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  1. show trace and ill bid my rainmaker
  2. ok https://i.imgur.com/7URS7Vt.png http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198324411044
  3. 20 cv if you put the trace on the forum post
  4. Yeah your not supposed to be raising threads from the dead. It's better to start a new one. why, its a meme thread and im posting memes. ik people get really pissy about reviving dead threads but what is the actual reason that we're not supposed to.
  5. Dead Thread Revival OP Meme https://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonDefendersmemes/ btw
  6. Jyu Can't Carry :/ Got to boss multiple times but my builds weren't working :< I didn't wanna miss the deadline so I'm uploading my death screen on Emerald City
  7. if the item passes IC and the ab2 is 3 digits then ill bid 5 cv
  8. last bump till the end of the auction on monday If a satisfactory offer is not reached, I'll sell this item for the tavernkeep :(
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