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  1. Please do not call out other players, Mods, Admins, etc, its against forum rules!
  2. lol!! *Facepalm* oh now I get it, lol. Get your mind out the gutter!
  3. so you're saying that's not a staff handle? What do you mean by "Staff Handle"?
  4. the Moon Stick? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm We are going with girly themes! Its about time that the female gamers get some love :D
  5. I thought of that one too, using a Xilent RS. Anyone familiar with Sailor Moon story line out there? I am. I use to watch it when I was a kid and that was over 20+ years ago. I feel old now :(
  6. A remake of the "Cutey Moon Rod"? Maybe!
  7. Update to OP. Second pic added which will basically tell everyone what the items are. I know now that players can just look up what the images are on google by "searching by images" which really takes the fun out of this but we will find new ways to stop that from happening :D
  8. When is the emporium going to be open? Very soon but it will be only for players who get into the beta. Once everything is good we will release it to the public!
  9. I know xD I mean, what is that "flag" mean xD where are you finding all those hints x) I mean, I can't figure out any hints that you show us xD I think it's because I don't play alot of games except DD, so I can't figure out your clues :/ x) but I'm really curious about that, like wich class it's gonna be for.. Or is it going to be a pet? I don't know, and I will know only if another player figure out what is that x) I'm not helful in those thread xD I'm just reading them because I'm just SOOOOOOOO curious about what going to be the next event item :P But it's look like a medal , so that's
  10. What is that?? O.o Its a hint to what the next Event item is :p
  11. All kidding a side helmet armor piece. No Armor
  12. EDIT: We decided to go with 2 Event Weapons but do not expect them to be OP though. They will be very powerful in there own right but not OP that it destroys the farming aspect of the game.
  13. All in due time :D lol, I see what you did there :p
  14. Nobody played squire dps, or monk dps or apprentice tower so they filled gaps. I don't see any other big gaps. Maybe an attacking pet for lower levels for leveling but that's it. And even if you don't participate in the event you still are affected because of trades and group play. Trading has been destroyed ever since dupers arrived and event items or any other item does not effect another persons game. No one is being forced to participate in the events or even use the event items, that is a persons choice. Like what someone else said, if these items were in a "Paid" DLC no one would comp
  15. Idk I like events and event items but you really can't judge a call based on honesty with events. I think theres too many rules and regulations on certain things but I know we have to abide by them. I know this doesn't often happen but if a person loses their event item in a honest uncontrollable way there is no way to tell or a reason anybody can really make a judgment call. It's hard to prepare for events, pair with a random team and beat the event or lose then watch your item disappear. I understand your concern about "Not replacing Event Items" but you also have to understand that if we
  16. What did you want me to go on? O.o Tons of awesome things being done ^This is what we want to know EMF, this! P.S. Just to clarify we want to know what awesome things are being done with DD2?
  17. lol, awesome pics and why wasn't the Event team invited to the party :(
  18. Unfortunately Event items do not have a middle ground. If the item is a little less OP then it still falls under the "Useless" category since players can just farm for a better version of it and if we make it "OP" then players cannot farm for that version of the item but at least players will use it instead of throwing it to the side.
  19. Do players want OP Event Items or Novelty/Useless Event Items? We are asking this because some players are concerned about Event items being OP and that it is ruining the game. There will always be Pros and Cons to Event items whichever way we go with them since if we make an Event Item "OP" then there is no sense in farming for them but at least players can use them and can help open doors to nerfed heroes/towers or if we make them Novelty/Useless Event items then they are exactly what they are "Useless" and no one would ever use them because you can just farm for better versions of them. Eve
  20. Seems likely Optic.... But what is with the steam codes and all...possibly a trade like thing?? Do so much for the community. Get an event...do a whole lot for the community...get a point card?? The Emporium is for all platforms except for mobile. There is no trading within the Emporium and each platform will have its separate Emporium.
  21. Everything will be revealed next week! If you have any questions or just want to discuss it please go to the new Event Emporium sub-forum, thank you. /Closed
  22. This topic has been beat to death. There is already a topic about this. /Closed
  23. Word is getting out that some players received the dragon pet without getting to the boss stage. My group lost, we were on final stage with only 400 or so enemies to defeat. We worked very hard and well together. We asked for a retry but to no avail. I understand that there were alot of players. My only complaint is that the rules should apply to everyone, instead its evident that certain players in the know receive special treatment by unmentionable people. That ruins the game. I will look into it and thank you everyone for the feedback.
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