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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198249202438/ Easiest Ult++ Leather gloves from wave 25 WW of my life. Thanks for giveaway I experienced no problems
  2. Fine. I had fun. This might not be the final attempt. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198249202438/
  3. Looking to trade my Magicite for a Ball Blaster. Really need a Ball blaster, so give me that plus throw in something thats worth the other CV value to make up for it. If I like it its a deal. Traces upon purchase.
  4. Deeper Well Easy NM(No Hardcore) sounds more like it. And where do I report him then (because I obviously don't know)
  5. Hey! Didn't know where else to report, but this fellow modded his hero points. Pls get it outta ranked ;) https://imgur.com/a/4g2xJ0R - Modded Stats https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198267988086/ - Steam Profile. Thanks! And info on where and how to do this properly would be great. (Update: Said fr? in chat [presuming he saw this report], and reset his stats in when we got in tavern. Still was modding on official Trendy Servers!)
  6. (Its a 1 capping diamond so 9CV)
  7. Ghost, I have known you a little while now and I have to say. You are a terrible person. You are nothing but a leach and a troll, and I bet you steal candy from little kids and have the cruelness to knock their ice creams from their sweet precious little hands. You do nothing but bring bad RNG to my Moonbase runs, you constantly make me loathe the day I have to invite you to my games, and to top it all off. You're often times richer then me. Also, You're smelly! To make it easier for the next guy to try and write a nice comment about me I shall say something nice! You are the best perso
  8. Pulling on heartstrings is highly encouraged here.
  9. UPDATE! Event Items Adding. Greater Magicite of the Wind 120CV
  10. I don't even wanna pretend I know all the event items :P I'm looking for good stat ones basically :P So idk temp me with ones I haven't listed and I'll say if I want them or not?
  11. Do not know how the event items look so I'd rather not have them. Sorry! Diamonds: (non/single/double) = (5/10/15) Noncaps: No tower caps (has to be tdmg) Single Caps: They cap one stat (has to be tdmg) Double Cap: They cap two stats (has to be tdmg and either rate or hp) Gonna just copy and paste that to show value of diamonds. Not accepting upgraded ones
  12. Update! Event Items I'll take and what CV I value them at. Ginger 25CVCinnamon 25CVBall Blaster 20CVHowling Werewolf 25CVGaia's Last Wish 30CVMana Master 25CVRockshatter 60CVAmor 45CVNew Patch Celebration 100CVMask of the Pumpkin King 5CVRainMaker 200CVbLACK mAGIK 20CVAnd idk what others look like so show me and temp me? Always remember! Pickles are your friends.
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