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  1. I would help but I am new to the game ;)
  2. Castlevania: Symphony of The Night's Crissaegrim aka Valmanway.
  3. That explains why it is so potent and also why there is a 25% damage buff. Glad this will be fixed, bummed that it won't be this playtest. Guess I'll have to switch up heroes and test out other towers in the mean time lol I am hoping that the buff to poison dart towers makes them useable because they are to weak atm.
  4. We have discovered a bug with the Blaze Balloon duration. Per-charge, the damage effect is persisting for significantly longer on the ground than it should. We have fixed this internally, but the fix is not in this patch. In the interim, please discontinue use of the Blaze Balloon if you're evaluating difficulty / challenge factor. The current state of the Blaze Balloon is not indicative of it's intended balance (at all). If you need magic damage in a lane as a Huntress, please use the Poison Dart Tower in the interim. I was actually going to post this issue I noticed with Blaze Balloon
  5. The Arm Guard of Toxic Waste is legit. I handed out Event items to the people who made it to the final course of the tournament. Good luck djrandyran!
  6. Event Items are priceless but the ones that sell the most are the "Elemental Armguards and the Pollution Armguards", Elemental Armguards being the most expensive especially the Earth Armguards that are next to extinct.
  7. I finally fixed the issue I was having with steam and the tournament is back on!
  8. So...wassup guys? How have all you been? How is PC doing? I plan on getting back into gaming for the summer once we have stuff at home sorted out with us moving. I know for sure I won't have time to game once next school year happens but for the summer at least I might get back into DD for PC. I haven't decided yet. How is the economy doing now over there? Are some of the older players still playing? I heard PS3 is practically dead *sad music and sad face* That sucks a lot...I've always preferred the PS3 system when it came down to the end. I've been doing okay I guess...had a lot going on.
  9. Answering a question with a question is the name of the game but can you tell me what question was a question in your first post that was a question with an answer?
  10. You answered a question with an answer instead of answering a question with a question but can you answer a question with a question rather than answer a question with an answer?
  11. I have a question for everyone in here "Do you like fluffy cows?"
  12. Exactly. And this is what I have decided to do, classic brought up a good point. If he doesnt have enough respect for the community to show his face then there is no reason I should trade with him. No word from him but he has less than 2 hours. Dredd, please tell me its a vault full of pancakes... Its a vault full of extremely rare pancakes to be exact!
  13. Does that mean I can have you're rainmaker ^^ I do not have one since I was not around during that time but I do have a secret vault that helms some of the best Event items on the PC!
  14. Event Items are more of a collectable then actually being useful. Event items are not farmable but can only be obtain through the Events, trades, and/or auctions hence why they are so sought after and are priced very high. As time passed the value of the older event items have increased dramatically so its to be expected that the price of them would be crazy. Event items are a wealthy mans market nowadays and the price of them will only go up as time passes.
  15. Unfortunately the Event Items ended up destroying the Economy even though they were never intended to do so (There are various reasons on why this happened). With this said I personally believe at this time the Event items should no longer be traded and/or auctioned off due to there extreme rarity, dupes, and its toxic presence that it has on the DD1 Economy. JMO and best of luck to the bidders!
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