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  1. im glad that tenacity stays on this HShard... but isnt a bit weird that you cant get full benefit of those 2 properties?... i mean autoheal is useless on those defs (auras, traps, nodes) that you might want to use tenacity, and tenacity is mostly useless on those defs (walls, towers) that can benefit from autoheal function...
  2. in my experience, i know thats small sample and rng is rng... anyway... pre patch i was... not sure.. 100+ floor aprox, i was 3 AP and i got like 8 or 9 C8 amp (all sold lol) post patch i was on 78 floor then start doin AP resets, im on 24 AP now and got 1 C8 amp
  3. what i really like to see is a way to "split" or transfer mods without destroy relic.... let say you have an 10/10 9/10, 9/10 relic, the only way to upgrade this is overwrite a 9/10 mod... or let say you have two perfect mods on a relic but you mistaken and don't want have those two together, you can only transfer both or transfer one and destroy the other dont know if you know what i mean... sorry for my english
  4. so... im on PC at 211 floor... 1288 asc, if i reset right now i got like 513 minimum asc and 300+ or so of asc cap... i was waiting to patch to reset... should reset right now before patch?
  5. I got an 4/5 green shocking revelation... i locked... clean inventory... then look for it and... is gone.
  6. in my opinion, right way to do this would have been to give a vault of 99 for free or even for medals and then pay for upgrades of 99 at reasonable price
  7. i saw a shard sold... i dont know how is this possible 
  8. TIP - you can edit your last post to include this info, instead of having to post multiple times in a row. I did it with heroic boost :)
  9. Drenching Strikes (All/Weapon) - 38% Chance to Drench for 8 seconds Overwhelm (All/Weapon) - 19% chance to Stun one enemy for 3 seconds
  10. Gilded shards Sploody Harpoon for Ballista (Squire) - 34% chance to detonate at 920% def power Defense Critical Damage - 24% Heroic Boost for Monk - Increases Heroic Healing Wave 52%
  11. well.. first c8 i saw on shop was at 25M... later i saw from 10.000.000 to 15.000.000 and those were several days unsolded. plus i have two more, i need the gold (too much gild and pets bought i was at 3M), i dont need or want to upgrade to c8 rigth now because i plan to reset AP eventually (im at 3 AP) anyway...C8 ampoule was sold yet... ill put next higher
  12. by the way im selling one for 9.999.999... cut-me-own-thoat!.. spam!
  13. in my experience: got none from 144 to 159... then got 3 on 159 to 160
  14. i went from floor 145 to 149 thats 12 maps, got 2 defender packs and none of C8... small sample thought also i would like to know a bit more about that increase in drop chance as you climb floors, every 5 floor yes, but is an little increase per floor or bigger step at -5 floors? Not sure if drops from red chests (i know where it droped on test but i cant talk about it) or from mobs like other C1-C7 ampoule
  15. If you didn't fill out the survey in this link, you will not be rolled back. i just have filled in the survey (missed post about rollback) but i suposse that i will not be rolled back, just recover my Explosive Shield Hypershard Guys of support told me last week that i could play without worry about rollbacked because hypershards can be restored individually
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