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  1. This is a very recycled request (meaning, every few months new players enter DD2 and make this request). DD2 is how it is. If they honor your request, Ninja, then how does Chromatic reward those who had to endure the grind over and over. The effort is taken away from the people that have put in the time and ground out the horrible Random Number Generator (RNG) system that Chromatic has in place (by the way it is not "random." It is a controlled random; major difference). Chromatic has if in place to favor purchases for impatient people. They've already screwed the long-grinders over twice in a big way... All-of-the-sudden the new people end up with better gear more quickly than those that have endured.
  2. Gta, first off, you are a very honest player with a great attitude. I want to get that out upfront because you bring up a point that has been needing to be made every since Onslaught's conception; carries. You are stuck on floor 36 and are needing help to get to 500. What's the point. If you are carried to floor 129 then you will end up being one of the worst builders in the game. People who have relied on carries and the water servo/weapon's manufacturer combo have ended up being some of the worst builders in the game, and have moved on to Minecraft and Fortnite. Prestige a lot, or farm Pristine Motes to build up c8 medallions. Learn what works best for whatever rulesets and go from there. Learn by trial-and-error or you will end up not knowing how to do anything well in DD2. Anyone has any right to ask for carries. The more carries you get, the less quality you will produce. "That's not necessarily true, Lotus." 'Yes it is. Be gone, water servo/weapons manufacturer abusers.' "But it saves on DU." 'Oh you mean that you don't know how to adapt to any lane that has that applied the Headstrong rule.'(I have a post coming for all of you, so be happy).
  3. On PS4 - if interested post offers here and I'll message you. Anti - Chaos x 2 servo Anti - Melee x 2 servo All elemental shards/servos Robust helm Healthy AP chest Anti - Miniboss servo Anti - frost servo Piercer servo Anti orc/goblin/warboar Controller servo Tenacity chest Single/triple/quadruple chip Light/medium/heavy chip Crit damage servo Crit chance servo Diverse power/crit dmg/crit chance servo All are 10/10. Other 10s in vault are rotting (no rate/range/tenacity servos). Again, list offers here. I will not address any questions, and will only reply to comments in regards to why aliens actually don't exist, and why the universe only contains life on Earth...well, maybe I'll reply...actually I probably won't. If you have a good offer then I'll contact you over PSN.
  4. To fully experience the devastating nature of the Dryad, you have to be in Corrupt form. While in corrupt form you cannot heal yourself. The tree will heal you, as well as allies, plus increase your crit chance...can use blockade shards as well. Proper placement of the bees, coupled with the right mods/shards, gives the bees predictable targetting. A while back, when Jose and Lawlta were in a dev stream, they were talking about the rumor of the hornets having a nerf incoming. Lawlta stated that it isn't actually a nerf, but an improvement, in a way. He ended up being right. Treat them like a single-targetting tower. Place them as such and build them to your war style. I put a guilded Defense Rate, vicious strikes, and mass destruction on them. As for the mods, I'll tell you later. The absolute key to their destruction is placement. Hornets, in corrupt form, are amazing.
  5. I wasn't suggesting perfection, I was suggesting effort. When I mention that Chromatic Games was aware of issues with The Lost Temple back when it was first released, the long-standing issues and lack of resolution was my focus. Inability to resolve their issues with consoles. The only time I was even considering perfection with this game was when you put the idea forth in the form of a question. I feel like their lack of quality control, coming up with an incredibly flawed Ancient Power system, and asking for a kickstarter were actions of disrespectful taste to the player-base. I enjoy DD2 more than any other tower defense game. That's why I'm disappointed.
  6. Prime Incursions and Ancient Power resets were not designed with the players' best interest in mind. Chromatic Games has no grasp on quality control. Weapons Manufacturer (WM) with Water Shard (WS)100% Tenacity should have been realised before it was released; should have been remedied long ago. The zest of DD2 seemed to have left shortly after The Lost Temple release. It took me taking a year-and-a-half off just to come back and enjoy the game. I feel fortunate that I do not have the WM/WS combo or else I would have to fight that temptation. I do not understand what satisfaction people get by copying and pasting builds in order to climb, or even desiring carries. Climbing onslaught without using METAs and combos immune to the game's intended design is gratifying... for now. With all of the issues that DD2 has, unbalanced mechanics, and lack of quality control, I am disappointed in the people who backed the DDA kickstarter. You all straight up gave Chromatic Games a carte blanche runway. By your actions you said that all of the issues DD2 has are quite all right. Hey, do it again with DDA. Shame on us who do not have the tenacity to hold out for quality. Shame on you Chromatic Games for leaving a sub-par product out as an example of your work, an for having the audacity to ask the players whom you draw in for so long but havenot the knowledge for quality end-game, and then asking players to fund a kickstarter. I trusted that you would get the issues fixed. Back in 2017 when I was on floor 199 (no mods/guilded shards) I crashed/froze over 30 times before I hit floor 200. This was when the second place person was on floor 160 something - PS4. Marcos was flying on PC, Nigiri kept sending videos and constantly communicating issues, I kept a back-and-forth dialogue going with you all about how towers would not function, and you kept wanting video. Nigiri sent you all so much to work with and you weren't able to do a thing about it. Oh, but you kept taking money from those willing to purchase. Shut the game down for a week, resolve the issues. No communication, just constant devstreams that neglected console users completely ("...we're working on it). To this day, based off of the core design, DD2 is not designed for fluid multi-play yet it says that you can run 4 players per map. Chromatic Games you need to have a caution for those desiring to run more than one player on a map. Shame on you Chromatic Games for knowing about these issues the entire time and not knowing how to fix them, and then asking players for money in order to make another game. Work on your end-game before creating time-traps to lure people in. Your Ancient Power reset strategy was a joke. Who's playing now that has 50+ resets? Hardly anyone, if anyone. You've bored them to death. Create raids, special loot, set bonus items to keep people wanting more. Get creative! Re-releasing another set of hypershards...one Prime a week, and it takes three Primes for a shard... excellent strategy. Way to be creative.
  7. There are too many factors involved for you to have an accurate calculation. Which towers/traps are used per rulset? Which mods/shards are used? Does someone have five different Abyss Lords created with five Colossus walls, all 10/10 mods fortications guilded, buff aura with boosted grasp in front of the wall, world tree with gulded health pylon behind, backed up by PDTs all guilded....you get the point. Thousands of different scenarios with different mod/shard combos/builds/etc. Placement, which heroes used, mods/shards on them....you get the point. I'll admit, The Lost Temple has been a nightmare (glitches, freezing, rubber-banding). When I hit my highest floor, I'll list out my towers, traps (anyone use Geyser with c8 10 tenacity, guilded defense rate....etc. Right at the beginning of a stun/slow. Bees mowing them down..etc. Geyser adds next source dmg % increased by 'X' depending on a drenched shard equipped. Placed correctly it's a nuke).
  8. If all use one build, then the game appears unappealing to me. I started with the Dryad and understand her with an A+ rating; for example, you have to treat the beehive like a cannon, while understanding their chaotic targetting. The nimbus is the most devasting 60 DU spent on general mobs (over Earthshatter, based off of shard/mod combo), yet I use both in conjunction. Do you want bees to focus more on air? Take off Earth toss. MybShatters have a 10 anti-melee and a 10 Shatterquake. The other 10 could be swapped to further increase damage. I don't build to single target lanes in general, I did not AP reset because I felt that it was an incredibly repetitive process to those that did, and it seemed to bore players in great detail while benefiting Trendy/Chromatic Games encouraging players to "buy" their gems and packages to reduce the time in which you level. I understand this model but do not respect it, so I will not AP reset, and I've not bought a materials vault out of agitation towards the company. The only purchases have been cosmetic, because of all of the issues. While I was off for a year-and-a-half I missed out on the water shard combined with weapons manufacturer. Wookie I don't even know what tooltip is and either what data are you requesting or what "claim" you assume I am making, that the Dryad is a Demi-god in Corrupt? You either know how to use her or you do not. She, in my opinion, is the only builder that is not cut-and-paste. Nimbus, for example, when to use a guilded Cthulu's Influence (sometimes 6 second charm is 6 seconds, others it's .6 seconds) and when to use a shard based off your experimenations. I've only used the Dryad ever since her release, as my main builder. I believe I'm the only one that has done that through the glitches and the mods. I do not believe myself to be a master, yet I do believe to have utterly mastered the Dryad.
  9. I cannot imagine it running smoothly with 4 players on floors 250+. It (DD2) would be so incredible if it did. And I care not about DDA. Many are not getting it due to the lack of quality with DD2 for so long. Many companies shout, "it's free-to-play." That excuse can rot. Any game, free or not, reflects on the company. DD2, even with all of its issues was rated an 81 overall. I can't imagine if Chromatic did it right. It would probably be a 96.
  10. 100 % agree Wookie. I'm already skipping DDA. Just a revamp with extras of DD1. If DDA is worked out, I'll invest in DD3.
  11. Offer in gold or Pristine clusters
  12. Not if you take the time to build her up. To experience her prowess you have to be in Corrupt form during combat phase. Have the perfect mod/shard combo. Most people do not use deadly strikes on bees. I take it a step further and use Vicious Strikes. Placement and the direction you face. I'm using a primary Dryad build and reached floor 200+ easily. My greatest trial is when the Temple freezes and creatures float through walls (PS4) and you have no idea what's up for a good moment in time.
  13. However you perceive it, Broken. Chromatic Games has known about the Temple issue since its release, and are too prideful to communicate what issues they are having, or that they do not have the knowledge to fix the Temple. It is the best tower defense game by a longshot, but they reel you in an abandon the project. Beware DDAwakened; prepare for sub-par resolutions. Going to have some "not purchasing" until Chromatic gets professional. That's why they needed a kickstarter; just in case players reflected future releases to DD2 poor quality control. Issue after issue.
  14. Dryad is not weak at all. Not at all (I use her in corrupt).There are so many things that people don't know about her. Water/electricity combo, poison/earth combo. Focus on those. You have to be ready and willing to fight in Corrupt form. Right shards, all towers are amazing based off of Onslaught mutator rules per lane. I use all of her towers, but slimes with incredible rarity. You have to determine which towers get anti-chaos and anti-melee (these do not reflect d.p.s.). Based off of how you build and like to fight, shard/mod combo is a must. In corrupt you have to stay alive or your towers' corrupt effects as well as d.p.s. drop drastically. Sakura, it takes a lot of hands on and research to master the Dryad in Corrupt form. Once you get it, she's a Demi-God.
  15. Dryad is not weak at all. Not at all (I use her in corrupt).There are so many things that people don't know about her. Water/electricity combo, poison/earth combo. Focus on those.
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