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  1. If I only had two characters to play with, I'd want them both to be tower characters. Especially when you are first starting out, filling up all the DU can be quite a challenge (esp. on Insane difficulty). Up through Hard difficulty you can finish all the original Campaign levels (up through Summit) without using more than one hero class. For Insane you may each want to branch out with a 2nd character.
  2. I just did Magus Quarters on NM, it was a little shaky at first. Wasn't expecting an ogre on the first wave, but I ended up killing it anyways. Have they buffed the loot from challenges? The last time I did challenges, the loot was hardly better than drops from Glitter, and then only specific items at that. Insane HC Challenge loot are roughly equivalent to starter myths. NM HC Challenge loot is roughly equivalent to Higher Wave NMHC ES weapons.
  3. Would I even be able to do a wave on insane in the new content? I did beat all three shards maps on medium, but they were really rough for me on the boss fights. Although I haven't done them since my huntress hit 74 and got the new bow. I may have to revisit them. I did try insane hc glitter, and I almost lost when I got a triple ogre spawn on one door. Wiped out my defenses pretty much instantly. With your stats, you should be able to do Glitter without taking damage (assuming you are active). Perhaps look for some solid builds in the Guides section? Doing Insane on a Shards map would i
  4. Yeah, wave 24, meaning that's close to the last wave. Normal people like me with 1k stats probably can't handle getting to that point without using a good build. I imagine OP is on Mixed Mode, which would be very very challenging with 1k stats. On non-mixed mode you can probably get close to or actually beat Campaign Survivals. If you want good/solid builds, Maka has posted all the ones he used for Transcendant Survivalist in the guide section. I've used most of them and they worked pretty well.
  5. Some thoughts: Blockades - Forward facing spike blockades aren't very good. They damage ogres, encouraging the ogres to hit them. If you face them backwards (or use EV walls) then the walls aren't generating as much aggro, and the towers shooting them are. This results in ogres spending more time walking back and forth trying to figure out how to get to the towers shooting them. Darkness Traps - I normally use Darkness traps *or* Strength Drain Auras to remove immunity. Both is a bit redundant. Str. Drain is normally my choice. Looking at your build, perhaps your aura radius isn't bi
  6. Gas Traps (optionally plus elemental stripping, normally str. drain aura) They provide a huge amount of survivability for your walls. NM is ideally about not letting your walls get hit by anything except ogres. Gas traps create a blockage of regular monsters that ogres can't walk through. So sometimes they stop Ogres too. Gassing Djinn and Sharken (before charge range) is a huge bonus. EV Towers Mostly for the EV walls and buff beams, for reasons others have said. For Buff Beam with modest stats (600/600/250/600) you get about 3x damage about of your towers (2x damage 1.5x rate). A dedic
  7. The base game is great as is for up to 100 hours of your time. Try different characters, mix and match defenses, beat the toughest stuff you can on insane, etc. Additional characters are a great low-cost DLC since they let you do the base game in a different way. Without defenses, though, the Barbarian is a bit tough to play in that regard. If you want additional maps and challenges, totally get the Eternia Shards DLC. Loads of maps and challenges for the cost. After your first 100 hours, if you've masted Insane, then you might want to give Nightmare mode a try. Just keep in mind, Nightmar
  8. You get more items for completing Shipwreck than any other OMF, so that would be my recommendation.
  9. Ah, the summoner question is good too. If you were reliant upon the summoner when it was released, quite a few of his minions have changed in power level. (particularly the mage)
  10. No difference in the number of players or whether Mixed Mode was enabled? Either of those can represent a substantial increase in monster difficulty
  11. I believe Dingle's explanation is probably valid. We've only been provided one person who claims it was reduced. That post has not provided clear examples of it having changed.
  12. Try the Mitt Romney or Tycho skin so your character moves faster (like a countess)
  13. My Mage is feeling a bit less mighty, wow. 7.35c -> 7.36 numbers 844 Tower Attack Tavern 50100 -> 25137 NM Deeper Wells Dummy 162824 -> 81695 NM Healing 1340 ->1340
  14. I think so. I found lionheaded masks on Karathiki only. I've gotten one from Aquanos, and another map (maybe it was Misty?)
  15. at 80 per up, and 300 ups, that's ~24000 damage. so if it does 55k it needed to have 31k base damage. Going with calling it "hacked"
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