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  1. Hi i dont know if you do this but i was wondering if you could help with stacking. im not that rich in terms of currency and the sort but id like to be able to be able to do the same things as anyone else
  2. Hii c: ! Wasn't sure about the rules for claiming items. I just wanted to let you know that my steam name is different than my name on the forums - name is Kevin on steam. I got Black Magick :P and Bonny got Roost (ik he's claimed his already c: ) thank you ~
  3. I nominate Bonny ^-^ #Cupcake Edit: Thanks Bonny ;P
  4. :o I added you my guy... I'm Kevin (or nikinanify, not sure which) and I've got a girl with pink hair as my profile pic :P Seeing as there are 2 others above me that haven't picked yet c: the top 3 items I want are, in this order: Calvary, Arm Guard of Earth, or Black Satin Peak
  5. Please notice me ;v;' https://imgur.com/nm6lcgG I like the Apprentice class a little too much... (sorry I couldn't scan it :c ) also I edited the comment to double check my link ><
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