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  1. Ya I've known the paypal thing but I don't do it I'm just saying that my idea would help stop it. I really cannot give out to much information about what we are working on but pretty much what you have said here in your thread we have already talked about a lot for a while now. We will reveal it next week.
  2. I was thinking and how DD1 had a lot of players selling items and a huge amount of event stuff that may still go on today and how trendy can profit from it very well with making the player base happy and well let's get to it! *Example* Player 1 wants to sell a Lazer Robot on paypal but he would benefit more by selling the item through the in game "TrendyTradeNet" the difference is let's say the player would make $10 off paypal with that, With the in game auction/store he can sell it for $10 and trendy will profit maybe 20% or whatever they feel is fair and reward the player with maybe extra
  3. Well we all know what happens when a moderator goes against the voice of Trendy... *gulp* Yeah your voice gets heard and possibly some changes can be made :D
  4. The idea has been thrown around!
  5. I also disagree with this ridiculous rule and I have stated it to Laura. Its just up to her and the rest of Trendy to decide to either remove the expansion on the "Advertising" rule or leave it as is but I hope they remove it.
  6. What about mini Diamonds? :( oh my bad mini diamonds as well :D
  7. Crazy I pulled a seahorse while wearing it holy crap Yeah the Omega might not grant wishes but he can surely bring the seahorse to console's along with the Shroomites, Propcats, Djinnlet, Unicorns, Elephants, Cubes, TF2 Pets, Mega Chickens, kolbold on tredmills, Turtles on tredmills, Skeletons on tredmills, Rock pets, and Diamonds :D
  8. Type: Pet Omega shenron increases drop rates Who said that its an urban legend?
  9. LOL if he really meant it he would have either pm'd you or edited your post to make it sound like you were in love with the power puff girls or something, Gamer, stop leaking event item info to players. Now we cannot release the Powerpuff girls as pets :p
  10. Right after equipping and using my Omega Shenron, I have been pulling very nice armor and such from chests, the tavern has had great stuff, and levels are giving me high upgrade weapons... Is it all coincidence? I am not sure, but I know I am not the only one who thinks the Omega Shenron has something to do with it. What do you guys think? Shhhhhhh!
  11. There have been no staff posts on the suggestions forum for months and I was wondering if they still read it and just don't post and if they don't read it I wonder why they don't and why it even exists if they aren't going to read it. Oh just because they do not respond to the suggestion threads does not mean they do not look at them.
  12. Dredd i never received an invite from Omm, prob got my PSN wrong Steel we have checked numerous of times and we do not have it wrong. You must have your privacy settings to where you can only get invites/pm's from only friends. Please check that to make sure that is not the case.
  13. PSN: DarkSteel_1 Its 3:26 (PST) I put a time in for anytime today, but did not get an invite yet. If not today then will I be playing tomorrow by invite??! This is assuredly frustrating and confusing! I am not sure why you are frustrated and confused when you put down "anytime" which means that you are available at anytime. Omm has sent you multiple invites and you never responded to them. If you have it to where only friends can send you any messages/invites then please change that.
  14. I mean honestly i LOVE dps squires so i would want the trunks sword anyways Then you will get it whether you win or lose :D
  15. So only 2 people with the host? No 3 players and a host so a total of 4 players.
  16. And also it will only be one person with the host in the games? Players will be paired with other players along with the host. No offense but the only reason why players want the rules changed so they can get the best Item. We changed it because it would make the Sword pointless and would be a complete waste. The rules will not change, sorry.
  17. Dude. Seriously. I usually don't speak up like this, but, you guys should not just do that rule change less than 1 day before the event... You should considwr reversing that decision and applying it to the next event. People would be much happier AND would understand better if it was implemented in the NEXT event. Edit: Considwr = Consider Got me typing all crazy. The rule will not be changed and we do hold the right to make any last minute changes to the events and event items. This will be the only event that will feature 2 event items so reserving it for the next or any event after th
  18. First, no teams. Now... This. You serious about the rule change? Come on Dredd. I thought it was decided that we could choose. Let the community decide... At least for this event. THEN, change the rules. I bet that they would be happier if they could choose and would understand a rule change for the next event. Sorry, I am just a little p.o. that the rules can change at last minute. Should be implemented NEXT event. I was serioualy dead set on picking the pet if I did not accomplish the goal. Now, the thought was taken away last minute. Sadness. That's why we changed the rule at the last se
  19. Sounds great can I invite you now? Yeah sure. PSID: lxxdreddxxl (the l are lower case L's)
  20. Hey guys, If you want I can do a few practices runs with you guys and whoever else would like some practices runs just let me know.
  21. That pet must OHK basically everything based on the numbers we were working with. Actually it doesn't OHK everything. It has poison damage so not every enemy is effected by it but still very good nonetheless.
  22. The original shenron slightly lagged on bigger maps like marrago.. Thats all i ever noticed.. It was still usable .. Cant change the green eh? Thats odd lol.. . I cant wait to see it You can see the new event items in the thread that I just posted, http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?103647-PS3-Event-Item-Pics! I will be closing this thread now.
  23. Very nice gentlemen! If it comes down to it, my choice will have to be the Shenron. The rules will be changed and choosing which event item players want will now be removed. If a player loses the event they get the trunks sword but if players get to the boss himself then they will get both.
  24. Simply: WOAAAAAH O.O I need to win, If I loose it's will be too hard to make a choice x') Edit: the sword hit speed is normal or faster??? :D I'm just sooooo exited about those event rewards!!! :D Well unfortunately this weapon only has a normal swing speed :( We found out that only certain melee weapons can have there swing speed increase and unfortunately we happen to choose a weapon that does not allow it but it is still amazing nonetheless!
  25. Well now I have to put together a team that can win cause there is NO WAY!! I'm missing out on either if those awesome weapons :) Unfortunately teams are not allowed. It caused way to much of a problem in the past 2 Events we did so we decided to just eliminate that option for now.
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