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  1. Moved thread over to console discussion section!
  2. Well coming from my POV from events and event items I actually do not like majority of the event items that I released and I only have maybe 3 events that I actually like. The events and event items I do like are, Events 1. Hot Lava Course (360/PC) 2. Princess Quest (PC) 3. Quicksand (PC/360/PS3) Event Items 1. Pyrokinesis (360/PS3) 2. Capt. Isom (PC) 3. Shield of Mirrors (PC) 4. Terra's Magicite Brooch (PC)
  3. Cross trading between both DD1 and DD2 would be a complete nightmare. Players would just move all there gear over from DD1 to DD2 through trading with friends so they can have the best gear right from the start which would completely defeat the purpose of farming in DD2 and break the game. If anything, cross trading would lower the replay value dramatically for DD2 which I am sure Trendy does not want to do. Both games should remain different from one another IMHO.
  4. AND NOW the reveal Its for level 85 Even though I am no longer on the PS3 team you guys sure know how to use my ideas!
  5. lol thank you guys. I have been really busy as of late so I did not even notice this until now!
  6. Did'nt took one, and I don't think tito will post a pic of them. The "Nano" robot was an idea I had and only me and Tito have one. It will never be released and there will be no pics of it. If you want to see it you will have to be lucky to run a game with me and/or tito!
  7. Absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to play this!
  8. You guys are worrying about this way to much. Majority of the events that we had were quite easy and pose no real challenge to anyone even inexperienced players. Like I said in a prior post that some events will be harder then others. Even if players lose the event they still get something just for participating and depending on how well players do we might decide to give those players both Event items. Unfortunately we cannot please everyone but we do try our best to give you guys a great experience!
  9. that's good cause iv been running it and could get past wv 11 but that was only 3 of us glade to hear this change. and just to ask any knock back pet can you use a chicken No chicken. Only melee pets and since the chicken also can shoot projectiles it gets excluded from this event!
  10. If you guys haven't heard yet the rules have been changed slightly. Instead of 30 DU its been changed to 50 DU!
  11. Yeah, it clears it up for me because I posed the question of the emporium fate in another thread. 2nd anniversary plans for ps3 since October 18th will be 2 years for Dungeon Defenders on ps3? Just curious. We cancelled this weekends event since we have big plans for the entire week of the 2 year anniversary! You guys will not be disappointed.
  12. oh ok :( Dang I didn't make it ): gl all others D: Sorry guys but cheer up, we will be adding more players into the beta in the upcoming weeks :D
  13. Hello everyone and here are the list of players who got into the Beta, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApoYGMrn2jfCdGxhUDZITzJtYXRZNlpWRUxKWS1vYXc[[479,hashtags]]=0 Congratulations to all the players who got into the Event Emporium Beta and the Emporium should be up sometime next week!
  14. Signups are now closed and we will post a new thread really soon to show who got into the beta. We decided to only take 50 players since it would be easier for us to manage but there is a chance that we will add more players in as time goes on.
  15. just saying, there needs to be more creativity as well. there are items that have already been made by other creators from tv shows, games, etc. create items that are ideas of trendy, not someone elses ideas. items that are based off of strictly Dungeon Defenders. taking ideas from other sources are just plain signs of laziness. get creative, make Defenders Defender Event weapons. ") No offense but majority of the items in DD and Event items have been referenced to something else outside of DD. Calling us lazy and having a lack of creativity is also ridiculous because we put in a lot o
  16. It will be great to have both weapons...I am already sick of using the same old 'Rod' or 'Occy' on my Apprentice. Now I have more coices of a DPS weapon before the [Start] button was even pressed... better options too! Well since the weapons are only in prototype stages we can always add more projectiles to make up for the lack of DPS. We will add more projectiles but it will not out DPS the Oculus, Dying rod or the Arronax but will still be at there level. As for the next Event Item, it will be very special especially to a certain person :p
  17. stats for moonlight staff are what? is there a picture for the stats for that? Blade both pics of how the weapons look with all there stats are on the first page in the main OP.
  18. Question dont know if this was answer but will we be able to choose if we don't complete or is there one that's going to be handed out You will be able to choose which one you want if you lose but if you win you will get both!
  19. Fantastic idea! They have the same base as an op oculus but it would even out nicely :) They don't even come close to the DPS of an Oculus unfortunately but they are still very powerful and usable in there own right. It also gives players a chance to use different Apprentice items besides the same old Oculus.
  20. Could we have a number of dammage? :) They are both shooting others colors of yellow/orange right? If yes, that's why they are not hitting like you think it's was, before the lvl max increased more than 70, the best staffs were the one who was shooting yellow/orange projectiles (Tsuda final creation) , because all the others were broken, and they still broken :/ If only it's had +7 or at least +6 projectile, it's would make it more usable. But anyway, it's still great an awesome :D Thank you for your work Dredd :) I already know about the Blue vs. Yellow/orange projectiles for a long time no
  21. How many dps it's make with decent armors ? Its ok but not the best items in the game. They are better then the actual versions of the items in the game though!
  22. Cutie Moon Rod Level Requirement: 83 Moonlight Stick Level Requirement: 83
  23. So 2 apprentice staffs. Some pictures have been suggested already, have any of them come close? And a question, will either of these 2 weapons be win only? or both just for playing? Also, is there any chance that when you put the picture up, that you will respec so we may see the level requirement? Yes there have been pics that have come spot on with one of the Event items. When I post the pics I will post the level requirements for them.
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