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  1. I'll be more specific. The reason why I had been so thorough in my reply to Mr.Peter is because we were talking about anti-frost orc methods. Against Frost lanes, there is a set-up that is more devastating than using just all anti mods. Whether or not the extra damage is based off of the relic's base damage power (which would be pointless), or the relic's combined power, post-mods/shards, there is a way to compile more damage against frost lanes than using all anti-mods, which ultimately nerf the overall damage, in which the damage boosts the anti mods' bonuses are based off of.
  2. What needs to be considered and measured is that anti mods decrease damage greatly, and I do not think that many people consider this. If you make a perfect medallion, and this goes with any tower or trap, couple it with the right mods, then you have a powerhouse. Each time you replace a mod on the tower with an anti-mod you decrease the damage ouput drastically. Yes, you do increase the damage to certain mobs but you take away overall power to a point where the base dps is irrelevant. I had experimented with this, swapping out medallions with particular mods and in finality there is one way a medallion is the overall powerful choice for a tower/trap's particular function: 1. You have an elite option (said tower/trap does more damage to any mob, by a large percent (average of 17% over the benefit of an "anti" mod) and is damaging all mobs without prejudice 2. The use of anti mods will only yield a total of 5% more damage (building with all 10/10s comparitively) than option 3 and will only yield a benefit against certain mobs. 3. You have a balanced yield of damage output and your tower/traps effect all mobs but do not yield the maximum damage potential against certain mobs. In order to discover this you have to have a lot of resources. I have a lot of leftover 10/10 mods so I did the actual experiment (still have a piercer 10/10, anti-melee 10/10, tenacity 10/10, anti miniboss 10/10 all rotting, PS4 if you are interested). Option one yields the most damage, even over the bonus damage of an anti-mod. This damage exceeds the benefit of each anti-mod by an average of 17% (anti-frost mod deals an extra % against frost yet takes away overall damage output. The damage output of option 1 is far greater than an anti-frost option's bonus 60% damage (c8 10/10). Nobody seems to talk about how much damage anti-mods take away from a relic. If you build an excellent relic, then its benefits will outweigh the benefit of an anti-mod. So far, I've only discovered one consistent way of doing this. Don't just jump on an "anti" just because it juxtaposes your mob-type nemesis. There is a much better way.
  3. It gets to the point where gold is just gold; you always can get it in DD2. Legendary Weapons Manufacturer = priceless. I wouldn't sell one if I had one, for any amount. I'll keep posting different builds and new tower powers. So far the Earthshatter, Nimbus, and Blaze Balloon have been more effective than their D.U. cost of 60. I only state the damage ouput based off of placement, shards, and mods. The Volcano has proven to be invaluable on Greystone Plaza, the Lost Temple, Drakenfrost Keep, Dead Road, Drakenfrost Resort, Crumbled Bulwark, and both variations of the throne room. Again, placement, shards, and mods are definately key with the volcano. I've been taking a lot of time off, but I'll focus on climbing through the weekend. It's great to see a few good builders using the Dryad now, climbing onslaught.
  4. Anything with the anti-frost mod, preferrebly 10/10 (gives extra 60% damage). If it is a trap you are using then anti-frost mod with defense rate mod and defense rate shard. If you overcap defense rate the frost orcs will hit a slow-wall, where they can only slow your defenses so much. Research over-capping defense rate if I am not being clear. Personally I use overcapped fissures with 10/10 anti-frost mod and overcapped defense speed, or ramsters with antifrost mod 10/10, depending on map and lane scenarios. On the anti-frost I did mention, preferrably. Sometimes the "anti" mods do not outweigh overall damage.
  5. Way less boring is right. That's a major reason I did not AP reset; I am too all over the place to reset. Conversely, I have spent countless hours farming materials. I will give you 500 million gold for your legendary weapon's manufacturer. Joking. Those are priceless. I left before and came back after those were possible to make. I cannot imagine the value of Shocking Revelations and water servos during that period
  6. The both, Geyser and Blaze Balloon have been extremely effective for me. I notice fewer damage taps against enemies drench by geyser and the blaze balloon is melting. My snaking sands is slowing effectively as well. You have a lot of bugs that I do not have. Leaderboard issues, BB issues, Geyser issues, Snaking sands issues. If I were to have those issues I would be bothered.
  7. Gratitude for such an implementation (TCDO). Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Power servo mods (all 10/10).Guilded Defense Rate, Guilded Crit Damage, Guilded Destruction shards. Crit Damage shard is interchangeable with guilded deadly strikes based off of lane scenario. Under these conditions with boost aura, all guilded shards, the blaze balloon dealt 2.6 times the damage of two flame auras, no upgrades. Where D.U. is precious for me, the lost temple, upgrading one tower has been more effective long-term as opposed to upgrading two flame auras. Nothing has gotten passed the blaze ballon damage radius. Geyser bugged? In what way. It seems to work as intended, for me.
  8. I used the Blaze Balloon (some acronyms I am not familiar with...TCDO). On the Lost Temple Frosty lane and they cleared the lane more quickly than two Flame Auras. I had only compared the scaling to one Flame Aura as each upgrade applied to one tower, 50/100/150/200, was much more cost effective for the one Blaze Balloon as opposed to two Flame Auras being twice the mana is used. I had only compare one tier 1 BB vs. 2 tier 1 FA fir this reason. Your math is good though, Glint (not being sarcastic. It is difficult to tell via text so I make it clear).
  9. Sure, Glint. When you test and compare it is important to have the same sample base. In this case the sample base is represented by exact match; i.e., same mods, same mod power, and same shard, same mrdallion power. My hypothesis in regards to flame auras vs. Blaze Balloon was based off of placing two flames auras against the tavern dummies, then placing the same medallion and same shards, all guilded, on blaze balloon. The result was 2.6 times the damage, blaze balloon over flame auras. Take note, I am stingy on my specific design, for now.
  10. I'm not having any issues. Floors 350+ are the same difficulty as the 150s so far. Last night, Drakenfrost dragon hit a new record for appearances. Previous was 9, now it is seventeen on wave 5; non-stop coming and going. A new idea that I had been flirting with is Blaze Ballon. Tried it, and it's damage is incomparable. It is 60 D.U. but did 2.6 times the damage of two Flame Auras, which makes the D.U. expense justifiable. Have to have max attack rate on it, 0.25. I experiment with electrocution, burn, and petrification; bonus help-builds. Slimes work great with Blaze Balloon; in corruption form they oil which causes burn = causing severe damage. Geyser adds drench which coupled with a defense + storm servo gives electrocute. Geyser (will need max tenacity depending on placement/mobs in lane)also adds ...next source of damage adds an additional 35% damage. This, I believe is the high end trick. I have the Geyser's shards guilded, adding bonus additional damage. Petrification has highest top-end damage with Earthshatter over Reflect Beam. At base my Earthshatters do 9 million (this is with Earth Toss and anti-melee 10/10) and work heavily in conjunction with Sky Guards and poison dart towers/ramsters with poison servo. I'm still changing out medallions and shards depending on the map and rulesets. These combos are still melting floors. Placement is everything. I use the turtle build (copyright 2019 -Palo) so that I use the fewest amount of boost auras (with guilded deadly strikes in some cases) saving me D.U. The Lost Temple is always an experiment.
  11. I don't think Chromatic is going to move much on DD2 until they have the kinks worked out of DDA. When they work between the two they'll get a good return, I believe
  12. I use a guilded deadly strikes, depending on the map. Otherwise I have all shards focusing on power enhancement. On Skyguards I swap out medallions, depending on the fliers spawn point and modified rulesets, and one of those medallions has a 10/10 controller servo.
  13. Greystone Plaza. So far builds have had zero issues, unless I do not consider the cheaters; Hex throwers. They only require attention, not a difference in build.
  14. I've not bought any bags nor the material vault. I wanted to collect as well, but if you are needing room, collecting is something that you have to disregard. Trendmatic is focusing on DDA. The requests for extra bags is very old. It is important you make the best you of your space; selling more frequently and letting go of things you do not need
  15. Littlehorn Valley, Molten Citadel, Dead Road. I do not gear my sky guards with anti mods due to the fact that they are thoroughly synergistic with the Earth Toss mod, (Earth Toss guilded is worth the trouble). You might take caution if you have no other air defense. I regularly use hornets and the angry nimbus as primary (ground) and secondary defenses (air). These are pictures of 353, 356 and 357 respectively.
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