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  1. Onslaught is supposed to be endless so I dont think CG wants us to go past 950. Maybe not half-assed, just lack-luster when it comes to the farming potential we would expect from "endgame" content. At least I think a few of these maps will be more fun to play than expeditions or grinding onslaught for days (counted in number of hrs) just to get to that same difficulty.
  2. The bows absolutely suck, although the other weapons are alright I only concern myself with the bows and burst shot is really bad. My c7 double shot out-dpses that and has more chances to proc stuns, I instantly sell all the bows I find bc I really dont want to look at them. Also less xp, less items and no materials (especially the no materials one) makes these map really unrewarding to play after you got your hypershards. Still, im excited to beat betsy a few times and then move on to dda, but please let us have some cool bows soon CG!
  3. My solution to revive walls (tl:dr): 1. Reduce the damage of all dps defenses 2. Remove damage scaling on onslaught enemies Now we have no reason to use walls as they are unnecessary, and in high onslaught they are more or less useless. Edit: Here is the full version.
  4. I wish for: 1. A sort of conclusion/setting up for dda or dd3 in terms of lore. 2. Balance changes to make certain damaging defenses more rewarding in comparison to something like FA, ideally It would come in the form of appropriate nerfs to all sources of damage, much like discussed in this rescent post. 3. A game mode/boss fight that can be played at two different difficulties; normal mode (c7) and hard mode. For hard mode you would need some power in terms of gilded shards, c8 gear, ap or high asc combined with a lot of knowledge about the game to beat i
  5. As long as its a endgame mode with a fun experience that has nothing to do with onslaught I'm happy.
  6. Not saying it would be bad for the game, just saying its a bit reduntant as you can get the same loot anyway. I am all for new content, but I think CG could do other things to spice up the game instead and be more rewarded for the time spendt. For instance to make incusrsions farmable at any difficulty and also have actual rewards.
  7. We already have adjustable c7 with c8 loot, its called onslaught...
  8. I agree we should have more anit-air towers. Can't find it rn, but I do remember either posting or just crafting a thread about changes I would make to defenses. One of the main changes was changing a few defenses like angry nimbus or volcano to be anti-air defenses. Skyguards and hailstorm tower should really get a buff too, I haven't used a single anti-air defense in any serious build for a very long time now, kinda sucks with the monk, but he has other good tools, the worst is honestly adept that only has that one defense that makes her special. I don't even have an adept in my deck at all
  9. Fair point. Its just that it takes too long before the challenge hits so that people (including me) gets burnt out way before we even get there. Its not like we choose to do 1+1 all the time bc we want to, but before we are allowed to do something more difficult, we just have to do it too many times. Its not a nerf to IQ, its a nerf to the how long it takes before something more challenging comes around.
  10. Yes, except weapons, weapon mods are a separate thing. All the other armor pieces tho you can use the same three mods on all of them.
  11. Ahh, so I take it you read it as a "Just straight up buff your defense" servo? Its really meant as a "If your defense is already being buffed by another source, then and only then, will this servo buff it even more" servo.
  12. This is a lot of maths, just leaving it here in case you wanna see the maths for it. TL;DR is; crit no good, power no good and anit-mod very good. (except for certain defenses like boost aura where anti-mods has no effect).
  13. I would love this (assuming you meant one 10/10 mod ofc and not a relic full of 10/10s). I think for balance reasons with resets in mind, I think should have its nown bar counting the number of maps done and not just be handed out at floor 50, 100 and so on, would be kinda hard to balance if you could get these rewards every 30 floors :)
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