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  1. Likely not going to work due to the fact right now we require a very picky active connection to your client at all times outside of the gameplay stuff itself to communicate you messages like where to matchmake to, party related stuff, and etc. This typically doesn't work well with certain VPN connections like WTFast and players with unstable connections. We are working on handling this differently and trying to have some pieces out within the next few months here to remove this absolute perfect connection requirement as we know its a pain point for some players. Glad to hear this : D
  2. I am a big fan of this game, but i am getting a lot of lag while playing with others. So i decided to use this program called "WTfast". However, when i try to run this program with DunDefGame.exe, the game gets stuck at the login screen after i click "Play" on the launcher screen. Does this game work with WTfast? or did i do something wrong?
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