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  1. Hey guys! Both me and my wife really enjoyed DDII up until the last patch were they turned the game into a Korean pay to win RNG fiesta (you know the whole 1000 random stats on shards were only a few were good and u had to endlessly farm). So I just wanted to ask: How is the loot management in this game? Do you still have this absurd relics/shards with lots of modifiers/tiers/whatever or is it more like DD2 before the last patch?
  2. It's quite obvious that cyborks are in the game just to limit ev2 and the dryad. If it wasn't for them then every single lane would be bees, slimes and proton beams (which is how it currently is ironically). Dryad is by far the best hero in the game because every other tower sucks in comparison to hers (that's my opinion). They need to buff the other towers in order to be more in line. Right now there is no real reason to not use the dryad. Indeed. Kobolts also need to be readjusted because they limit the anti air possibilities so much. Only clouds and bees are the best option against this
  3. Yup. I almost bought the halberd thinking it was his incursion weapon xD. Good thing I did my research first.
  4. First of all.. I love the barbarian. His ability to solo triple and quadruple lanes in lost temple has been really useful so far. However... I find that weapon choices / combos are really limited. After a lot of testing I came up with the result that a light sword MH (main hand) and a heavy sword OH (offhand) is by far the best setup for him with no real drawback. I'm currently using terrable + any heavy sword with HP, CRIT, Storm/earth DMG and getting 8M+ dps on dummys (no resets or anything). I have a lot of cool looking axes but they are all medium and switching any of the above mentioned s
  5. This. I have a DP poison tower with defense rate, explosive poison and deadly strikes. It really helps with this lanes.
  6. Crit dmg was always confusing to me. I have 33k+ on my barb and I really don't know how that translates to the dmg I do. Is it 33%? So that change is welcome. Crit chance cap removed will create some more build options. Looking forward to the patch and more news.
  7. I know xD. I was addressing that part. If it takes 999 resets to essentially get ''another relic'' the system is pretty flawed.
  8. You had to reset 23 times in order to gain those bonuses. That's a huge amount of time. So yeah, the gains are pretty minimal. Also, after 23 resets u just ''started to break even on AP gold costs'' so that's another big no no for me.
  9. I'm not interested in AP as it stands right now. It's because of the same reason I stopped playing diablo 3. U get invested on your character, u level up ur gear, shards, weapons, etc and then what? Lose it all to start again for a tiny minimal buff? No thanks. I really have no interest in doing all the chaos trials again or reaching floor 65 again just to get a minimal buff. Progression should be about doing new things.. on marching forward not re-doing the same content over and over again. Right now I'm having good fun doing onslaught (currently floor 78). It is challenging, every floor I ad
  10. I usually deal with them with full AP ev2. Proton charge melts those guys quite easily. It gets tricky when they have controlled burn but bots of oil can help there too. But yea.. its pretty annoying.
  11. The dryad facerolls everything IMO.. but it's fine. This is not a highly competitive game... its more about having fun and having a great time... and she is absolutely great at that. The only real counter to the dryad are heavy frost lanes and random cyborks stunning everything (annoying as hell), other than that she can handle everything. Today my girlfriend and I experienced our first blackout during floor 79 (map 3 wave 3/5) and it felt so incredibly bad. I'm pretty sure that once anyone reaches map 3 he/she is going to pray to the gods for nothing to happen to their connection/power s
  12. Kudos on fixing this. While I was splitting items, I experienced this nonsense. I kept getting dupes of stuff I didn't need and they sometimes permanently took up a space. That is, selling it wouldn't remove it from my inventory. Yup.. I had the same issue but with a dryad weapon. After it got duped I just placed it on the vault and tried to not swap weapons until it got fixed... I even reported it on the official patch post. Good fix!
  13. Here is what I'm talking about: Pile it On, Maximum Effort, Brittle, Power Block, etc. I would really like to know the exact % of increased/decreased damage taken. Also, can someone tell me what that red buff (or debuff) that giant orcs give once they die do? Thanks!
  14. The packs here suffer from the early overwatch system syndrome: U have like 10/500 unlocked flairs and yet somehow the pack with 3 items comes with 2 duplicates which is obvious evidence of a rigged system. I found out about this game not so long ago and I'm actually having a good time but there are some clear issues with it: - The power level difference between the original 4 standard heroes and the ones that u unlock (or pay to unlock) is huge. When I got my hands on the dryad and EV2 the game got soooo much easier. - The unlockable heroes are overpriced IMO (15 dollars for a character is t
  15. As someone who had only 2 bags and was getting tired of the ''90% inventory full'' message this is an awesome patch indeed. Noticed some tooltip font bugs and a really weird one: When I unequip a weapon and equip it right after it sometimes gets duplicated on the inventory, but if I sell any of them then both disappear. Awesome work!
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