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  1. Seriously now, DLC gets released today but when I go and buy it thinking that trendy actually cares about us console players I get the curve ball once again. 4 billion MS points to buy DLC because apparently MS, Sony, Trendy or whoever made a mistake and released it today (12-14-11) when it was suppose to be released on 12-21-11. I am on the verge of being done with this game and the amount of BS that keeps happening to console players. Let me take a guess and PC will continue to get spoon fed with there golden bibs and there silver platters while the console players are locked in there cages
  2. wait..... what? Bro, the game only came out 2 months ago. Major DLC within the first two months is great. I think the problem is that this game is so enjoyable that people just can't handle waiting and lose track of time, and how things work. I can think of a lot of 60 dollar games that only last you about 40-80 hours, and a LOT more that only last you 10-20 hours. This game was 15 dollars and I feel confident saying I've played it for 40+ hours. I never said that the game was not enjoyable (the other guy you responded to might not enjoy it anymore), it's the fact that Trendy has yet to
  3. My argument is that just because the PC can use controllers does not make the game made for PC. I sincerely think DD was built for consoles in mind. That being said your remaining points are valid. Don't get me wrong I completely agree; I just don't think using the amount of updates for the PC version is enough to classify DD as "meant for PC" argument. DD is on multiple platforms but yet the PC version has been getting from DLC to patchs/updates on a regular basis while the PS3/360 get nothing shows favortism to the PC version as Trendy has been obviously showing since this game came ou
  4. I find your original point that "DD was meant for PC" completely wrong. Comparing both console and PC versions it looks like DD was built for a controller. It just so happens that Steam lets Trendy push out whatever they want, whenever they want. That, I find, is the sole reason for their PC focus they are doing. The flip-side is that they can get feedback for the patches on the PC before they hit the console version. It is rather unfortunate that Trendy has shown so much lack of care for console owners. I find that comparing a controller to consoles is wrong when PC can also use th
  5. I don't understand how these guys keep trying to blame Microsoft and Sony like they didn't know what their responsibilities are ahead of doing ANYTHING for consoles. "OMG we didn't know we'd get charged 10k to add DLC... now our profit from console DLC is only $490,000. Lets take that money and go give PC some more goodies and make sure we say NOT ON CONSOLE... Anyway..." Secondly certification for DLC takes 2 weeks unless your submission was REJECTED. Everything else that is being said outside of that is a steaming pile of b.s. Just stay away from console next time Trendy. Don't go b
  6. Oh I am sorry I am on the 360 and I am looking for a high base genie with at least a level of 24 or higher.
  7. I am looking to buy a max level genie. Not one that is already upgraded because I rather upgrade one myself. Can someone help out a fellow DD player?
  8. Please note the Maybes and Should... I do not know for sure, only what I read, and it can always change from what I read. I will see if we can get some clarification for you. Thank you. I made this thread in the attempts to get some info for console players. I love DD and I have no problems with trendy except when it comes to communications with the console community. All I ask is for some communication with us. That's all.
  9. If you understand that they are trying their hardest to introduce the content for consoles then what do you propose they do about it? You say they should show the consoles love... how can they do that if they are trying their hardest already(and I honestly believe they are)? Sure it was a bad decision to release the game for PC and consoles at the same time knowing that it would be tons more difficult to update the console, so the PC would leave it in the dust as far as content. But it is already out now, right? They can't go back in time to fix the mistakes they've made. What they CAN and ARE
  10. What's the point in making dungeon defenders for consoles when it is clear that this game was meant for PC. Do not get me wrong, I love DD but when I see PC players get everything and console players get nothing, not even a patch. It just shows how pointless it was to make DD for consoles. I understand that trendy is doing everything possible to get DLC out for console players as soon as possible but I feel like I got ripped-off because consoles players will never get all the DLC and patches that the PC will get. I am not going out and buying new hardware or computer/laptop so I can play this
  11. but do you know when will get it like date They said that some of the DLC will be released next week. Probably Tuesday, Dec 6.
  12. Just as the title says and please be over 18. Here is my gamertag xXxJUDGE DREDD.
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