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  1. I believe that if you press fn + esc or some combo like that you can just do f1, f2 etc to switch. I had the same problem and learned the hard way too :(
  2. I would really for the jester to be next! We just got three old characters in a row now so trendo might keep the trend (no pun intended) going, but I do also think the jester is not being prioritized now. Upside is that if trendy is to continue the pattern used for initiate and adept, the countess and ranger should have more defenses to play with - initate got three abilites and zero defenses, adept got two abilities and one defense, maybe the next one could come with one ability and two defenses?
  3. I wouldnt classify the abyss lord as a melee focused hero, because ha can use his primary attacks from a safe distance. Having that said, I agree that he doesnt really fit the description for a ranged hero. From what I can remember, the jester could wield both ranged and melee weapons. Even though I never had the chance to play with him, I always preferred the idea of using ranged weapons, so I guess thats my thought process behind that. This I absolutely agree with!! More variety would be awesome! Wielding rockets and flamethrower, tanky shooter hero! Sounds just like man & machi
  4. I agree that the ideal solution would be to make some combo attacks, but with the limited resources this game has i thought it would be more realistic to propose some easier changes that could still make it more interesting. There are 7 heroes (counting the monk and initiate) who are melee focused, thats just a bit over half the heroes in the game, I would say thats not a too unhealthy of a balance between ranged and melee characters. And with both new ranged and melee heroes anticipated (jester, ranger, countess and man & machine?), i think it will still be about a 50/50.
  5. Most guild systems have some sort of donation system, maybe this could be replaced with some other system that incentivises stronger players to help weaker players with progressing. My dream is that guilds consists of both veteran players and newer players so that newer players can learn from veteran players. Maybe my dream of a competitive guild system was kind of far fetched, but I still think there might be some way to make guilds valuable as an arena for new players and veteran players to come together.
  6. I think you make a very strong point, DD2 is very unique, but to me thats also another reason to explore the idea of a guild system - it might be revolutionary for rpg grind games! More people in the hubs sounds like a great idea (assuming it doesnt break the servers).
  7. Sorry, im kind of new to the dd2 forums, but thanks for letting me know :)
  8. I would never want guilds to award unique rewards, my intention is for guilds to be acting like a sort of matchmaking system where players can find similar people to play with. If you want nothing to do with a guild, that is fine, and personally i might not even be to active in a guild myself, I just want new players to have an easy and consistent source of learning everything they can about this game step by step.
  9. Im just too excited right now, and you know part 2 might be coming in the future ;)
  10. Guilds/Clans Two of the most important aspects of most popular games are good multiplayer features and a populated community. I have the impression that both me and many other players consider the multiplayer aspects of dd2 quite lacking. However, I see hope. I think this game is a perfect candidate for a guild/clan system. This will greatly enforce the community, while also allow for a great opportunity to improve the multiplayer features of this game. For one, it will give players more incentive to play in groups The fact is many players prefer playing solo rather than playing in a group.
  11. Lawlta did kind of tease that some of the mods I suggested might be similar to ones coming, but i didnt see any of my suggested ones in the devstream and devlogs. For the shards and ubers though, I definitely might have forgotten about some.
  12. Oh snap, dont do this lawlta! Mah heart cant take it!!
  13. Depending on the number values trendo would go with, some of the more seemingly OP mods might be balanced. Well not everyone can be winner, I also wanted some to "filler" mods for the purpose of being extra excited when seeing some really awesome ones + its rally hard to think of unique and awesome mods for every defense and ability. Dont personally use it, and honestly i didnt feel like doing passives for the trees as well ;D
  14. After hearing Trendy saying our suggestions for new mods has a chance of making it into the game, I just had to throw together a list of my own. It’s an extensive read guys so don’t feel obligated to read all of it. Anyways if you do, hope you enjoy =D Relic mods ---- The Apprentice and Adept ---- Spooky fire furnace – The flamethrower tower has a chance of haunting enemies upon damaging them. All sources of damage hitting a haunted enemy will attack with an extra amount of defense, hero, or ability damage. Arcane beacon – All enemies attacked within a certain radius of the arcane barrier
  15. That is very true, but i think there is nothing wrong in seeing an opportunity to improve upon the game by adapting previous solutions to do new and better things =)
  16. I would love the option to set certain lines for how my auto-equip would equip my heroes. Great idea <3
  17. Not that I dont enjoy the current melee aspects of the game, but with the squire being my favorite hero, and after playing so many hours of dryad I have arrived at the conclusion that melee gameplay in dd2 could easily be made a bit more interesting. 1. Leap attacks - while running forward and having an enemy within a certain range, holding the space bar for a slight second would make your heroes leap forward, swinging their swords, polearms or whatever. This is an active effect that only comes into play when initating melee combat. The intent of the ability is to give players a feel of rushin
  18. I love the idea of not having to grind through all the floors after 55 to get back up to your highest floor so that you can keep pushing. I think another aspect that makes this a great idea, is the just the fact that as you get stronger you now have the chance to test out your new powers and get challenged by more difficult enemies as you go, without interupting the AP progression by grinding up to your highest floor. It is a good strength check so that you can get an idea of where you`re at for powers.
  19. Greetings fellow defenders of the forums! As my interest in making posts on the forums continuously keep growing, I felt the urge to find another way to voice my opinions regarding the game. Then I came to think of the old voting system we used to have, were we could vote for which map we wanted trendy to work on next. My question; is there a way to bring back a similar mechanic so that players could have a greater impact on the game they so passionately love? Note: The way I explain this system below is not finalized yet. Please keep in mind that the emphasis of this post is just that the pla
  20. You make a great point. This is also why I had my top three being related to the tinkering aspect of it :)
  21. That is true, completely forgot, however what I imagined was just the new npc mentioning it when you interact with him, or having the forge as a shade in the backgrond of the reforge meny, just like the way you can currently see your character model on the left side in the inventory. But thanks for bringing this up, sometimes I forget all the changes made to dd2 over the years.
  22. Hello again fellow defenders! In light of devlog 97 & 98 i wanted to make a post regarding something I saw mentioned multiple times; 'Magical properties' being a work-in-progress-name. As so, this post will be a list over all the names i could think of in place of this, which I hope can maybe inspire the name TE end up with, or that it can be a source of inspiration for new contents being added at a later date. With that lets start out with a bang and list my top three candidates. I have chosen these three in particular because of two observations i made in the devlogs; The update will be
  23. I'm talking about max asc requirements reaches 8,500,000 and stops going higher. It only takes around 2 C7 matches to lvl up by then. Plus resetting also give permanent XP boost each reset. And Trendy sometimes does give double XP weekend events. So I'm seeing buying asc is kinda unnecessary. That is the same max requirement i speak of, but instead of doing 2 c7 maps you could buy it to save time. And the xp boost you get from onslaught is a good thing because it will help you get through faster as you play more, this makes the process less grindy after doing it 76 times.
  24. Im sorry if I didn`t make this clear in the post, I tried keeping it a bit shorter than what it could`ve been, but the idea is that gear don`t get reduced everytime you reset, but fine, in retrospect it does seem a bit strange, my point was just to try and find a system where you actually had to grind something to get to the point were you could reset. Perhaps a better way would simply be to raise the standard talent caps to something like 200 so that ascension does have an impact on your overall power once you get past chaos 7. And to adress the problem you mentioned with onslaught being mea
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