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  1. I know all the champion names, cant release them, but from the video i noticed that everyone is going to be in adult form.
  2. I did nothing wrong, nothing against the rules. This is general discussion and I felt the need to discuss the names of the champions. [SPOILER]Leaks Leaking or spreading of leaks of any kind will lead to a permanent ban from our forums. If you generate a leak from one of the private forum or website sections, you will be permanently banned from the forums.[/SPOILER] Was not a private forum or website section. Not a leak because pictures easily give it away. EDIT: I also found this information even though I am not apart of the beta.
  3. Since [email]feedback@trendy.net[/email] is not working. I was banned sometime between now and the start of july. My account was hacked during July and I could not remember my information till recently 2 weeks ago. I updated my Dungeon Defenders and ran it only to find out that I have been banned on ranked trendy.net. It doesn't seem very fair for someone to stay banned even though their account was hacked. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26913750
  4. I bought the complete eternia shard pack thinking the new classes would be included free, but finding out that it isnt free makes me furious. They charge $4(not on sale) for 1 class when this could of been included in the eternia shards pack. It's just another way for the team to make money. 1million people + bought DD = approx. 12.5million dollars 1million people + bought DD + new heroes = approx 18.5+ million dollars 1million people + bought DD + new heroes + warping core = approx 20.5+ million dollars 1million people + bought DD + new heroes + warping core + lost eternia shards c
  5. If it isn't then it's more indicative of a poorly planned design philosophy rather than a problem with the code. Yes I agree to the person I qouted ubut, they should make it a float value because float values can goto atleast 1 trillion.
  6. I think they should stop working on new features and work on fixing old bugs and nightmare is supposed to be a challenge, its supposed to be hard, too many people want them to soften it up and make it easier which makes it no fun when you can farm it 24/7. I doubt many people agree with this but Nightmare should stay the way it is except have the bugs on the maps fixed as well as other features.
  7. You can repair with a female app using instant upgrade >.>
  8. Add me on steam: shadowlord501 STATUS: Open Slots: 0 Wave: N/A Package Deals: -5 runs for 45m I don't think Glitterhelm runs are worth over 10mill. I have very fine characters that I will use to help you level.
  9. Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198054763345/ Screenshot: I didn't join his game to buy anything, just want these "USD Shops" gone as most of them have hacked weapons.
  10. Thanks, I don't want to false report a player.
  11. Why is there a unintended nazi sign in the center O.o?
  12. It's fully upgraded 196/196 and its fully upgraded. The "Raised By:" part has the person's name who raised it, so I made a copy of the original screenshot and covered it up before I asked. So tell me, is it legit?
  13. Nightmare is not supposed to be beaten yet and is supposed to make you QQ.
  14. Just deleted all my 74's and other characters and gave all gear 'cept the steam collectors items to friends. Had over 100bil+ worth of gear, pets, and stuff. I just got bored with no challange since NM UMF isn't very hard with the right setup.
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