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  1. So the "I want event items" part of me won out. Therefore this masquerade is up for grabs to the highest bidder. Item http://puu.sh/zFP8h/3f04b1cfd2.jpg Plane has seen item \o/ Auction ends 3/18/18 at 7pm PST (GMT -8) Events I'm interested in include but are not limited to; ball blaster, green magicite, rain maker, celebracers, new patch, war headress, cinnamon, ginger, etc :)
  2. Just noticed the time and it looks like Minegabu wins the bid with her diamond.
  3. Winning bid! Talk with you soon for your item. :)
  4. Hello all. I am currently WTB Admiral djinn, I need it for a 2nd repair alt. Thanks ^^
  5. Good start. But a bit below what I'm willing to take for it. ;)
  6. Great bid Angix! Updated with end time as well ^^
  7. Auction ends Monday 3/5/18 8pm pacific time I have the right to not sell if price is low. ;) Screenshot of item http://puu.sh/zzHPr/09d1418590.jpg IC Sent to Plane http://puu.sh/zzJgT/ccf8c436d8.jpg I accept coal/cube Diamonds 4/9/14 Good bidding ^^ Minegabu wins updated with IC to plane.
  8. With this bid, they are definitely being sold! Rockin biddin!
  9. Hurricane, the one we run from, but just wants to sweep us up into his etherian arms of wind, and carry us to victory!
  10. rock solid 4cv bid! TY for your bid!
  11. Auction ends Sunday 3/4/18 Ending 4pm PST Great sides! If I feel price is too low I wont sell. ;) IC sent to Plane: http://puu.sh/zyvwM/fe8e976479.png SS of item: http://puu.sh/zys8Y/bc6311bab8.jpg Clearer snapshot of item. http://puu.sh/zyhLv/65c54a6bd2.jpg Closed winning bid 10 cv Angix
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