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  1. I agree range gambit isnt useless it just requires that you are pretty much in c5 (the ascension level needed makes stats gained in ascension high enough that c4 should be easy to clear) because as is the case for me going from c3 to c4 its extremely bad. I have just under 4k in my tower stats on my gear and going for a bit more range isnt worth loosing half my dmg for. Dont remember what i have in my ascention dp but im around lvl 150 and cant offset the loss of dp from rang gambit there either. Id say if youre around 300+ ascension or c5 then range gambit can be good. The only place id say 1
  2. The shard drop is reliable... it always drops shards from the end chests... d: Jokes aside, the shard pool is too large atm making it too hard to find what you want. So i agree that it needs some fixing to make it easier to find what you want, but i dont agree with buying what you want even after 1000+ games. The biggest problem i have with this is if you get to where you can buy all the shards then if they add new ones you would be able to just outright buy them instead of having to find them. If they dont make you able to buy them then they would need to add to the number of times played to
  3. Nice write up, rly helps, thx alot didnt know about this untill i tested out range gambit and then i only recently found out how to find the actual range stat so this helped alot and still does. Stopped playing b4 750ip and just started playing again. From what i have seen the Ascension range is not effective range but range stat so for rammster range will go from 25000 -> 26500. Meaning effective range goes from 2500 -> 2650. The shard boosts range by 40% so for rammster thats 2500 -> 3500 and it takes into account the range from range gambit so monk LSA with 1000 base and 1:1 scalin
  4. I agree going from t1 to picking one you want of t5 would not happen but going from t3 to t5 would most def happen and id say that shouldnt be the case. Im for more rewards for actualy getting to the higher difficulties and for different rarities in shards, thats what i think anyway.
  5. I agree with the stacking and some kind of reroll, id go for combining 3 shards + gold to reroll to random shard of the lowest tier of the 3. But i like having shards from higher difficulties only be attainable there, with what you suddgest everyone even champaign players will have access to all shards through upgrading. Having shards in higher tiers only be obtainable on higher difficulties gives players additional rewards and incentive to get to higher difficulties. I dont think the ability to pick shard you get in any way is good either. I think that would make it way too easy to get what y
  6. At the moment im sitting on bags full of legendary items im not using because i know i will change equipment once i find someithing better and need the items for enchanting, but right now they are taking up alot of inventory space. Id asume its been suggested before but could we have the ability to break down items into enchantment materials that we can stack instead of having to carry around bags full of crap items just because they will be good for enchanting when an upgrade for an item is found.
  7. I was doing Nightmare 1 Harbinger easily a few days ago with my defensese barely dropping 20%hp but now its a real challenge and my defenses often gets destroyed. What i noticed is that when i leave my defenses and fight the harbinger the enemies gets to my walls and start hitting them but as soon as i walk towards them the enemies instantly dies and then when i stay there they never reach my walls. Then as soon as i leave to fight the harbinger they get to my walls again. So i started trying to stand by my defenses and attacking the harbinger and when i did the enemies reached my walls again,
  8. Removing it would remove viable builds though since it would mean you would have to have multiple chars of the same class to make use of specific ubers or non uber plus an uber, and since we can only bring 4 heroes you will lose out on builds. Especialy if you want to bring a dmg hero you lose alot if you make ppl unable to swap ubers between rounds. That said, I agree that bringing multiple ubers for one hero might not be the right way to go but being able to build non uber + uber i feel should be possible.
  9. I have been trying to get my pet stats a bit higher by rerolling to the same stat only higher. There is one problem here... the stat doesnt update after you reroll it. So for example i had 25 tower health and rerolled to 37 tower health only the tool tip didnt update i had to play a map and get back to tavern after for the stat to update and show the correct value.
  10. Im guessing this has been suggested b4 but couldnt find it anywhere so i thought id mention it. Atm swapping from building a ubertower or a non ubertower you have to enter the char menu and unequip the uber sphere id suggest that by pressing the build button for the tower when u are building one doesnt just make you stop building the tower but goes building uber-> building normal -> stop buiding. This way its way easier to build uber or nonuber towers and if you at some point add even more ubers for one tower and the possibility to have more than one uber at a time you can go uber1 ->
  11. Hello, befor this last patch i had something like 1800 gems or there around had bougt some bag space and stuff but was saving gems for skins that i possibly wanted to get in the future but now after the last patch all my gems dissapeared so im at 0 amt... Update: Okay it seems to be a display bug. Its back to 1775 after having hatched a pet egg and entered the inv again after that. Before i hatched the egg i tried exiting and entering the inv again and going to the costume shop but it still said 0 gems it wasnt until after i went and hatched the egg / entered that menu that my gems appeared
  12. Im sorry to say but i find this worse than it currently is in most regards. The reasons beeing: Moving the hero deck, character, inventory and collections tabs to another possition than it is on the other screens is a bad idea as it would make the ui harder to navigate and more clunky to use ;) Same with the current items equiped. Though this could be mitigated by moving all those elements to the possition you have in your example in all the other situations. But i prefer having the equipment in a horizontal row rather than a vertical one same for the tabs. You have removed the option to open
  13. Yeah, that's what the "needle in the haystack" thread hit on very well. How would you suggest we address this? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :) To me there are a few ways to adress this and also sugessted b4 me by others: Reroll passive kinda like in d3 only for the passive. So maybe re roll one of the passive stats or one main stat ala d3 so you can get almost the exact item u want and then work on rerolling the stat you dont want for the one you want. Or you could lift the passives out and have them be socket items that you can get from drops and put into items. With the different passive
  14. Same, had ilvl 241+ gear on a few chars and in inv, got nothing.
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