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  1. Problem Solved ! Thanks a lot Pandy.
  2. Well, I don't know what to try anymore ! Exiting Petrinarian then entering back, exiting session and entering back, unequipping and equipping back, leaving the game and getting back at it... I spent 2 Large Pet Affection Boosters, overfeed them... I have all the vials I need. Pet is now 10/10 10/10, but when i press the "Evolve" button, which is now blue, nothing happens... Please help !
  3. Like you said, when you set a 7 nodes WM, it's more expensive than setting 7 flame auras. But this unupped WM is far more efficient than 7 unupped flame auras. When you will upgrade those flame auras to Tier 2, that will cost you way more than setting this 7 nodes WM. So basically, WM isn't more efficient than flame auras, but it's a mana saver for sure ! Even though 7 Tier 5 auras would be way better than a 7nodes WM...
  4. NoosS

    Boss Timer

    Come on Trendy please ! Timer on Ogres is fine, but with Onslaught many other bosses are getting stuck in spawns... Right now i'm on Lost Temple, wave 4/5 and a freaking Bastille Master with Controlled Burn mutator is stuck ! I don't have ranged hero in deck, and even if i had, CB is complicating thing. i'm totally screwed. Don't make me quit on Lost Temple again, please... EDIT : OK seems like that timer exists and it's around 10 minutes... I can't erase that thread for some reasons, please do :')
  5. Since they've added that gearscore system, like Exglint said you can directly check what score you will need to reach the next Tier, but not necessarily the best gearscore possible on the Tier you're in, am I right ? So the only way to know the highest stats on a specific Tier is still checking at DD2tools..
  6. I'm always wondering why you can't buy shards packs from c3 and c7. Is there a specific reason ? Personnally i never had troubles farming Deadly Strikes... The worst for me might have been Vampiric Empowerment...Can't remember how many packs i opened but it was easily more than 10, to get a single one !
  7. I totally agree, adding the type of each tower in the "Create Hero" section could be a good solution indeed !
  8. Thank you, O wise baked shark :) You right about the specific classification, it definitely doesn't function as normal traps, but still :D
  9. So even if it is shown as "TRAP" we should consider it as an aura or something else ? When you do a "no traps allowed" Mastery, are bees or slimes allowed ?
  10. Wrong, Dryad has traps aswell :) Wrong, those are AI Spawners. In any case, the UI shows "Trap" on each of her defenses except Harpy which is a tower, and those defenses can be stunned by Cyborks. So...
  11. Currently there are only 2 heroes that can build traps, Huntress (Explosive Trap, Geyser Trap & Blaze Balloon) and Lavamancer (Oil Geyser) Wrong, Dryad has traps aswell :)
  12. you can easiliy check that by pressing E on a defense. The Tier and the defense type is on the same line. There are 5 types of defense (maybe i'm wrong but i think that's it) BLOCKADE TOWER AURA TRAP NODE
  13. NoosS

    Need a break...

    Well it was on Lost Temple wave 2/5, a Plagued Hulk walked through the tree and OS the core, so we lost (we were 3)... After pressing G, this screen showed up, the so-called "Need a break..."
  14. NoosS

    Need a break...

    I'm so pissed off right now... I thought this thing was over, and what do i see floor 65 map 3/3 wave 2/5... What the heck is this a glitch ?
  15. Bomberman : When you jump, your hero drops a bomb on the ground. When you jump a second time, the bomb explodes, dealing X-Y% of your ability power as damage in a A-B radius.
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