be any passive money income except game purchase and DLC? In DD2 I kinda like the idea of getting paid cosmetics but there is NOT ENOUGH of them.
  4. Hi all, how do you perceive the release of a new DD game family? Is it going to kill the game population of DD2? I have tons of gems there and I am afraid that they would be for nothing after DDA will release. Do you think there will be an option so that GEMS would be account bound so you could spend them in DDA instead of only DD2? Thank you for all the answers and have a great evening.
  5. Yes, I got 500 gems literally 5 minutes ago.
  6. I have 19k free gems, and all heroes unlocked. Any more appearance customization would be great to buy. I just want to enjoy the game, and play with all those stuff, not just rush Onslaught numbers.
  7. 1400+ hours? Have you started farming that mod before it was released?
  8. Hey, I am wondering if you are planning to add more tower skins into the game? :D Additionally, more skins that are not obtainable through regular gameplay? Thanks, Z.
  9. I don't know who came up with this CC nerf idea, but I am pretty sure it was one of those "streamers" (they cry all the time).
  10. Hi all, today we are going to discuss "Diminishing" which: This system allows you to crowd control enemies, but after using it back to back the effect loses its strength. After a short while of not being affected by crowd control effects, enemies are able to be crowd controlled again at 100% efficacy In my opinion, it is another punishment to players who were grinding perfect mod and shards to achieve working Weapon Manufacturer. Sadly, because of this specific node, WM (and its mod) got a lot of attention but other builds, that are much stronger got no attention at all. Some lanes can have mutator which makes enemies immune to stun, but not drench, which puts water servo in front. What about adding new mutator "Diminishing" instead? In higher onslaught levels it would make a big difference. Do you think it was a good step? Type your ideas and vote below. (Poll is made just for scientific purposes.) http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5c105c52e4b060a5281da076
  11. You might be sad now but in a few years, you will be SO happier. Stuff like cut herself? I will sound probably like Ahole, but she should be somewhere in a facility taking some SSRIs or hard therapies. You need to think about the future too - when you would have kids together for example. Me personally, I wouldn't want my kids to have an ill mother that does not respect her life and do all that things you mentioned. Yes, I know, you fall in love with someone and you just keep overseeing all *** and so and so, I did same (well, similar, this is too much :D). I hope this did not trigger you but from what I read, the reality is that she did not deserve you anyway. PS: Cool you can have steam friends, that means we can run some maps <3
  12. Yeah, I am farming Expediiton maps and there are always opened maps to join, or players join me too. Issue may be, that you are probably doing C1 expedition which not many players may need at that time so they rather go the higher one. (Really depends on demand). But yeah, I dont have any ingame friends (all gone) and I play with people all the time.
  13. Or at least make him to revive things when he is out of spawn range and he can be damaged! Sometimes he is just far away, invincible, spawning damn skelies.
  14. I just read an idea that if there would be an icon on the item indicating rarity of a mod, that would balance out the time spent on cleaning bags. What do you think about this one?
  15. Hi, Let me emphasize that these are just basic ideas and there is no need to be edgy (but as I noticed it is already too late), feel free to add your ideas into this discussion, any improvements to already mentioned ideas, compromises or new ideas. Thank you! tl;dr - It takes forever to clean bags, especially if you have many of them, open inventory in combat phase would be a great function or adding battery icon + filter (Filter right now isn't very effective), that would indicate mod rarity on specific items. Especially at (expedition) grinding situations where you place turrets and then you do nothing over combat anyway. The whole concept point is that with so MANY items and RNG, to clean a bag after one game takes longer than building a new map. Additionally, I would like to point out that there is already a sound effect that alerts end of the combat, so players are aware of quitting their inventories. For deaf players, it would be great to add some "double flash" effect that would signal over. A person who is creating a game would be able to allow/disable function on the game creation so people could decide if they want it or not. Please, unlock inventory when the combat phase is on. I understand that you did not want to people switchgear and relics, but now it is much less relevant, additionally, you could just disable those and let people clean their inventories. Problem is that cleaning bags takes much longer, especially now when you need to check all pieces of equipping if there isn't a jackpot in form of a full mod. Now, with all added bonuses to group plays, you want to press G asap between the waves so no one is edgy. You have two choices, you let it go to scavenger, or leave and lose a winning strike. Another ideas / improvements / new ideas conducted from discussion: EDIT 1: Adding an icon to each item, indicating rarity of mods would reduce time spent on cleaning bags - so instead of watching item one by one, you could sell trash instantly. For example, a crap red mod would have "battery" icon on a red level, meanwhile, 8,9,10/10 mods would have a green battery icon. Additionally, you could set your bags to auto-collect only by based criteria, so let's say one bag would have crap mods and items, meanwhile, the second bag would collect only all green stuff. EDIT 2: Improved SORTING, would improve QOL a bunch, basically with good filtering, we wouldn't need to open inventories during the combat because we would have a control about where what goes, and I could just filter all bad mods and sell them at once. (Current filtering is not very effective.) Thank you for reading, suggestions and any other comments!
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