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  1. Don't get me wrong, this kinda content is nice and all, but what about the core mechanics of the game? What about all the bugs that need fixing? What about the barbarian that's been sitting at the character creation screen for ages? What about balancing the existing classes. What about........ there's so many more other things that need attention. I just don't get Trendy's priorities all that much. I feel like there are so many other things they should be focusing on now instead of crossovers like this. - a passionate DD2 player
  2. Well the thing is.. since this game is still in early access I thought that they wouldn't do any exclusives till release, but alas.. Trendy did already start with the discontinued items. I really hope they make them obtainable or atleast mention that the items will be available in the future. As chaosparadox described, any new players or existing players finding out that they're missing out on items, which aren't obtainable anymore, ever, is quite saddening..
  3. Damn.. I'll just wait it out till they make them reobtainable. Until then I'll just play something else instead. Thanks for your replies.
  4. Hi there, I've been away from DD2 for a long time. I last played when on-win chests were added to the game. The chests that pop up when you win the battle. Are there any exclusives/items/events or things that I might have missed? Especially the discontinued stuff. I plan on playing again but since I'm a collector (I bought the early defence council thing as you can see) I want to have every collectable thing. Else it's just a no go for me. Thanks in advance!
  5. I couldn't have said it better myself Dziggy. The current tavern is really nice with the exception that it's pretty much cluttered with thropies. A simple solution for Trendy would be to remove some achievement tables that block the doors and open them up with a new room behind it.
  6. This looks promising! We definatly could use a bigger tavern than the one we have right now. It's simply too small and most new added trophies are just scatered everywhere on the tables and ground. I know this is a work in progress, but may I add that it'd be nice if you could put in the same detail like the original game has. Daniel Kami did a great job on that with his Palantir map. That's the kinda detail I'm talking about. In no way am I trying to mock off your map. Hell, I really appreciate your work, I wish that I could make something like this. I'm just giving you some.. erm.. som
  7. Is it weird if I say that this map kinda reminds me of cp_egypt_final from Team Fortress 2? It's just the style and artwork that's almost the same. Other than that, it's really interesting looking and seems promising!
  8. The map looks awesome, but I'm even more interested in what song you used in the video :P Who's that playing?
  9. No they are not map specific. Would you mind pointing me to where the devs have stated this or a quote from the source code? Thank you...
  10. That's what I've been wondering aswell. I farm Servents Quarters survival a lot for XP but never managed to find any "rare" accessory. While doing Aquanos, Mistymire and City in the Cliffs I found myself some nice pair of dragonhead bracers and a few nose moustache glasses. It seems that the vanilla maps don't drop them often (at all?) while the shards map do drop them.
  11. Hello, I've completed both Portal Protector and Nightmare Portal Protector achievements, yet they're not showing up as trophies in my tavern. I've tried the following to possibly solve this issue on my own: - re-enter tavern - complete the challange again - verify game cache - re-download the entire game None of these steps fixed my problem. Any help from you guys on what to do would be greatly appreciated! PS: my Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/koudspeel/stats/DungeonDefenders?tab=achievements
  12. I also agree on the palms looking a bit off. Other than that... it's just... wow! Are you EvilMrFrank's son by any chance? :P
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006332010/screenshot/595842156904084458/? O hai der, awesome ice sword you have there. Might wanna tell us how you got it? :skeleton:
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