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  1. Yeah this one might be completely unbalanced. When it comes down to it. It would make resetting easier the further you go. It doesn't have to be a lot, but maybe 10, 50, or 100 max per reset. I think 100 might be too much, but it would help save up for the upgrades on shards that have happen after the reset.

    When I start doing heavy reseting, I am planning on stocking up on pet boosters to make my life easier. It would just add that little extra incentive to reset. 

  2. @xArcAngel quote:

    Yes. Please. Just PLLLEEEASE.

    @Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

    Hmm...I think the point is peeps don't even have the time to do 3 maps in one sitting let alone 15 waves. Either way it seems the same.

    This is a really good point though. I get where the 15 came from, (and it'd still be quicker, since no map setup each time), but maybe instead we do something like 5,8,12 waves?

    There is also a dynamic of the scaling to consider. I don't know how much monsters scale up through the wave... But the stat bonus from 10+ waves might be too much to handle at the moment lol (although that can be adjusted by Trendy ofc).

    The random 3 maps per floor just seems weird to me anyways.

    I actually like this suggestion a bit. I mean if Trendy cant figure out how to adjust the stat bonus, then they have real issues with their devs. 

    I think it would be a whole lot quicker due to the map setting up as you get higher and higher becomes more difficult. I mean watching some people go to some of the high floors spend 10 min reading and strategizing how to set the map up. 

    I appreciate the support and feedback from a lot of you no this idea. I am a true believer if they add in map saving, then what is the point of having 3 maps per floor. There isn't one. 1 map, 2 map, 3 maps per floor, it doesn't matter. You could restart where you left off anyway. It would only be a time grind by then. 

    @xArcAngel quote:
    @Jaws_420 quote:

    I'd love to get past 5 waves for once and get all my defenses to max upgrades to take on the goblin hordes. I'm just not sure Onslaught is the place to do that as much as say an Endless/Survival type mode would be. 

    Onslaught use to BE the endless mode... Until Trendy took it out, teasing us survival lovers with a better onslaught, only to give us Chaos Trials Infinity </3...

    Don't get me wrong, I still think onslaught is an awesome mode (minus the reset mess), but I miss my survival...

    I agree with this. This fix idea was an off the wall idea to make people want to upgrade defenses and feel like an endless mode, while still being challenging. 

    The problem I had with endless mode before, was you set everything up get everything to rank 5 and then afk.

    With having 15 or 12 waves per floor, it gives you the opportunity to set up your defenses and rank them up to 5 or so, but doesn't feel afkable. It gives that feeling, and then after the 15 waves, you get to start over. That would feel awesome. It is a good balance between the two styles. 

  3. As a precursor to this discussion. I am new to these forums. I have been playing the game off and on for a while now. I am not anyone big on the forums or racing for resets or anything. I have not actually pushed my onslaught levels. 

    Instead of having to do 3 maps to complete a floor(which sounds like a pain with all the modifiers and the lanes), you could have it be 15 waves on 1 map. That way it helps appease the people that want a more endless type mode, but most of the higher level floors are not really afkable anyway it seems. 

    I know this would be a challenge to change it from the 1 map, 2 map, 3 map rotation earlier, but it would solve some of people's frustrations and bring a huge QoL buff to the game. It would feel better to not have to rebuild and not completing 2 maps and get screwed on a 3rd map multiple times even with the reroll. I know that you guys are working on something for map saves. This is just a small suggestion from someone that doesn't really matter. 

    Thank You for your time, and let the flaming begin. I apologize if this has been suggested. I am terrible with forums. I do not usually post and only lurk on forums, so I did not do a search to see if this has been suggested and shot down multiple times. I have been thinking about it as I am getting back into the game and going to start onslaught pushing soon. 

    If you are going to flame me, do it right at least:).

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