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  1. max crit chance is 33% no matter what boosts you have can´t go over that. Or do i miss something here?
  2. yes, that was me, This includes loading, building, repairing/upgrading and the chest, no use in ignoring all these things when talking aobut how long it takes to complete a floor. I didn´t say 13mins is fastest for C4. your argument was that you can do onslaught in 45mins and over an hour is slow. Well ofc if we talk farming levels you are right. If we talk challening levels you are wrong. the problem that it takes too much time for a 3 map floor is still there. No matter how fast i can farm lower floors, it´s no use at the current one.
  3. Well i can´t build slimes at cybork lanes. You can´t place them out of reach for the cyborks but still killing them with it on every lane. so there goes that argument. Also even if, this takes even more time, i am far away from knowing all the sweet spots on the maps where you can acutally build traps on cybork lanes. espcially slimes can be misplaced very easily if it comes to that. Also i dislike the huntress. A lot. Never played here anymore after getting the dryad. But that´s a selfmade problem. :D And tbh if the dryad gets nerfed a lot, i will quit. i struggle with her beeing OP...
  4. did you recognize that i said i am talking floors that are actually a challenge, like you can´t be sure you really beat it? not something you just plow trough? i can be fast when i am OP too. The problem isn´t floors where i am OP the problem is the current floor where i am not OP. a bit over 8mins per map without upgrading, repairing and checking the bosses if that cyborg comes on one of my lanes where i use traps ofc. add that, because it is both needed in onslaught and we have 11mins. let´s say 10. Then we still have the fact that it is onslaught and you need to check every single lane for it´s mutator and can´t do the same build everywhere. Remember i am not talking farming here, but the floor that gives you headache because your gear and level are barely enough to beat it, but only if you don´t make a single mistake. can you do a 3 map floor on the edge of your gear and level in under 35mins? i doubt that. nice that you can go really fast, but that doesn´t help a normal player at all. we still have the time problem no matter how fast you are. Also plying that fast even if possible feels more like beeing in work than having fun in a game tbh. Hurry, hurry, hurry all the time. not my definition of fun.
  5. 33mins for a 3 maps floor? I tested this on Chaos 4, overpowered and overgeared like crazy . Just to get an idea. Including 2mins of building it took me 13mins for a map including upgrading and repairing. No time wasted. So on chaos 4 i can just slam a slime and 3 or 4 hornets per lane without having to think where i build what or wich boss might come. Same for repairing, just did this because in onslaugh i have to repair/upgrade. Everything dies instantly when entering the map, bosses last like 3 seconds (didn´t really stop that time...) 11 mins per map in C4 if i stop the time from the moment i enter combat the first round. And you can go 33mins for onslaught? Not knowing how to build before because you can´t know wich mutators come up where? I mean even if you are that overpowered and overgeared that you can do the same build no matter what mutators are where, this can´t really be true. Onslaught has usually more enemies than a chaos map. Also the people who don´t have enough time to do 3 maps in a sitting, aren´t overpowered and overgeared for their current floor. We need to be carefull what we build where and if i see how much time it already takes to be able to read every lane description properly (nice overlapping there trendy, for some you gott acutally get in front of the lane to be able to read them) it is impossible to be even close to 45mins for 3 maps. 33mins for a 3 map floor that is actually a challenge is just not possible not even 45. (again, without buidling and everything dying instantly it took 11mins for a C4 map)
  6. bwhahahahaah. yeah sure. oh you want more? ok shoot na, not in work anymore, your are not worth my free time.
  7. bwhahahahaah. yeah sure.
  8. I am just sick of "git gud or get rekt" arguments that have nothing to do with my problem. I mean he seriously thinks i am gonna give up things in my life for gaming? That´s not healthy. 3 saves per map similar to what we have for replay now and an advantge in the ladder if you don´t use them for the people who need to see themselves in a ranking. No one has any disadvantages. But no, some people fear that their status in gaming life could be harmed. As if this would be importnant outside of E-Sports.
  9. you whine a lot about people that want saving. So yeah. There you go. Also you started the Insults. If you wanna play the good guy here, at least try to get your *** togheter before.
  10. I am a liar, because i have a life? dude you are pathetic. Do you actually suggest i lie when i say i have not enough time to play because i live a normal life? forget pathetic we need a stronger word for you. giving up anything i listed for gaming would be the first sign of an addiction.
  11. [[178836,users]] again, it´s a time problem. time not skill.
  12. [[21159,users]] Dude, seriously? Newsflash: i can come here during work. I can´t play the game during work. Oh my, some people. i can type here in between doing something else, like sitting and in a waiting line on the phone during work. jeeez. Also my life is more than just work and games. kids, garden, friends who aren´t gamers. family. wow. just wow.
  13. Problem is that this isn´t exactly a good business model for a F2P. So yeah. The real question is, does trendy want to serve only people with enough time or not. It´s not like this game has a really big playerbase right now. Can only speak for a few, but 3 maps without save is why me and my friends don´t play anymore and wait if this get´s changed. And i should get a life? I am the one who barely has time to do a 3 map floor in one sitting. Wow. nice logic there.
  14. @Kruntksi that sounds pretty good. If they could also rework the ladder so that not saving gives you an advantage there, everyone should be happy.
  15. actually i don´t give a fk. i wanna play onslaught but can´t due to stupid 3 maps in a row, not enough time for one sitting of that, well mostly sometimes i can, not often tough. you can do your "oh i am so uberpro" thing even with saves. just don´t use save and the devs might build in a bonus for people doing 3 maps in a row. or more. dunno. good for everyone.
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