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  1. My point; Onslaught is a part of DD2, yet it is broken. Fix DD2, parts thereof, before adding anything. That way we will have the impression that our time will be well-spent in DDA and DD3. DD1 end-game was broken. Onslaught in DD2 is broken. Fix what you've chosen to release.
  2. I did not suggest that Onslaught get all of the incentive. I suggested that it get fixed. Please do not misrepresent my words. Adding an endgame boss is great, but just one feat. Fixing Onslaught and adding tiered rewards, such as new mods and shards would be well-coupled with a raid mode. I'm desiring for Chromatic Games to act like they give a darn about our time spent. Make quality. Many people have left due to the unplayability of certain maps, on any server. Temple is required for Onslaught. Fix it.
  3. Pets and flair are not considered End Game. Make the Temple actually playable and give incentive to keep climing floors. The Temple high end floors have been incredibly glitchy on all servers since its release. There is no point in adding anything if the Temple and the Pirate Ship glitch out.
  4. Make Onslaught The Lost Temple playable.With four people it's glitch-fest. To me, it's the best map in the game, but very buggy. Been this way since 2017. Adding rewards for milestones (passing floor 250, 500, 750, 999) would be awesome, but unless the lag is fixed then what's the point. Add amazing rewards and a very tough raid-mode.
  5. The game is on the downstroke
  6. Issue after issue. This game would have been absolutely tremendous without the constant issues; constant issues. Come on Trendy!
  7. It's easy for Trendy to add content; it is hard for Trendy to keep gameplay smooth across all platforms. It is very hard for them. Vey cool crew, great tower defense, but very poorly designed. This game has had bad issues since its inception. I sincerely thought that they would get the issues nailed down before adding more content. There seems to be a foundation code that is keeping the rest of the game from standing upright. I'm now convinced, after this latest patch, that they just don't know how to keep the console issues away
  8. The game has been plagued with issues for two years. Issues are continual.
  9. Trendy has reduced Onslaught to one floor now, in return, you must suffer.
  10. Palo that is actually very cool. All of the other achievements listed bored me, but this is something very unique.
  11. Placed 1st in 12 out of 31 international poker tournaments in the last 40 days.
  12. Lingering Hellifre and Embermount Flames are two example that should contribute to the "Control Burn" ruleset. This would also contribute to the mods value in a tremendous way.
  13. Griping and complaining to the developers, not infering you do this, is a very negative way of expressing feedback. I will always be against this. Farming lower tiers for shards is incredibly tedious, yet, gilding is an added bonus, not a requirement. I've gilded over 20 chaos 1-3 shards and it was a very non-progressive use of time, other than the shards. Time and effort pay off, and it is good that this non-requirement, added gift, is not the easiest thing to do. May the most perseverant be the most rewarded.
  14. Player, Mastery does suck. The main issue is that it takes away all of the power the people put so much time into attaining. At least you have three things that weren't around in the past. AP powers, mods, and gilded shards. The hypershards are worth the constant adjusting to rules and overcoming Mastery.
  15. Okielos. You have much respect from me. I van quote you at least five post within the last two months where people have misquoted me as to support their derragatory viewpoint, and I thought that this was just another one of those. I apologize to you. I am impressed at your openness in these forums. Much respect.
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