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  1. 17 hours ago, Piki said:

     ... give us drops to beat floor 950+.

    ... its still a half ass update in my eyes. The fact that these maps barely drop any loot, no motes, no clusters, absolutely nothing.

    Onslaught is supposed to be endless so I dont think CG wants us to go past 950.

    Maybe not half-assed, just lack-luster when it comes to the farming potential we would expect from "endgame" content. At least I think a few of these maps will be more fun to play than expeditions or grinding onslaught for days (counted in number of hrs) just to get to that same difficulty.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Switchblade said:

    Isn’t the incentive to get various weapons some with specific stats etc. What more do you want ?  Personally I’m glad is one a week something to look forward to. Although I would preferred 3 a week lol. 

    The bows absolutely suck, although the other weapons are alright I only concern myself with the bows and burst shot is really bad. My c7 double shot out-dpses that and has more chances to proc stuns, I instantly sell all the bows I find bc I really dont want to look at them. 

    Also less xp, less items and no materials (especially the no materials one) makes these map really unrewarding to play after you got your hypershards.

    Still, im excited to beat betsy a few times and then move on to dda, but please let us have some cool bows soon CG!

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  3. My solution to revive walls (tl:dr):

    1. Reduce the damage of all dps defenses

    2. Remove damage scaling on onslaught enemies

    Now we have no reason to use walls as they are unnecessary, and in high onslaught they are more or less useless.


    Here is the full version.

  4. I wish for:

    1. A sort of conclusion/setting up for dda or dd3 in terms of lore.


    2. Balance changes to make certain damaging defenses more rewarding in comparison to something like FA, ideally It would come in the form of appropriate nerfs to all sources of damage, much like discussed in this rescent post.



    3. A game mode/boss fight that can be played at two different difficulties; normal mode (c7) and hard mode. For hard mode you would need some power in terms of gilded shards, c8 gear, ap or high asc combined with a lot of knowledge about the game to beat it, and should be difficult as hell, but also rewarding.


    4. Special rewards such as exclusive weapons, flairs, mods, titles or shards, or a combination of multiple of these (and then NOT have everything go to the barb)


    Remember, this isnt epic or anything, there's not infinite resources to go around to both dd2 and dda. The biggest thing they could do for me is focus a lot of attention on balance changes and make a fun mode that adds something to the lore.

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  5. On 5/24/2019 at 7:20 PM, Jaws_420 said:

    I don't think that is directly comparable for what is being discussed. Onslaught is not adjustable as described in the thread. You can reroll at best, but not choose. You also don't have to play any upper floors as u can farm all gear and shards well under floor 100. So pushing floors is only for those who enjoy the mode and are working resets. It's the reset bonuses that blow the difficulty out of the water (with no other mode to use those hefty bonuses in) far more than c8 stuff or gilding does. It was the architect of its own issues. 

    For me, the main issue is the Onslaught game mode itself. It is my least fave mode in the game. While it attempts to add variety and mix things up - i feel it does the exact opposite. Hard counters and mutators often force your hand as to what def you place (on any decent difficulty at least). Instead of adding options, i feel it constantly takes options away. The roll of the stage determines what you will place much more than your own creativity in finding a solution.

    Even worse if you are in a reset cycle, as time and patience almost demands that you limit builds to only a few defs, as time and gold it takes to build your full hero set is extremely prohibitive. This means on resets you are playing with even less options...

    To me that is the rub of that mode. As i build my hero set more and more, instead of more options and def combinations for each situation, i feel my hand forced more and more to play a certain way. It's a duality in the game that i don't care for, which is why i don't reset or climb floors. At least in Expeditions i can still freely build, even if it's more monotonous to do so.

    Hence the reason for threads like this that want more difficulty but without the hand forced hassle of onslaught to get it, and why a c8 or more is desired. 

    Not saying it would be bad for the game, just saying its a bit reduntant as you can get the same loot anyway. I am all for new content, but I think CG could do other things to spice up the game instead and be more rewarded for the time spendt. For instance to make incusrsions farmable at any difficulty and also have actual rewards.

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  6. 20 hours ago, DanielMenezes2 said:

    I played this game untill floor 273 without resets or ch8 amps and to my experience in specific situations the orc blockade with the hyper shard automation was better as decoy than wm to stall..I would assume than a max blockade would have maybe 2-3x of my and would be viable for much longer but the problem is how is the nature of this game with increase in dmg/hp and grind to up things and cheer amount of anti wall mutator than they put on onslaught..wall leach,vampiric,abominable,phase and some others in certain situations.

    The anti air problem seems more urgent than this, with flyers all over the place and people resorting to use auras instead of the proper defense(maybe natural bonus dmg against flyers for them)

    I agree we should have more anit-air towers. Can't find it rn, but I do remember either posting or just crafting a thread about changes I would make to defenses. One of the main changes was changing a few defenses like angry nimbus or volcano to be anti-air defenses. Skyguards and hailstorm tower should really get a buff too, I haven't used a single anti-air defense in any serious build for a very long time now, kinda sucks with the monk, but he has other good tools, the worst is honestly adept that only has that one defense that makes her special. I don't even have an adept in my deck at all right now as I dont dps on her. 


    6 hours ago, krsans78 said:

    Power creep is not a wholly bad thing. If there was no power creep, and everything stayed the same difficulty level no matter how much you leveled, that would be a completely boring game. It is a game, not reality, and people need catering to their egos to appreciate the game. 

    Although several of you have talked for a nerf quite eloquently I find it strange to turn a whole game upside-down just because of some wish to use the blockades. I don't understand why that would make the game any more interesting, and it seems like an extreme intervention for the sake of blockades. I'd rather they fix buff-beams, but that would probably only add fuel to your fire when it comes to power creep issues :)

    I have not reset yet, and im currently beyond floor 100. I'm going to continue as far as I can before resetting. My FA do 600k dps tier 1, and I do nowhere near 2b dps on my hero (albeit it is a barb and not a monk). The game is providing me with an adequate challenge every wave, and I often have to retry. I find that enjoyable because it makes it a learning experience. I use blockades as a niche tool, and I'm glad it is there in my tool kit. I don't want it to be more prominent. 

    Grinding materials in c7 and lower is of course a complete AFK-fest, but that is not the place I keep looking for challenges. It's like the beginner area (or end of it), and  the rewards are not great enough to justify making that content harder.

    I suspect I will hit a wall in onslaught based on my stats and capabilities in not too long, and if resetting didn't make things easier for me down the line, why on earth would I do a reset in the first place? Ancient Power Reset is a wanted power creep put into a system. 

    I dont think anyone is suggesting stopping people from progressing and getting upgrades. The intent is just to scale down a few numbers so that we dont hit numbers that the game can't handle and also change the playstyle a bit as, for me, the current playstyle of cc + dps has becomed a bit stale compared to what it used to be in previous iterations.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, hailminion said:

    Topic has come up many times. 

    Challenging content is there. There's 0 people at 990+, 5 people at 900+. They are absolutely not afking, and struggle to climb even a few floors over a long period of weeks even months. 

    Don't get why people keep playing tutorial content and ask for nerf or call the game no strat afk.

    Frankly, this almost feels like watching a college student do 1+1 all the time and call math worthless, asking for nerf to IQ so everyone can think 2+2 is hard. ( I honestly don't mean to be offensive lol, this is genuinely how I'm feeling rn...)

    Fair point. Its just that it takes too long before the challenge hits so that people (including me) gets burnt out way before we even get there. Its not like we choose to do 1+1 all the time bc we want to, but before we are allowed to do something more difficult, we just have to do it too many times. Its not a nerf to IQ, its a nerf to the how long it takes before something more challenging comes around.

  8. 18 hours ago, Superb_Meow said:

    Hello, I was wondering in regards to the armor mods/chips, can you have more than one of them (power/ability/healthy ability) but in each piece of armor? (1 in gloves, 1 in helmet, 1 in boots, etc)

    Yes, except weapons, weapon mods are a separate thing. All the other armor pieces tho you can use the same three mods on all of them.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Neoneo said:

    Boost tower and buff beam is given as to know but buff servo should be pretty obvious and works as the name it’s given like any other servos my question is this a bug I mean water servo and other element is functioning as thier name given as servo but buff should work as power servo does isn’t it?

    Ahh, so I take it you read it as a "Just straight up buff your defense" servo?

    Its really meant as a "If your defense is already being buffed by another source, then and only then, will this servo buff it even more" servo.

  10. Just now, hajum023 said:

    This is a lot of maths, just leaving it here in case you wanna see the maths for it. TL;DR is; crit no good, power no good and anit-mod very good. (except for certain defenses like boost aura where anti-mods has no effect). (Edit: crit < power unless you have all types of crit chance and damage possible at that point I am too unfamiliar to say whats better, but anti-mods are better anyways so why bother?).



  11. 1 minute ago, Superb_Meow said:

    What about crit dmg in all of this? It's only good with power servro?

    This is a lot of maths, just leaving it here in case you wanna see the maths for it. TL;DR is; crit no good, power no good and anit-mod very good. (except for certain defenses like boost aura where anti-mods has no effect).


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  12. 1 minute ago, malf said:

    What i'd love to see (just me being greedy mayhaps) is the following (in addition to existing Cosmetic & Mananode rewards):

    • Every 50 floors: choose from either one of
      • random amount of mod reroll tokens bundle
      • random crafting resource bundle
      • random gold cache
    • Every 100 floors: choose from either one of
      • specific 10/10 relic
      • specific weapon
      • specific <insert-item-locked-behind-RNG>

    I would love this (assuming you meant one 10/10 mod ofc and not a relic full of 10/10s). I think for balance reasons with resets in mind, I think should have its nown bar counting the number of maps done and not just be handed out at floor 50, 100 and so on, would be kinda hard to balance if you could get these rewards every 30 floors :)

  13. 2 hours ago, Little Magic Hat said:

    I too think about the sadness around losing walls from chaos 6 on-wards. But then I attribute that more towards walls themselves than looking to nerfing the hell out of everything else just to make a single defence viable. Afterall, there are a ton of defences that are underused or not used at all because they're just bad.

    I was thinking the same thing for a long while, but then I started thinking of how I would buff blockades. I think that either way, one thing that has to happen is removing/severely nerfing the enemy damage scaling in onslaught if blockades are to be viable at any point in the game and not be too strong or too weak at any point because its not balanced around that point of progression.

    At this point, I thought that was about all we needed, and honestly, if you only want blockades to be viable, this would be it, and I think that in itself would be a welcome change especially if you need something for omega waves.

    It just turns out its not really about making walls viable, its about changing the playstyle from afk to engaged and that requires nerfing dps defenses. Thats why we need all the suggested changes to really make it happen.

    Of course this is just what I want, I respect it if you like the current game and only want to see walls viable in the same way flame auras are.

    1 hour ago, malf said:

    IDD; 'rebalancing' everything just to 'enable' one type of defense is without a doubt  a strange proposal, IMO.
    Buff walls and leave existing defenses intact. If walls were buffed to be a completely viable primary strat for Hardened / Unstoppable / Boss lanes then I can get behind that change. Changing the entire current playstyle and setup of existing defenses to make walls viable everywhere seems ridiculous.

    Whilst not optimal, walls are completely viable (read: effective) until floor 50ish - at least they were prior to their DU buffs and usage of dedicated wall mods. (source: I used them). They would most problably be viable now till even higher. Note: not efficient, just viable. Unless you're pushing floors, viability is all that counts for variety. Anything else is just an argument for catering to laziness.

    Same as the above: Its not about making walls viable its about changing the afk playstyle that too many players (inculding myself) has adopted. I just tried playing through campaign again where it felt very much like I imagine it will after such a balance change as suggested. It was a blast compared to anything else this game has to offer. Obviously we are all different so I think its good that you enjoy the game as is. I have just had a bit too many impulses compelling me to think that the community in general could benefit from these changes. So as you see, I am not specifically encouraging variety, I am encourging a more engaging playstyle for those of us that have grown a bit unengaged by all the ways to basically afk.

  14. 1 hour ago, Superb_Meow said:

    There should be a list of what works as a buff both for defenses and heroes.

    So far we have for defense buffs: boost aura and buff beam that are confirmed?

    Then for heroes, monk's heroic wave? barb's stances?

    Agreed, they should put it up on the wiki

  15. There are only a few ways to buff a defense in the game, its not the same as staying above 90% health. The two ways im absolutely certain counts as buffs is to buff you flame aura with a boost aura or buff beam. I do know that some 'buffs' that one might think would count as buffs actually doesnt. I dont have any examples right now, but my advise would just be to test for yourself if you really want use buff servo. Things id look into is power pylon, destructive pylon and frsoty power to name a few others to get you started. 

    However, I dont really think buff servo is worth using at all, as there are so many better options (for instance any anti-mod), so my advise would probably be to just use somethiing else and not bother with using it.

  16. 10 hours ago, Rentard said:

    So, completely change the game, alienate almost the entire player base... Just because you like to use walls more than others are using them?

    Sounds reasonable. 

    Are you trying to be funny or did you just not read my comments explaining how I dont think this would alienate the player base, but in fact bring it closer together by bringing top players closer to the strategies of newer players and imo a more intuitive way of thinking about the tower defense aspect.

    Not trying to hang you out or anything, I would just be very happy for some sort of reasoning of your perspective rather than throwing out accusations like that.

    Just a sidenote, but I would also like to stress the fact that this is an action tower defense game, lately I feel like the action part has been a bit lackluster - hence this post. It has nothing to do with me liking walls, just missing the action part as I can remember it from before.

  17. 3 hours ago, malf said:

    Goin down in power is a quick trip to a lost player base.

    Shafting the mid-tier players because the the top few% can reach OP levels is yet another way of potentially alienating the player base.

    I personally no longer have any affinity for building walls (even though I did at some point in the past). I'm completely fine with them being a niche utility, if that.

    Just to get a bit of context, how do you define mid-tier players? I`m gonna assume something like players with none/few gilded shards and 10/10 mods, but for the most part has pretty good builds and defenses. I dont really see how these players would get "shafted" as I personally would find a build using blockades far more intuitive and easier to wrap my head around, when the build you are currently trying to copy (and many times, not fully grasping) will stop being effective.

    I feel like new players especially would benefit from this, as now, endgame builds would look more like the way you are thaught to build during the campaign and just the way one would think made the most sence in general.

    I think what is way more alienating is new player discovering that most of what they knew about strategy in this game was not even close to what the reality of how the best way to build is.

    The only ones that would really get shafted would be the top players that have invested far too much time into their maxed relics and specific builds used to spawn camp enemies. Even so, I think these players would adapt after a couple of hrs into the new patch and I think that even their maxed relics would prove to be close to the perfect relics anyway, so its really just a matter of figuring out which defenses works well together and ofc finding a descent totem for your blockades (which most of us would have done in preparation).

    To me, this would be like a breath of fresh air. There is nothing so fun to me as trying to come up with the most "OP" builds possible on patch day and the following days.

  18. 8 hours ago, Ryzours said:

    Barricades are still used in many builds. If. You're OP for the level you're playing, of course you won't need barricades or much towers and it'll be an afk fest. Just play content your level?

    You can't expect them to completely rebalance the game at this point. It's easier for them to start over and make a new game.

    Really, walls are being used in many builds?  (just a bit suprised here) I have seen slight usage of the electric fingers orc blockades and ofc Juice doing some onslaught floor with spike blokades pretty recently. However I have yet to see anyone using blockades as one of their main defenses. I am also familiar with using them as decoys for enemies like throwers. I just find the number of ways I have seen them usedto be a little too niche to really say they are common for endgame players. Of course I am always up for suprises. 


    I could always push a couple of hundred floors to make it exciting, but the problem is that the way there is pretty unengaging. I pushed to floor 203 and watched netflix or yt on every single floor, then stopped cuz I got way to burnt out just sitting there, only moving when I saw bosses come out and occassionally just to check that everything was going smooth. 

    There is also the problem that in order to get materials and xp, c7 expeditions, which is even less engagin, is kind of a must-farm mode. 


    For the last part though. Of course, I completely understand that they are busy with DD:A, but when it comes to completely warping the game, it has been done multiple times before. I believe they said that they will keep working on DD2 even after DD:A is out and I am quite sure that "only" doing this, would be way more influential and time-efficient than producing new content, at least as far as providing a breath of fresh air goes.


    9 hours ago, atharix said:

    well man i am not sure what you mean, you can still use barricades today in expeditions and lower onslaught. Nobody blocks you and even game allows it.

    It is not meta - but you can do it.

    I used blockades happily until floor 50 basic c7 - no issues.

    Also in DD2 do not expect any big changes anymore - all effort goes now to DDA.

    I dont want to do floor 50 and c7 expeditions to challenge myself. Presumably I am not the only player that is too proud to nerf myself like that. I want to be able to say I can beat the most challenging aspects of the game because of superior strategy, experience and pushing what can be achieved in the game, not that I was able to beat something that almost all experienced players could beat with their eyes closed because I wanted to try something random.

    I said I think this would also make the game more engaging. That does not only apply to me. It applies to all players. I recently tried farming some c7 in public and well, I almost started feeling uncomfortable because no-one except the person building (me) was actually playing the game. They just sat there with their macro G buttons and moved occasionally just to clear their bags. The only reason they even bothered to log in and join on this lobby was so that they could free loot and xp while someone else built and then afked with them.

    I dont know if I am just being stupid, but people playing together and at same time not really playing together seems pretty weird to me. As much as I think this would be fun for me, I also feel like it would be good for the community to be more engaged and actually play together. This is just my opinion though.

    Cool challenge btw, seems interesting, if I get too burnt out one day and nothing changes, I think I might try it ( even though it goes against everything I just said xD ).

    Edit: btw, flame throwers can be quite useful in certain situations. Obviously not without shards or anything, but did you know that you can reach the range cap with just a range mod leaving you with tons of options to customize them. They can be quite mean in high roller lanes.

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  19. I miss using walls. I miss actually fortifying a lane for the onslaught of enemies that didnt die instantly to my dps defenses. I suggest:


    1. Reduce ALL dps aspects of all defenses and heroes by like 50-75% (edit: more like 90%) (also super nerf mods/shards/abilities like frostfire remnants, turn the tides/barb heal and monk boost)

    2. Remove the damage scaling of enemies in onslaught

    3. Adjust number of waves, number of mobs, the reward system, reset floors, etc. to balance the time investments as this will most likely lead to longer waves (maybe make each wave a bit more rewarding instead of just mostly the final one)

    4. Adjust some bosses like the yeti and drakenlord shatter combo so that your walls doesnt get instantly rekt

    5. Make it so that blokades stops cleave/explosion damage. Does not include for instance pierce, emp and aoe from bosses, only cleave/explosion from regular enemies so that towers like flame throwers can be viable in these sorts of builds as a somewhat general setup

    (Edit: 6. Also change tenacity servo as suggested below, so that traps, auras and nodes can be utilized on all lanes if built for it.


    I am probably just a bit nostalgic towards my early experiences with the game during nm4 (not pdt meta) and then again when trials first came, but I am quite sure that lower dps , actually chunky bosses and menacing enemies building up on the walls would make this game a lot more engaging and challenging, compared to a "I only need to kill bosses, otherwise its an afk-snoozefest" type of game


    Yours truly


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  20. I am not the first person with this idea, and honestly I think it should have been acted on ages ago. (also not sure if CG has said anything regarding this so feel free to add or criticise as you see fit)


    The suggestion: Make it a % reduction on the debuff effect and not the debuff timer


    Intended interactions:

    - Emps make defenses deal 100 - x%  less damage (not stackable by multiple emps)

    - Frost orc aura slows down attack rate by 100 - x% of however much it is slowed down now

    - Cursi-kaze reduces range and damage by 100 - x% of however much it is reduced now


    I see at least two reasons as to why this would benefit the game:

    1. To make all types of tenacity (not just 100%) viable, so that its more balanced compared to piercing servo

    2. To ease the onslaught grind in the earlier floors by leaving more easy options against frost orcs, espesially now with the c8 shards and new weapons, in addition to just the reset process, we have so much incentive to play onslaught, and I think this would be a great relief for everyone and make the grind more exciting over time


    note: i think three anti-mods is better for higher floors, so i dont see this really affecting the balance of higher onslaught

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  21. For the most part i would just upgrade flame auras  - all gilded ds and rate (+destr) and whatever three anti-mods you fancy (I usually go with melee, orc and frosty)- and lsa with the same shard setup (perhaps destructive pylon over range if you can afford it) and just three anti-mods (my prefered ones are melee, orc and miniboss), and then pair it with a water + shocking rev WM at campaign level. This combo completely makes you able to ignore headstrong flyers on your ground lanes and honestly FAs + WM can be used on every single flyer lane in the game.

    Note that this doesnt counter cursi-kaze lanes, but if you have a spare set of gilded shards you can just equip a random relic on your ramsters (or cannons if you find one with piercer) and perhaps boost with destr pylon if you upgraded that, works pretty good for those few times necissary. (Remember drakin and timmy cursi lanes dont actually do anything).

    For omega waves, I rarely bother with selling defenses I just up the lsas and press g.

    EDIT: A little tip, if you place the the periferal of the FA more or less excactly where the WM periferal is (assuming you have a gilded ds on the wm and FA), you can stunlock frost orcs before they freeze your FAs which keeps frost lanes from being overrun to easily. Antoher thing to note is that a combo of one node, two FAs and one lsa is only 140 du which makes you able to put down for instance a pdt or cannon if you have one or two spare sets of gilded shards and just equip some random c7 medallion. Otherwise you can go with a couple extra lsas if you have a lot of high health enemies or antoher node if theres a lot of enemies and you cant kill them fast enough, potentially one extra node + extra lsa(s) if you have the du for it.

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