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  1. To get you started read this: Loot-progress-path-for-dummies. It wasn't until I'd run some NM Endless Spires, that I make some good progress in the NM campaign solo. I've still not done them all, but making very good progress.
  2. Hey, Please send an e-mail to "rgodwin@trendyent.com" with "Lost Chicken" in the title and explain what happened in the body of the e-mail. Thanks. Thanks Joey, email sent to "rgodwin" appreciate the reply. Happy Holidays Law
  3. Hi there, I just completed my final achievement in DD and when I tried to return to the Tavern the game crashed. I have all the Crystals and the Trendy Trophy, but when I logged back in again I didn't receive my Chicken familiar. Please note the 3x Screenshots on my Steam Profile. Steam Profile Steam ID: lawrencewh Dundef Username: Sera Please could you correct this issue for me. Many Thanks Law
  4. Only had the game 2 weeks and not even finished the current content. But that won't stop me getting the new DLC looks totally scary cool :demon: Less than 7 hours till I can buy the bundle w00t :squire:
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