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  1. I didn't wear sunscreen :( Love your tutorials!
  2. Some good stuff there, especially like the split projectiles and Eartshattere gravity mode as those are one of my favorite towers, but the damage is so OP it mostly goes wasted. Oh and EV2 walls as we had walls with EV1. Would actualy make the shard usefull that increases amount of reflect you can place.
  3. There is the Flameburst tower before it became the Flamethrower. I think it should be as an Adept tower replacing the her flamethrower. Yes, sounds good for Adept, if it had range (more that current).
  4. Double Jump mod for boots on behalf of MrJuicebags :)
  5. Also if possible a mod to make Flame Tower shoot ranged fire, like Hailstorm Tower (flying flame, coolness factor!). If not too broken Hailstorm could shoot ground as well as it's not 360 and has the Glacier shard already.
  6. Make a mod that lets you choose if tower shoots just air or just ground. Only possible on combined towers like PDT / Cannonballs / Sand Viper and so on. So not to break the game :)
  7. New patch has a bug that I sometimes get stuck on loading screen after map changes. I can hear people pressing G but only thing I can do is force close game, nothing works. And this has never happened before this 2.4.4 hotfix (the other 7.7meg update same thing). Played like 5 games and stuck twice already, yesterday played 20+ games no issues. PC.
  8. Wohoo, time to sharpen blades! Thanks. Congrats to other winners, time well spent then :) Lots of talent out there.
  9. Silly Terryfying? Legendary. Well this was a pain, lost the ability to save on my photo editor, so had to screenshot stuff / final result, not to lose it all.. As a result angle of stuff is not ok, but he'll chop your head of if you mention it :)
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