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  1. It's about the hyper-shards. Mastery now is simple, there should be no gripes. It was not simple when players neither had mods on the equpiment/relics, and no gilded shards. The major boost of Mastery is the shards. All else in minor economic or decent flair improvement.
  2. Quinn the Wolf, yes, they should stabilize servers first. Who cares about beans when they are stale...show product management, show quality, get the issues fixed on your old and current projects before releasing your next project or else we should expect the same service. DDA is dd1 revisited, so nothing new. Quote me, hate the truth, you are going to hope that your gripes will induce new fantastic ideas. That's not how these roll-outs work.
  3. My Fissures and Harpies induce a lingering burning affect, same as burning strikes, yet are unable to drop Drakenfrost Lord's shields.
  4. I worded that poorly and made it seem as if you directly petitioned for a nerf. To be more specific, you were one of the very few thorough streamers early on, and Trendy digested your feedback. On your streams you kept mentioning how over-powered the bees were, yet kept using them. I felt like this was a kick-off of a hard META and it had become very noticeable by the devs. Being that I am one of the only Dryad users left, I notice how the bees becoming single-target traps has greatly reduced their effectiveness. Trendy's response seems to be nerf whenever a tower is over-used to gain levels. My agitation with nerfing lies with Chromatic. I do believe that you brought great attention to it. Back when The Lost Temple became unclimbable on PS4, there was no resolution but the nerfs rolled out quickly, which kept me from catching Marcos (personal goal). I kept reporting crashes (from floor 199 to 200 over 30 crashes) but Trendy kept asking about internet connection, time zone, and server played on. They never took the freeze-on-wave-five issue seriously until a lot of people were having the issue with towers being non-responsive because there was just too much information being processed. But when a nerf is needed they jump right on it. To allow someone to spam bees, weapon mans, poison dart towers, etc., hit a floor, then nerf a particular build is lazy. That is my point. And Juice, you were the most popular DD2 streamer at the time, other than Simon B for Mastery, and were adamant about the bees power. Not soley your fault, I concede. Now the pirate ship lags hard, and half of the spawn points don't have descriptors, the Drakenfost map does not fit the Onslaught mode, and The Lost Temple is only reasonable with one or two players. Fix these issues Chromatic. Oh wait, Hail made a nice build as a demo for new players...go get the nerf on and then maybe do more than think about fixing those map issues.
  5. An added dilemma, adding elemental damage, fire damage, to either weapons or relics does not indeuce an elemental ruleset in all circumstances. Any fire tower should defrost the Drakenlord's shield as well. Fissure of Embermount, harpies/sand viper's fire mods, etc. Very broken "balance"-mechanisms.
  6. How about you find a beautiful girlfriend/boyfriend and go out dancing? If you have a handycap get one of those special set-ups for snow/water skiiing or equestrian set-ups. Replacing gaming with excercise or learn more about developing games and make a great one based off of your successes and failures. Hail, I like your videos. Nice layout and informative. Hearing you say thanks for the memories DD2 when you haven't even been playing a year is interesting, though. It's like hearing Steph Curry or James Harding thanking the legends that they've had the opportunity to play with while Bird, Jordan and Olajuwan (sp?) are enjoying a game of poker. Those two phenominal players really haven't played against any legends all that often. Try not to mention Juicebags name too much. He was a large reason bees got nerfed. Nerfing is a lazy way to balance games. There were two solid alternatives that (at the time Trendy) Chromatic had as opposed to making wild, biological creatures go from swarming to single-targetting hive units. Nerfing is lazy and crying for nerfs is only done by lazy, non-creative people. Coming up with solid, well thought out, balancing mechanisms is tough, and takes time.
  7. Before anymore nerfs are put in place, Chromatic should smooth out the game on all platforms. I.e. reduce mob-count increase mob health as a part-solution for four players on high levels in Onslaught. Add incentives for milestones in Onslaught; i.e. increase the quality of the game where needed before taking the time to impose nerfs.
  8. So we lose the European players for a costume patch. Excellent. It seems DD developers are instructed to lure the masses in, because it's free-to-play, but are not concerned about sustaining quality. Onslaught is still broken, after all of this time. DD1 end-game became a joke. A costume patch expels a server. What is to be expected from DDA? Chromatic G, your game had better not be designed to pilfer money for quick cash. Do not release it if it is loaded with glitches. You have receieved 350 thousand dollars because people believe in you. Honor it with quality. Do not expect us to be your game testers. Release it as if it was your last chance at honoring your work.
  9. My point; Onslaught is a part of DD2, yet it is broken. Fix DD2, parts thereof, before adding anything. That way we will have the impression that our time will be well-spent in DDA and DD3. DD1 end-game was broken. Onslaught in DD2 is broken. Fix what you've chosen to release.
  10. I did not suggest that Onslaught get all of the incentive. I suggested that it get fixed. Please do not misrepresent my words. Adding an endgame boss is great, but just one feat. Fixing Onslaught and adding tiered rewards, such as new mods and shards would be well-coupled with a raid mode. I'm desiring for Chromatic Games to act like they give a darn about our time spent. Make quality. Many people have left due to the unplayability of certain maps, on any server. Temple is required for Onslaught. Fix it.
  11. Pets and flair are not considered End Game. Make the Temple actually playable and give incentive to keep climing floors. The Temple high end floors have been incredibly glitchy on all servers since its release. There is no point in adding anything if the Temple and the Pirate Ship glitch out.
  12. Make Onslaught The Lost Temple playable.With four people it's glitch-fest. To me, it's the best map in the game, but very buggy. Been this way since 2017. Adding rewards for milestones (passing floor 250, 500, 750, 999) would be awesome, but unless the lag is fixed then what's the point. Add amazing rewards and a very tough raid-mode.
  13. The game is on the downstroke
  14. Issue after issue. This game would have been absolutely tremendous without the constant issues; constant issues. Come on Trendy!
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