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  1. How am I not included in the set Punquake won. I saw it on stream, how we both won something from set 9 and yet I was ignored whenever I joined your shop when you were giving out the prizes.
  2. I nominate Punquake (Aka Kirito on Steam) +rep :P
  3. LostSoul27x

    WTB Event Items

    I'm willing to part with my Ball Blaster, for 27 cubes. Usually it's sold for 30. I ran the event myself and do have my trace on the spreadsheet still.
  4. DMed you my request. Thanks in advance.
  5. I blame the OP for stealing The Devil's Poolskimmer and trying to give it away. How can I skim pools now?
  6. Hope this is considered pink, I'm pretty sure it's a form of Hot Pink. Entering my Groovy Mask in a selfie with my crystal; Sorry about the quality, but my graphics card really hates things that glow.. Quote me if that doesn't count because of it not being 100% pink and I can find something else.
  7. LostSoul27x

    Item Check Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/Hk04GsV.jpg This legit or not? Owner said they can spawn with 999 and it is self farmed but that sounds bs.
  8. LostSoul27x

    Item Check Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/pou15hS.jpg In case I wanna sell this.
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